Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

hi. im a huge snl fan and i just came across your site a couple of weeks ago. its a great site and i looove your review section! i love reading what other fans thought of the shows! i wrote my own for the past two episodes, but i just finally got the guts up to send one in...if its too late, thats cool...and if you dont want to post it, thats cool, too....just thought id try....if you do post it, you can just credit me as jes....thanks!! here it is.......


hugh jackman/mick jagger


Im a huge SNL fan who just found this rules BTW. I want to send in my review,sorry its late.


I liked Hugh Jackman in XMen...but thats really all Ive seen him in. Hes easy on the eyes, but Im not sure
how hell do with comedy. Mick Jagger, eh, blah, eh.....



*starts out quite funny
*i never get sick of will ferrell
*is it just me, or is this draggin on?
*so glad to see hammonds gore again, but they could have made it funnier
OVERALL-theres been better, theres been worse C+




*gotta say, I love the accent
*somehow I just KNEW he was gonna break into song, beings he was a song and dance guy in Australia
*eh, I could really do without the song
*I like it when they go backstage for monologues, they never do that enough
OVERALL-again, theres been better and worse B-




*uh, whaaaaaaaaaaaa?
*this is so not funny
*i like bathroom humor, but this just isnt funny
*wheres the preperation h commercial?
*ok, the side effects thing brings it up a tad
OVERALL-too weird for words if you ask me D




*yay! i love this skit!!
*bong......bong.....bong......BIG bong.....tooooo funny
*you know jimmy fallon is my fave cast member, but horatio sanz is such a trip in this skit! he blows everyone else out of the water!
*OMG Hugh Jackman in those braces!! ahhhhh!! That is toooo funny.
*maybe its just me, but I am having a bit of trouble understanding Hugh, I bet this would be hilarious if I could understand it.
*this skit makes me realize how much i miss Chris Parnell ::sniffle::
OVERALL-the funniest thing so far!! A-




*ok, will ferrell is funny, no matter what, even when the skit stinks
*ferrell looks so funny!! too bad the writing isnt that funny
*sorry, this just blows, im going to get a coke....
OVERALL-that stunk and it was way too long D




*ahhh, rachel dratch looks hilarious!
*ok, hugh and Seth are already driving me nuts, family is funny though!
*I keep laughing one minute and cringing the next
*is it just me or are all the skits laggin and draggin on tonight?
OVERALL-it had its moments C+




*i live for this moment all week(JK)
*someone please cut jimmy fallons hair...can i file a complaint somewhere on this issue??
*oh, Chris Kattan looks hilarious in that mustache! I hate Geraldo.....blech
*news jokes are a little lame this week, but jimmy and tina make it all better!
*oh no.....this drunk girl thing hasssss to go, that was just awful. im a girl and ive never even seen a girl act like that when shes drunk before...ick
OVERALL-not as good as the last few weeks, but still funnnnny! B+




OVERALL-why? why? F




*i love it when the musical guests do skits!
*jimmy is soooo good at impressions
*ahh, they are having a hard time not laughing!! i love that! makes it seem so spontainious!
*yes!! love all the references to micks stage "movements"
*too bad its a little difficult to understand mick
OVERALL-pretty good...kind of laid back, but funny B




*i love the like head in the bubbles thing....great spoof of superman!
*and will ferrells hair!! this man just looks so funny all the time! (by the way, cant there be a jeffreys skit every week?)
*Hugh is a bit tooo laid back in this skit, seems worn out
*kind of dragging, again
OVERALL-ok, nothing spectacular but will and rachel looked great! B-




*hmmmm, ok, maya looks like her!
*i guess im not familiar enough with the whole fashion world, most of this is unfunny to me
*i guess i need to go read an issue of vogue or something
OVERALL-not my kinda thing C-




*haha, this isnt bad!
*this is soooo Australia! with dad having to kick some ass for xmas presents! too funny
*again, will is funny, like usual
OVERALL-nice, lighthearted and silly B



OVERALL -I must say this ranks pretty low on my scale. The skits were all too long and drawn out. It felt like the writers waited till an hour before the show and just threw it together. A lot of the skits had potential, just didnt fly. Hugh Jackman was dull. Mick Jagger was more entertaining than id thought hed be. C


FUNNIEST CAST MEMBER(s): horatio sanz, jimmy fallon, will ferrell and rachel dratch
BEST SKETCH: Jarrets room, Weekend Update and Mick/Mick
WORST SKETCH: Hello Dolly and Loose Bear

Episode Review written by LaLaLa Hmmmm

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