Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Hey Brand-New reviewer here so be nice! =)

The opening sketch was pretty funny, although I am not much up-to-date with polotics, I understood the meaning of this sketch. I thought the Connie-joke was really funny, and I thought that the Donald Rumsfeild impression was very very funny. I give it a B-

The Opening Monologue was ok. I didn't know that Hugh Jackman was from Australia, so I guess you learn something new everyday. I thought Rachele Dratch was pure genius, not only because she is such a funny girl, but because she seemed so enthusiastic with the whole stalker thing. The song was off, I thought, and could have been done without. I give that a C+

Loose Bears: I thought this was funny. I wasn't falling off my seat yet, but I started to laugh when she said" Scared the Crap Out of Me" And you could see that she ment LITERALLY. Then and only then is where I laughed.B

Jarrets Room: Lets get this straite right now. I love Jimmy Fallon. He is funny, talented and so cool. Jarret is the funniest character along with his friend Gobi. Gobi is Jarrets best friend and he said he bought a Bong (Smoking pipe) with money his parents gave him to buy books. He also said he smoked the mistletoe above Jarret's door. Whoops! The Nerdy guy hooked up a behind the scene thing in their roommate's dorm. He was flexing in front of the mirror, which was really funny. He also was smelling laundry and kept saying "dirty"... "Dirty..." dirty...." until finally Gobi said that was his laundry, which made me die. And Finally, they showed hiim shaving his back. When Fallon and Gobi were just sitting there, openly laughing, I thought that was so very funny. A+

Rober Goulet: I didn't like this one, but only because I don't really know who Robert Goulet is, and I wasn't quite fond of the sketch I give it a D

Sears Photographers: I thought these guy's were funny, but it seemed like they were trying to pull a Jeffery's. I was laughing really hard when he said "GER RID OF THE UGLY ONE!" and "YOU SMELL OLD!". I didn't understand the end. I give this sketch a B-

Performance: I liked the intro, especially when he said "Mick Jaggah!" It must have been a new song because I didn't reconize it, but I don't really know Mick Jagger anyway. B

Weekend Update:
-John Walker -B
Women in Office= B+
Heraldo= B-, Chris Kattan's impersonation: A
Sesame Street= C-
Rollar Coaster in Japan= B
Drunk Girl- B+
Phillipine- F
Viagra Tigers- C-
Maijuana- B+ MAGICAL BABY!!!!
White House Tree= C-

Dolls:Somewhat funny, but I still felt like he was trying to pull a Jeffery's. I liked when Ana was talking about the dimples on her butt, I thought that was funny.

Mick Jagger/Jimmy Fallon Impression: I was LAUGHING the WHOLE time during this skit, I thought it was pure genious! A+!

Superman: I don't like Superman, so I give this a D

2nd Performance= again, I didn't know the song so I can't exacly review on the song, but it was a good song and intoduction anyway.

Blond Girl: I didn't know who exactly Maya was playing, but whatever she was doing, it was ok and not exactly that funny.I liked when Mick Jagger came out there. C

Christmas Guy: I thought this was funny, but the kangaroo and Ferrel was really pretty sick, haha, and I thought the end was pretty funny. B

So-Long: I liked how he said thankyou to everyone. A-

I wish that there would have been a Parody in Weekend Update.

Episode Review written by Mallory Hayes

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