Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Preshow Contemplation - Hugh Jackman will be hosting and Iím looking forward to it. He was great in X-Men and well thatís pretty much all Iíve seen him in besides his appearence on Chin Boy (Leno). Anywho, this one might be the dark horse of the season. Could be the funniest I donít know. Last weekís faired well considering who hosted it. Letís Check the olí SNL Wishlist

For 2002: two more Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches, one Inside the Actorís Studio, maybe a Chris Matthews-Hardball sketch, some old time hosts, some former castmembers hosting, Tina outside WU, two Short Films by Adam McKay, another appearence by Lorne (that should easy) a Best of Will Ferrell, Best of Darrell Hammond (theyíve certainly gotta be leaving after this season) and an Al Gore (bearded) cooking show sketch.

MadTV has the WWFís HHH hosting there show tonight. Now this should be interesting to see how the ratings work out. I do watch wrestling and depending on what time I get home I might watch some of it. I will probably set the VCR to tape the first half hour and then tape SNL.

Iíll be seriously pissed if JACK HANDEYíS PIECE-O-CRAP makes it to air. Iíve looked at the other reviews here so Iím not the only one. We should start a petition going to have Jack Handey burned in Times Square! All the school children and faithful SNL fans can watch him burn! And maybe if we have time, Carson Daily. (the blackest guy Conan OíBrien knows)

Opening: The Return of Gore - 100

GORE!! HAHA! The best thing from last season makes its return. Darrell Hammond's Al Gore impression is a deligghht! I thought this sketch would be a Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld sketch, but somehow it became better with a mostly Gore-Bush phone conversation along with Cheney-Rumsfeld. And he's got the beard! Would've been even better if Clinton dialed the wrong number and got Gore. Well great suprise, and a great opening in my opinion. Gore finally says "Live from New York, its Saturday Night!"

Ladies and Gentlmen... Hugh Jackman - 94

Hugh does a great monologue here. Some humor, ad-libbing and singing. I didn't know he had a singing voice.

That Crap Looks Like a Bear Turd -94

Well done! This is just hillarious. Even more since I have Crohn's disease. I won't mind seeing this reaired later in the season.

Jarret's Room - 91

Again? Fallon and Hanz just about lost it here. Hillarious anyway. Jeff finally gets another appearence. This sketch was short but still funny.

Robert Goulet Special - 90

That is a crappy special, but I'd watch to laugh. Too funny. Will does a great Goulet impression. They got the moutain goat from last season!

Photographers - 87

I have a feeling we'll see something like this again. And I don't want too. It had its moments but c'mon...

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - 93

Whoa, that sucked compared to last week's hillarious WU. But it still was great. Jeff did well with his Drunk Girl. That Roller Coaster joke is old. (I remember watching Kilborn like a year ago and heard that) Maybe it was a slow news week. (rolleyes)

Hello Dolly - 89

I think out of all the Hello Dolly sketches I've seen this is the funniest one. That Jist Discoverin' doll was to funny.

Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger - 100

I was wondering what this might be. Then Fallon showed his face. His impression and Jagger himself -- hillarious. Lucky I went to the bathroom. Pointing fingers! Thumbs up!

Superman's Long Distance Phone Call - 95

Here's a FAQ for Sean Bradley's site: How many times has Superman been a character in a sketch? Or something simlar. Anway started slow but ended great with the Is Superman Gay conversation. Great stuff.

Versache - 88

Smoke and look good. This was an alright sketch. Finaly someone impersonates that fashion fruit. Jagger saved this sketch really. The whole bitch mirror thing was great.

Christmas Kangaroo - 90

Great way to end the show! Hugh caps it all off with "Brown town." Crazy Aussies.

Overall Show Rating - 93

I figure out the overall rating by adding up all the sketches, and other stuff and dividing it by the amount of them. Now this was a great episode and Jackman should host next year! But I watched the last half hour first and then the first hour later. I'll have to let this one set in. If there was Jack Handey Book Crap thing the OSR would probably have dropped. Still consistent sketch and showcased Jackman's talents. He should go into dramas instead of these Romantic comedies. Get yourself an Oscar like Crowe did.

Funniest Three Sketches: The Reurn of Gore, Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger, Superman's Long Distance Phone Call .Honorable Mention: That Crap Looks Like a Bear Turd

Funniest Performers: Will Ferrell (Bush, Robert Goulet, Jal-El) Darrell Hammond (Gore, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld), Jimmy Fallon (Jarret, Mick Jagger, WU Ancor), Hugh Jackman (VVV, Superman, Ingo, Himself), Jeff Richmond (Jeff, Drunk Girl), Rachel Dratch (Superman's Mom, Grandma)

next week: Ellen (could go either way)

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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