Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

Finally! Two weeks has passed! I have been waiting, almost at the point of insanity, for this episode. Not only because I am obsessed with Saturday Night Live and often refer to it as "my show", I also have a huge crush on Derek Jeter. You might've heard.

PRESHOW THOUGHTS: This better be good or I'm going to be very, very upset.

OPENING: You might be a terrorist...A few good lines, but nothing close to what it could've been. B-

MONO: Ahhhh...Derek Jeter at last! He looks good in a suit. Not that funny, but what else were they going to do? B-

COMMERCIAL: Yes, I have seen this one before. It's funny. B+

IGLESIAS BROTHERS: I hate Enrique Iglesias, so I can appreciate this. Jimmy Fallon was hilarious. And the "brother with the irregular mole" was funny too. It's probably for the best that they didn't have Derek sing.  B

YANKEE WIVES: Hehehe, Derek Jeter in a dress. That was great when he said "No, he looks like if The Rock had sex with a muppet". Of course, I was watching this with my parents (they came and sat down, there was nothing I could do) so this put me in a very uncomfortable position. B+

THE MASSAGE DREAM THING: Derek Jeter in a robe! That was funny when Chris started singing "Only Time" by Enya. I hate that song. It was also funny when he started to choke Derek. I had to watch this twice to get the thing at the end. B-

THE DOG THING: Kind of funny. I have 2 dogs. They can be pretty rude sometimes. C+

DEREK JETER'S TACO HOLE: Nah...this sucked. I know I was bored. F

DEALING WITH MOM AND DAD: My sister watches shows like this, except Derek Jeter doesn't show up in them. The best two parts was when Derek came in and Amy shouted "Oh my God! Derek Jeter! If I were 15 I would sooo have sex with you!" or something along those lines, and when Chris and Derek has the gasoline and the matches and Chris said "Are you sure this is okay?" and Derek said "Yah, remember, she's the one who broke up with you."  B+

SHAKIRA: Personally, I enjoy Shakira's songs and wouldn't mind being her when I grow up. I want to take belly-dancing classes. B+

WEEKEND UPDATE: What on earth would we do without WU? I loved the point counter-point thing. I always hear that from my friends..."DEREK JETER SUCKS." I also liked when Tina Fey was talking about how guys masturbate all the time and then Jimmy said "...rarely, if ever." A++++++

BIN LADEN'S CAVE: Good idea, but went on too long.D

THE HAIR THING: This was interesting. I actually kind of like this. B

BUBBA SPARXXX: I think he sucks.

CHRISTMAS SONG: Yippie! I love the Christmas song! A

OVERALL: I'm gonna give it a B because it wasn't THAT bad, and Derek Jeter is right up there with Jimmy Fallon when it comes to hot guys. Derek isn't that bad. With a little practice he wouldn't be half bad at acting. I would pay to see him.

Episode Review written by Colleen Shevonne

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