Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

overview -- Being the huge baseball fan (and girl lol) that I am, I was very
excited to hear that Derek Jeter was hosting. Shakira seems pretty good. As
for Bubba Sparkxxx... ugh.

Wow, that was short. Let's get started.

opening -- haha anything with Dubya makes me crack up. B+

monologue -- Derek Jeter! woohoo! ... Hey, you in a slump there, Derek? lol.
this was pretty good. A-

commercial "Preparation H" -- no grade, it's gettin old.

the Iglesias -- loll Jimmy looks a lot like Enrique! wow ... Amy, you gonna
be ok there? ... lololol Jeter, that's an interesting birthmark there ...
Kattan's getting into too much into this. Not bad, A-

Yankee wives -- You got a hot wife there, Soriano lol ... aww what sweet
stories lol ... The Rock + Muppet = Jeter? I don't think that equation quite
works out ... whoaaa look it's David Wells and David Cone! This was simply
awesome. A+++++

the masseur -- what's that face for, Chris? ... Oh no don't sing ... aww
Derek why ya gotta wear shorts under your robe? ... whaaaaat? now that ending
was TOTALLY unexpected! good one! B+

commercial: Dissing Your Dog -- aww look at the puppy! ... haha I should use
this stuff on my dog ... ahaha this was good. A

Taco Hole -- hey, I'll go for a Derek Jeter Tex-Mex specialty ... woohoo
Ladies' Night! ... How's about a B

tv show: Dealing with Mom and Dad -- wow, it's really him! lol ... poor
Kattan ... ooh Derek has a secret technique? (wait, let me get my mind out of
the gutter) ... ouch. ... This was ok. C+

musical guest: Shakira -- you might want to figure out whether you want your
hair blond or dark, both isn't gonna work. Other than that, not bad at all. B+

Weekend Update -- Jimmy, the hair, come on! ... oh man, we didn't need to see
that picture of Al Roker ... ahahaha Tina, that's a nice suit you've got
there ... U2, good band ... Oh geez, Charlotte, don't make 15-year-old
singers look bad ... You tell 'em Tina, we know how guys are ... ohhh Derek
Jeter against a Red Sox fan?? that was sooo good ... You were a good man,
George Harrison. Rest in peace. Oh and here's an A+++

Afghanistan cave -- have you noticed all of the twists at the end of the
sketches tonight? Here's a C+

Christmas Party -- hey Ana, I love novelty socks! ... lookin sexy there,
Derek ... I'll go sailing with you! ... That would be just my luck. ... So
anyways, B-

musical guest: Bubba Sparkxxx -- why do they have two unrelated musical
guests on the same show? and why does one have to suck so hard? I hate to
give such a bad grade for a good show, but this gets a F

the Christmas song -- Yay! I loved this last year! It's so, uh, delightfully
corny lol. wheeee! ... You go, Horatio! ... Woohoo! A+

Fuzzy Memories by Jack Handey -- again? come on, this is a little much. ...
that was really strange. I don't know what to quite give it, so here's a C

Overall -- Tres comique! Good job, guys. I'm especially proud of you, Derek.

Episode Review written by President Emily

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