Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Let's all say it together: "RENEE IS A LAME-ASS."
It's time for another installment of Renee Epstein's Last Minute Reviews.
Why do I even bother to review? you may ask. Well, I did manage to review
every episode last season, and this year even though my chaotic schedule
obviously doesn't allow me to make my reviews live up to the "lofty"
standards I set for myself last year, I still try to get them in on time out
of force of habit because I apparently have no life. I thought I got my
review in on time last week, but I guess not. Hmmm...

Anyhoozle, I'm just gonna mention the sketches I found notable and then piss
off, which is what I've been doing for the last few weeks. I don't respect
myself for pounding out such lame reviews (hell, why do I even care, it's not
like more than six people read my stuff), but whatever. I'll beat myself up
if I don't submit anything at all.

So I thought that the Jarrett's Room sketch was good. Obviously. I mean,
god, Jimmy was in it, so it's gotta be good, right? (Yeah, yeah, shut up.)
In all seriousness, this was probably the funniest installment of this sketch
I've seen. Frankly, the sight of anyone in fake orthodontia is pretty damn
hilarious. But it was great, even though this just confirms my hypothesis:
Jimmy and Horatio cannot work together in a professional manner. Watching
the two of them giggle and crack each other up during this sketch was like
watching the video of me and my best friend Maudre try to improvise a scene
for our acting class--in other words, it was ridiculous. Jeff cracked me up
as the loser roommate.

Update was funny, but too short. I love Jimmy too much to tolerate seeing
him for this short of a time. Wow, I'm a sad obsessive freak. Moving on,
Jeff was funny as the drunk girl. I was glad they brought back Kattan's
Terrible Reenactments because they're just so damn absurd they're funny (plus
anyone poking fun at Geraldo is good in my books). I think Jimmy is aiming
for a different hairstyle look every week, which is just starting to get
ridiculous. I love you Jimmy, but figure out your new haircut or go back to
the spikes.

The Mick Jagger Talking To Himself In The Mirror sketch was good for numerous
reasons, one of them being that Jimmy was in it doing an impression. I love
Jimmy's impressions. I wish he'd do them more often. He actually had Mick's
mannerisms and accent down pretty well, but he looked nothing like him. I
guess it's a bit much to expect the SNL makeup crew to make a 27-year-old guy
look like a sunken-cheeked drug-addled weathered 60-year-old rock star. This
sketch was almost as good as the famed point-counterpoint bit Mick did with
Mike Myers on Weekend Update back in the early 90s (where Mike was Mick and
Mick played Keith Richards), but not quite. Mick did pretty well. I'm not
wild about his music now, but I do give him significant credit for poking fun
at himself here. On a slightly unrelated note, my godfather was Mick
Jagger's classmate at the London School of Economics. Just some interesting
trivia for ya there. And no, I'm not joking.

The Donatella Versace bit was even more surreal than it was the first time.
I was amused by it. I probably would have been more amused had I know who
any of the people being impersonated were and what they are really like, but
whatever. Jimmy was in the sketch and I loved that. And Mick once again
appeared in a sketch, causing me not to rave about his performance but
comment on how freakishly skinny he is. Good lord, did you notice that? You
could snap him like a twig.

And finally, the Christmas Kangaroo sketch had me in stitches. You don't get
any better than a kangaroo sodomizing Will Ferrell. Wait, no, that sounded
completely wrong. I meant that you can't get any funnier, that's
not it either...hmmm...well, what I MEAN is that while this sketch was wrong
on many many levels, it was still damn funny.

That's about it. Hugh proved that he was very versatile (although some of
the sketches showcasing his versatility were kinda lame, i.e. Hello Dolly and
the tempermental european recovering-cocaine-addict Sears photographers), and
Mick proved that he should stick to appearing in the occasional SNL sketch.
I would write more but I have to finish my physics homework. Next week I'll
be on Christmas/Winter/Holiday break, so expect a halfway decent review from
me. I mean it this time. Really. I do. You don't believe me? Well, I
don't blame you, but trust me anyway, and until then...


Hmm...Thursday, 8:52 PM here, 11:52 PM east coast time...I KNOW I made the
deadline THIS week...

Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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