Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are doing well!! I went to the Britney Spears concert the other night...I thought it was good, if she only actually sang the songs...anyway!! On to the review!!

PRESHOW THOUGHTS: Okay, Hugh Jackman is my sex beast, okay!? He is so hot!! (well, next to Hayden Christensen and Jimmy Fallon...hee hee). And he's got an accent, too!! You may have seen a preview for his newest movie, KATE AND LEOPOLD, coming out this Christmas. It looks really funny! And Mick Jagger...ummmm...enough said. It's JAGGER!! What else can you say!!??

COLD OPEN-BUSH AND GORE-Darrell Hammond deserves an award for doing three people in one sketch!! Al Gore makes a triumphant return. Loved it when Bush was trying to get him off the phone.

MONOLOGUE: Wow. The first really good monologue in a long time. Loved it when Hugh sang!! He has a good voice!!

COMMERCIAL-LOOSEBEAR: THIS WAS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! I thought the idea was funny, though. Pretending to be chased by a bear would make me crap my pants too!! This was reminiscent of my all time favorite SNL commercial, Oops! I Crapped My Pants.
FAVE QUOTES: The uncontrollable pissing part!!

JARRETT'S ROOM: YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! JARRETT'S ROOM IS BACK!!!!!!!! Whoa calm down ally ::smacks herself:: okay! Yippee! Hugh Jackman's braces nearly made me pee myself!! I couldn't understand what he was saying half the time, but it was still totally hilarious!! Gobi's Bong Odyssey...amazing!! The best one since the one w/ Katie Holmes!! Never show Jeff shirtless again...
FAVE QUOTES: Anything Hugh said.
"Smooth as a baby's ass!"
"I think that was MY underwear!"

ROBERT GOULET'S ALL HOLIDAY SPECIAL: My VCR was working weird and everything was in double vision in this sketch. But still, very funny!! Loved it when he fell off the roof.
FAVE QUOTE: "Join me...Robert Goulet..."

DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY PORTRAIT: OH MY GOD!! THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!! Hugh Jackman as a gay Spanish photographer on crack was AMAZING!!!
FAVE QUOTES: "I am Paolo!!"
"I am an ARTISTE!!"
"We've seen you with our eyes, but now we must see you with our minds!"

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE-MICK JAGGER: Wow. Really good. He sang "God Give Me Everything I Want." His new album, GODDESS IN THE DOORWAY, is doing good in the ratings, too.

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH JIMMY FALLON AND TINA FEY: YIPPEE JIMMY!! Very good one this week. Loved the joke about the Japanese height deferencial. Jeff as Drunk Girl was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Jimmy was trying not to laugh when Jeff tried to kiss him. Great as usual! Oh, and they've finally brought back the terrible reenactment!! Yay!!! Yay Chris Kattan!!!
FAVE QUOTES: "I speak Spanish! Como te llama! That means hi." (It means what is your name!)
"The world's fastes rollercoaster will open next year in Japan. Unfortunately, only three people in Japan are tall enough to ride it."
"You know what you are?? Youknowwhatyouare? Youuuuare!? Youare!? You're not a're an (whispered) animal!"
"I'm gonna go get me a slice of that Hugh Jackman!!!"
"Why did you have sex with my best friend!!?? ...IN FRONT OF ME!!"
GRADE: A++++++++++

HELLO DOLLY: Very funny! Loved Hugh in the blond wig. But that last doll was too much.
FAVE QUOTE: "I can have sex now!"

MICK JAGGER PEP TALK: WOW!!!!!!!! JIMMY AS MICK'S REFLECTION WAS AMAZING!!! I thought this was awesome. The harmony on the pointin the finger thing was right on!!
FAVE QUOTES: "I've done it in the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, and now I'm doing it in...whatever you call this decade!!"
"You look good!" "No, no. WE look good!"

UNEASY SUPERMAN REUNION: Great idea!! Loved the awkward silences between Jor-El and Superman.
FAVE QUOTE: "'s it going?"

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE-MICK JAGGER: Very good, but not as good as the first. He played "Vision of Paradise".

THE DONATELLA VERSACE SHOW: WTF?? This was great!!! MICK JAGGER AGAIN!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Loved it when he tried to kill Maya!! Hugh Jackman as the model who tried out for Star Wars was great!!
FAVE QUOTE: " out!"

CHRISTMAS KANGAROO: Wow. Just hilarious. It reminded me of the Friends episode, the Holiday Armadillo!

OVERALL REVIEW: One of the best shows of the season!! Hugh Jackman was awesome!!!

NEXT WEEK-ELLEN DEGENERES AND NO DOUBT: I love Ellen DeGeneres. I thought she was amazing on the Emmy's. And No Doubt ROCKS!! I love their new song, Hey Baby!


Episode Review written by Serendipity33

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