Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

Preshow Thoughts: Derek Jeter?! Lowest expectations I think ever in recent memory of a SNL show. SO if its a great show I'll praise for the longest time. Or even if its good its better than what I'm expecting. George Harrison passed away on Thursday, so maybe SNL will do something about this. WU has done a few Beatle jokes and maybe they'll air the Harrison and Lorne bit from the 70s.

I've also haven't gotten any "Fan Mail" which I guess isn't bad or good. Also SNL better not air any Big Thick Book crap. I'd rather see a black screen for 30 seconds instead of that. On with the show!

Opening: Ashcroft N' Bush - 94

Well its either been Darrell or Will for the opening and this time its both. Very funny. Not up to par with the other ones. Still good.

Derek Jeter's Mono - 89

Actually funny. Maybe I shouldn't have looked at the sketch spoilers. You could see the balls bounce of the floor a couple of times.

Preperation H Ointment - 84 (rerun)

Seen it.

The Iglesias Brothers - 87

Not really funny. I'm not a baseball fan so I'm not a Yankee fan. If I was I'd probably love this episode. Could've been better.

Yankees Wives - 89

This turning out to be a J Lo episode. All the sketches are more or less deal with what the host does. And play themesleves. He does look like The Rock had sex with a Muppet. But anyway not a baseball fan, still funny.

Massage Fantasy - 88

Kattan is helping those 'He's not gay rumors'. Enya! Brief laughs.

Dave Sturtevaurt - 90

Funny commerical. Sure some dog owners didn't like it.

Derek Jeter's Taco Hole - 89

Haratio Sanz saved this sketch. He should've came out as himself. Even more funny. Derek's is an okay actor.

Dealing with Mom and Dad - 94

"If I was 15 I'd have sex with you." And I would have sex with Amy. Wait I shouldn't type that. Anyway it looked like this was going to suck but Chris hitting Jeff and Jimmy saved it. I would like to see this become a recurring sketch somehow.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - 100

THE BEST OF THE SEASON!!! WU is always good and this one is one of the best of Tina (she looked hot in that Elvis outfit) and Jimmy. Very consistent jokes. The naked Al Roker, Orgasm Day, Elton John too gay, Britney Spears' stolen outfit, Point Counterpoint with Derek and Seth Meyers. ("YOU SUCK!") The museum one, the China joke was harsh but it was alright. All they had to do is show a picture of Paul Ruebens to get a laugh. I'd feel more comfortable if Paul spanked in giant bubble at night in the jungles of Africa. Men are weak, Tina. If you had a penis you'll know why. What's the deal with Church? Well I was right. They did air the George Harrison segment. I stayed up and watched the Paul Simon one from '76 on Global. Great song. Very good. Well I thought it was a well done Update.

Osama's Plan - 95

Hmmm... a sketch that doesn't deal with Jeter or baseball. So SNL finally had Osama bin Laden in a sketch. Very funny. And well I would turn him in. "Batman lived in a cave." "No he didn't he lived in a mansion above the cave." Predictable sketch, yet funny and well I guess at the right time. Did you see how Will held the microphone?

Man's Perms Suck - 90

I had my review done, insert the address now things are screwed up. This was funnier than earlier sketches.

The Haratio Sanz Four: I Wish It Was Christmas Today - 95

No suprise here. Theyíll probably do it again sometime in the next two shws. Same lyrics from one of the previous ones, but they used the one with "USA" in it. Still enjoyable end.


These arenít funny. Or clever. Or mildly amusing. Or its not even interesting. Its crap and a waste of a few seconds and money.

Overall Show Rating - 88

Well it got the lowest rating of the season, but The Big Thick Book lowered this and otherís overall grade. The didnít start strong like in the past. Then it became weak. But then it started to do better and peaked with WU and finished better than they started. Five sketches were baseball or Derek Jeter related. I guess the massage one too, unless Jeter is supposed to be Joe Normal at the end. So that would be six. So similar to the 2001 J Lo show were the sketches dealt with J Lo or singing. Anyway still good job by most.

Funniest Performers - Will Ferrell (Bush, Dave Sturtevaut, Dad, Osama bin Laden), Darrell Hammond (John Ashcroft), Tina Fey (WU Anchor), Jimmy Fallon (Iglesias, WU Anchor, Osamaís Guy), Haratio Sanz (Osamaís Right Hand Man, Guy at Party, Himself), Amy Poehler (Clarice, Daughter), Seth Meyers (Himself), Derek Jeter (Himself, Man Perm), Chris Kattan (Iglesias Brother, Fantasizing Store Clerk, Son)

Funniest Sketches - Weekend Update, Osamaís Plan, Ashcroft Ní Bush

Top Five of the Season: Goodman, Witherspoon, Paltrow, Thorton, Barrymore

next week: Hugh Jackman (he's a good actor and should be good) 

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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