Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Overview: I can't believe that the last time I wrote a review it was for an episode starring Britney Spears. Actually I do believe it, I just won't admit to it. So what motivated me to return, albeit briefly, and review this particular show? certainly hasn't been because they've been on a roll. Derek Jeter was, to be kind, tolerable. And certainly not because i think Hugh Jackman has some untapped resevoir of comedic talent. Hey, I saw Someone Like You. I knew that for a fact. Why this show? Two words: Mick Jagger.

Opening: If I really liked anything about this it would have to be Daryl Hammond's multiple characters. Sadly, the material wasn't really complex enough to deserve the trouble. For all intents and purposes it could have just been Bush and Gore alone and not been any worse or better. Grade: C-

Monolog: I was sort of torn about this...the jokes, for the most part, were kind of feh. They could have done something really sweet with Rachel Dratch (who does that sort of thing rather well but not enough). But the real centerpiece was the song which wasn't too bad. Nothing spectacular though. Grade: C+

Commercial: Constipation is real hard to make proper use of humour-wise. Here they sort of had the right idea...but not enough to quite push it to the edge where it belongs. Grade: C

Jarret's Room: I never really say i cared for this sketch. It always seems way too broadly aimed at the internet culture without really getting down to the grit of it. It all works well enough, really, and this is a pretty decent outing but it still has yet to grab me attentionwise significantly. Grade: C+

Robert Goulet Christmas: I really really want to like this but it just seemed to go on and on and on...and thats a shame. Grade: C-

Xmas Picture: Sort of predictable. Nothing really memorable though it will likely be in Christmas SNL specials from now on.... Grade: C

Mick Jagger(1-God Gave Me Everything): He's less then a decade from retiring age and he still delivers. Admittedly, we'd all prefer a Rolling Stones appearence but the new solo stuff is pretty damn good and this is a more then solid performance. Grade: B+

Weekend Update: Ugh. Fey and Fallon were fine. But the other stuff....ugh. Ugh. I'm torn but it is the season of giving... Grade: B

Hello Dolly: The show FINALLY gets into a groove. By far the best sketch of th night and the closest to a character piece. Grade: B+

Two Micks: By no means as funny as his Keith Richards impersonation from way back when but its pretty funny...more so because of Jagger then Fallon. Sometimes it astounds me how funny that guy really is. Grade: B-

Superman: Oh I'm sure marvel is going to be thrilled with their Canucklehead playing the #1 guy from their rivals. Grade: C-

Mick Jagger(2-Visions of Paradise): Just a smidgen below in quality to his other number...despite my grade the difference is really quite slight. Mostly because its not as strong a song. Grade: B

Versace: A real meandering piece of work this one. Jagger was good again...much better then any of Jackman's performances in the whole show in fact. Still...a very badly paced sketch at the wrong time of the night. Grade: D

Xmas Kangeroo: And NOW they get inspired.

Overall: Hugh Jackman, considering he's the host, failed to make any distinct impression on me. As I reflect on the show several days later its really quite hard for me to think of anything outstanding that he really did. Of course I feel that way after his movies too. This was really a show that should have been spun would have begun much more stronger and the solid average sketches would have made for a solid ending. Instead my ptience was and ethusiasm was taxed too early. Its really a bland episode overall but that fact docks it a grade.

Grade: C-

Episode Review written by Goodman

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