Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

RIP George Harrison- A great musician and a great man. 1943-2001.

Sports Report-
Devils- Ugh. Do something. I'm a huge Larry Robinson fan but if that's what it takes, do it. Good win tonight.
Leafs- The one bright spot! They are kicking major with CANADIAN VIOLENCE. Seriously they are going far.
Canucks- Inconsistency=something.
Nets- 10-6!!!! I'm seeing them Wednesday v. Suns. I will boo Marbury out of the building.
Saints- 5-5. 5-5. 5-5. 5-5. They HAVE to go 5-1. They got- Rams, 49ers, Falcons, Bucs, Panthers and Skins. Better luck next year.

Bob, Just curious about the connection between ChrisKattan and Norm Mcdonald. I, too, love Norm, but I think there's something I don't know. Do they not get along, or what? Just wondering. Aaron

It's Macdonald. Norm thinks CK is really really gay while CK thinks he's the biggest asshole ever. Once on an aeroplane, Norm hid CK's shoes while he was sleeping. CK didn't like it. There's a reason there was no CK when Norm came back.
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Let's start. Before we begin- I hate the Yankees with a passion. So I am biased. When this episode ends up getting a thumbs down (SPOILER!) it's prob b/c I'm biased.

Pre-show thoughts-
Derek Jeter is the antichrist. Shakira shakes her ass and Bubba Sparxxx is some geeky white dude who cant speak English.

Cold Opening- Aschroft and W.
Cast- Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell
Thoughts- Usual funny cold opening. Darrell doing an impression-CONSPIRACY. Skit dragged until Will came in which proves- Darrell is useless unless you need someone to whine for an hour. Good stuff, loved the LFNYISN. ***1/2

Cast-Derek 'Satan' Jeter
Thoughts- This monologue sucked. It was a one joke skit and it wasn't funny. Simple as that. The guy puking made me chuckle. _*

Cast- Chris Kattan, Jimmy Fallon, Dean Edwards, Seth Meyers
Thoughts- _ off. After this show only 19 more to go until CK is adios. This was a pretty good commercial and I guess I better like it since SNL will rerun 10 times this year. White guys acting black is funny folks. ***

The Iglesias Brothers
Cast- Jeter, Kattan, Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler
Thoughts- Ugh. Amy Poehler was the only funny thing. Remember that skit with Matthew Perry a couple years ago?? _ off. That was funny, this was not . *

Baseball Wives
Cast- David Wells, David Cone, Jeter, Rudolph, Dratch, Ana Gasteyer,
Thoughts- Interesting choice for a cameo. The Yankee disses were pretty funny as was Maya Rudolph. The rest-eh. Former players on the yankees being dressed as women was not funny- what is this? Kids in the Hall? **

Cast-Jeter, Kattan
Thoughts- Jeter and Kattan in a homoerotic skit.
Me: hey Chris you're doing a hilarious gay character right now! thats really good, you should do it in the show! Hey Chris great job in that sketch were you played the homoerotic flamboyant character...and that other sketch where you.....Oh wait.... I guess that's about it, huh?
Skit sucked, no surprise. I liked the last song they played. _ off. _*

Dissing Your Dog
Thoughts- Thank God! This show needed an enema. I'm gonna miss Ferrell but he's been on for a long time. The disses were funny- David Spade would be proud that his legacy lives on. Then David Spade would realise he skipped Farley's funeral and that Lost and Found sucked ass and would stop feeling better about himself. Very good stuff. ***3/4

Derek Jeter's Taco Hole
Cast-Jeter, Rudolph, Ferrell, Fallon, Sanz, Edwards
Thoughts- Things that piss me off- Ferrell is prob leaving at the end of the yr along with a lot of sr. cast members. Putting Ferrell in useless filler does NOTHING. Jeff Richards and/or Seth Meyers would've been better off being in this skit. It gives them a chance to get recognised so next year fans will know who they are. Why waste Ferrell in a nothing skit when you can put someone who needs screen time to break out. Skit was alright, nothing special. **1/4

Dealing with Mom and Dad
Cast- Jeter, Kattan, Gasteyer, Ferrell, Fallon, Richards, Poehler
Thoughts- Amy looked hot in this skit. Derek Jeter was (gulp) pretty funny. My TV cut out during CK's little speech so there ya' go. The scene where they were in the park kicked a lot of ass and ruled. Very good skit- ***3/4

Best. Ass. Ever. Seriously- a picture of her ass should be on display in the Smithsonian. I would give up something to touch that ass. Ohhhhh Shakira. Fuck me now. Stuff like this needs commentary from Jerry "The King" Lawler and subtitles. *1/2

Weekend Update
Cast- Jeter, Paul Simon, Lorne Michaels, George Harrison (archive footage), Tina Fey, Fallon, Meyers
Thoughts- Seth Meyers got to do what I've wanted to do since 96. Tell Jeter he sucks. Which he does. Seth and Amy have broken out which is awesome for the future. SETH MEYERS IS GOD. The tribute to George Harrison featured PAUL SIMON!!! And was very well done. The jokes ruled all. This equals=*****

Cast- Ferrell, Horatio Sanz, Fallon, Meyers
Thoughts- What a way to debut the Osama impression. In a nothing skit that sucks. _*

Gay Hair
Cast- Jeter, Sanz, Rudolph, Gasteyer, Ferrell
Thoughts- Bleh whatever. We all know Derek Jeter really liked that hair. Perms doesn't equal hilarity. DUD

Season's Greetings from SNL-
Cast-Sanz, Fallon, Morgan, Kattan
Comments-1/2 off. Two words: Entertaining crap. ***1/2

Bubba Sparxxx
Thoughts- Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. There's prob some hip indie musician playing in clubs in NYC who is awesome who would kick ass on SNL. Instead- we get this. DUD

Jack Handy
Thoughts- I swear to you there was a funny one cut from the BBT episode. DUD

Bottom Line- Avg. skit was *.9 which makes this show one of suckery. I don't care though- I hate Derek Jeter so I came in hating this show. Hopefully the next two shows will be good.

Thumbs Down

Episode Review written by Bob Barron

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