Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

O.K. This is like my 8th try to get review up. I must be doing something wrong.

Oh my God I just saw commercial for the show I see an Enrique sketch. This might actually be a good show, better than when Dieon Sanders was the host at least.

Opening Sketch: You might be a terrorist if...
Very funny, they did this before, but it was David Spade as Jeff Foxworthy and he was talking about the Ebola virus.
Quote;"If your Christmas cards read,'Happy Holidays, you have anthrax',you might just be a terrorist."

Monolouge:Fowl Ball
Alright,there is some hope for a good show.
grade; B-
Quote;"We would have won the World Series, but the other team from behind at the bottom of the ninth, which you should not be able to do."

Fake Commercial:Preperation H to the is
I think they are replaying the fake commercials way too early.
But since they are kind of funny, I'll let it slide.
Grade; B-
Quote;"In wacked out cream jiggety jelly."

Enrique, Julio Jr,and the other one.
Oh my God, Jimmy was dead on. He covered his mole,sqeezed in his face,everything!I don't know who Julio is, and I really hope that if they do have a 3rd brother, I hope he's not like Derek played him. The album cover was the best, Derek looked stoned.
Quote;"Look girl, it just ain't workin' out, so when I leave, I'll be taking 3 of our aquariums."

Baseballs Wives: In the footsteps of The Rock. And he did not look too bad. I'm guessing Maya was Mexican, and those other guys (I guess they were Yankees) should have shaved.
Quote;"We looks like if The Rock had sex with a muppet."

Massuse:O.K. that Kenya song is rather soothing but it has never got me or anybody I know in the "mood".Chris Kattan must be half monkey or something, because he hangs on to everybody he sees really good.
Quote;"If course I'm tight, you're strangling me!"

Fake Commercial:Dissin' Your Dog
This was all right at first, but it got old really fast, and does Will hate dogs, Think about it.
Grade; C-
Quote;"We yeah,Milton Burl called, he wants his bladder control back."

Derek Jester's Taco Hole:Alright,it was ... simple. And I like the simple sketches.
grade; B-
Quote;"We Chicklets and Tattoos for the kids."

Dealing with Mom and Dad: This was one of the Derek's better sketches. In this was one, he was meaner than most ball players,exept for John Rocker.
Quotes;"Don't worry, if they catch us I'll just get Steinbreener to pay them off."

Music/Shakira:Pretty good,but she shook her butt a lot.

Weekend Update: Great as always.
Quote;"We if they want me to go back to museums, they should call their campain,'Sorry we yelled at you for touching stuff, Jimmy Fallen' "
(sidetone am very impressed with the way SNL handled the passing of "The Quiet Beetle" George Harrison. The worst thing they could have done is tell some bad joke.)

Osaka Pep Talk:They did it, they found somebody to impersonate Bin Laden. I did not think they would do it at all. Will did a good job.
Quote;"If got a bootleg copy of Harry Potter, you can watch it in my room, there is a keg in there, knock yourselves out.

The Perm: Another simple sketch, much like the blind date at the airport sketch, or the fenced in area, and there are always funnier the more you think of it.
Grade; B-
Quote;"It's total porno hair."

Music/Babba Sparxxx:I did not like this song,I have heard it on the radio a couple of times and I hate it more and more. They change the beat more than twice, and they even sampled that Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot's song ''Get Our Freak on".
grade; F-

Christmas Song: I love this sketch so much, They must have got tons of calls if they brought it back again. Horatio really played that thing, and of course, Jimmy laughed.

Big Thick Novel by Jack Handy:Um,I thought that all babies were specially made, right?

Overall it was better than I thought it would be.
Quote;"If is total porno hair."---"I got a bootleg copy of Harry Potter, now you can watch it my room, there is a keg in there, so knock yourselves out."---"If they want me to come back to New York museums, they better call it 'Sorry we yelled at you for touching stuff Jimmy Fallen' "---"If your Christmas cards read 'Happy Holidays, you have anthrax' you might be a terrorist."

Also, it was very nice of NBC to make the classic SNL the one where George Harrison tried to collect the $3,000 Lorna Michael's offered The Beatles if they would reunite only to sing a couple songs.

Best Sketch: Weekend Update
Worst Sketch: Big Thick Book
Sketches that comedy central will cut:Diisin' Your Dog, Big Thick Novel.

Next week the host is Hugh Jackman/mick Jagger


Episode Review written by Kayla

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