Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Review by Jimmy Gawne, Undergrad, Northern Arizona University

Saturday Night Live
SEASON: 2001-02
HOST: Hugh Jackman
SPECIAL FEATURE: A Cartoon By Robert Smigel

CAST: Rachel Dratch, Dean Edwards, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Ana
Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan, Seth Meyers, Tracy Morgan, Amy
Poehler, Jeff Richards, Maya Rudolph and Horatio Sanz.

Pre-Show Warmup:
Okay, when is Jagger going to die? The man is 59 years old, for God's sake!
He's probably dumping Metamucil in his orange juice, and more than likely has
arthritis. However, if he can turn in as funny a performance as he did last
time he was on (which, admittedly, was six years ago), things should be good.
Bring in Mike Myers as a special guest to do another Jagger-Richards
As for Jackman - the only way that he will do well is if he DOESN'T BLOW AS
"Swordfish." Just keep John Travolta more than 500 miles from 30 Rock, and
Jackman SHOULD do okay - after all, he did pretty darned well in X-Men, and
Travolta wasn't anywhere near him.
Bring on the show.

Gore shows his support for Bush
CAST: Ferrell, Edwards, Hammond, Meyers, Rudolph
It's okay. It stretched on WAY too long, and the Gore-Bush thing is old. It
was over a year ago, nobody gives a frick about Al Gore anymore, including SNL
viewers, and who cares about Florida and its friggin' hanging chads. For
another thing, Darrell Hammond sucks as Al Gore. He was great as Bill
Clinton, but he should can Gore. However, I will admit that one thing I'm
gonna miss when Ferrell leaves is his Dubya imitation. And he DID get in a
good crack at Al Gore's expense. Thank God for Donald Rumsfeld, but I can't
believe that they had Hammond say Live From New York It's Saturday Night as
Gore. Grade: C-

CAST: Dratch, Gasteyer, Jackman, Morgan, Poehler, Rudolph
Thank God Jackman said "Most of you recognize me from X-Men" rather than
Swordfish... that would've been horrible. Why, oh why, does Rachel Dratch
have to act like a whore? Oh, wait, she is one! And Tracy Morgan seems not
to be able to get out of the drug-dealer character that he played in Jay and
Silent Bob Strike Back. Strike up a blunt and freak out? But hey, Jackman's
got a pretty good voice - and you can tell it's really him, because the voice
has an Australian accent. And, having stereo, you can tell who's singing and
who's sucking, because I heard a really crappy sound (Dratch and Rudolph)
coming out of my right speaker, whereas Poehler and Gasteyer sing like angels.
Thank God for short monologues though; last week's with Jeter was just
interminable. Grade: B-

Commercial for LooseBear
CAST: Gasteyer, Poehler, Richards
Fairly amusing, but why do they have to say "Uncontrolled pissing?" A real
commercial would say "Urination," and I think it would've been funnier.
Grade: B+

Jarrett's Room
CAST: Fallon, Jackman, Meyers, Richards, Sanz
Pretty amusing... "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" with wicky-wickies...
the 2001: A Bong Odyssey bong... Jackman plays a great nerd, too! The "Jeff's
Room's Videos" are great too... Jeff isn't as funny as they're trying to make
him, though... that's stuff that all college males do... of course, that makes
it really funny... and the last one just looked potentially painful.
It occurs to me that Horatio Sanz is just as funny as, if not funnier than,
Chris Farley. He's fat, and he's loud, and he's hilarious... he's like the
natural evolution of Farley. Grade: A-

USA Network Christmas Special
Cast: Ferrell, Hammond, Jackman, Kattan
Will Ferrell is hilarious as Robert Goulet... if you pay attention, while
he's singing Drummer Boy, his eyes roll back and cross... and the Lewinsky's
underwear part is pretty funny, but not as funny as they're trying to make it.
Jackman had to have had some sort of training in terms of singing, because
Ferrell sounds like a dog, and Jackman sounds very much like Michael Crawford.
Oh, and once again, further proof that Kattan is a fruit... dressed in that
gay-ass little elf outfit. Only 12 more episodes for CK! Grade: B

Cast: Dratch, Gasteyer, Jackman, Kattan, Meyers, Sanz
Okay, what's this supposed to be? The Hans and Franz of photography? If
you're going to do that, it has to be with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. It
just isn't very funny... although it was GREAT to see Jackman haul off and
"bitchslap" Kattan! And more people need to tell Rachel Dratch not to take
off her sweater. But you know what? This sketch should've ended a LONG time
before it did. It died right after Jackman smacked Kattan. Grade: D+

Mick Jagger Performance 1
Very honestly, there's only room for one wrinkled, old rock star in this
world, and I think that goes to Steven Tyler. Mick, you had your days with
the Stones, but that day was a long time ago, and frankly, your music sounds
like you ripped off Linkin Park and Aerosmith and put them together. Go away.
Oh, and one more disadvantage to being old like he is - you can't be
aggressive! Fred Durst - there's aggressive! Hell, James Hetfield's
aggressive, and he's almost 40! Grade: D

Weekend Update
Cast: Fallon, Fey, Jackman, Kattan
The jokes were funny, but jokes at the expense of Afghanistan are getting
old. And as for Kattan, when they said "Terrible," I don't think they were
referring to Geraldo getting shot at - they were referring to Kattan's
performance! The jokes about Elmo and "It" were amusing, not to mention the
story about the Filipino guy and his sinful wang, but it was completely
unnecessary to see Hugh Jackman as a drunk girl. Grade: B-

Hello Dolly
Cast: Gasteyer, Jackman
I've never liked the Hello Dolly sketches, and I didn't like this one either.
Blah. Grade: D-

Jagger In His Dressing Room
Cast: Fallon, Jagger
You know, while Mike Myers did a great imitation of Jagger, Fallon's not too
bad himself. Actually, I think Fallon probably studied Myers for this sketch,
because if you look at him, he has a lot of the same facial expressions that
Myers would have while playing Jagger. In addition, Jagger's a lot better in
sketches than he seems to be trying to sing. Grade: A-

Cast: Dratch, Ferrell, Jackman, Rudolph
Betcha they wouldn't have done this sketch were it not for the WB's
Smallville. They seemed to try to make this as if Superman was a college kid
trying to talk to his parents and having no success whatsoever... kinda got
stupid, especially when Rachel Dratch came in at the end as his grandmother..
Grade: C-

Mick Jagger Performance 2
PLEASE STOP! Now he's trying to act like N'Sync!!! Grade: D-

Cast: Edwards, Fallon, Jagger, Jackman, Rudolph, Richards
Okay, I really didn't need to see Dean Edwards and Jeff Richards in tight
swimsuits. There will be those who say Amy Poehler should've played Rudolph's
role, because she's a lot hotter. However, I don't think Poehler could've
done nearly the job Rudolph did. Also, if you're going to have a character
like Fallon's, you should really have Kattan do it, the little fruit. It was
great to see Jagger come in as a fashion model. That was funny, especially
when he called Rudolph bitch, and then electrocuted her. Grade: A

The Christmas Kangaroo
Cast: Dratch, Ferrell, Jackman, Meyers
This was great... Will Ferrell going at it WWF style with a kangaroo. But
the kangaroo taking Ferrell in the ass was just wrong, especially when the
kangaroo turned into Ferrell's gay lover. It turned out pretty damn funny,
though. Grade: B+

POST SHOW WRAPUP - Overall, it was an okay show. Not the funniest show I've
ever seen, but probably the funniest this season. Although Jagger has come to
blow as a musician, he's one of the best guests to have, because he's always
willing to participate in skits, and he's funny. Glad to see that the feature
players are getting a chance, although Amy Poehler didn't appear in anything
after the LooseBear commercial - more's the shame. Anybody else think that
Tracy Morgan will leave at mid-season? He was in the monologue, and that was
it. Twelve more episodes for Chris Kattan - yeehaw! Twelve more episodes for
Will Ferrell - son of a bitch! I was pissed, though, because they cut the
Robert Smigel cartoon. Sons of bitches. Thank God they only let Jagger out
to sing twice. Next week should be good - DeGeneres and No Doubt. Ellen's
definitely one of the funniest people alive.


Episode Review written by Jimmy Gawne

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