Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Hi y'all! This is my first review which it shouldn't have been but I kept
missing the deadline! Sorry! Anyway here we go~

Pre~Show Thoughts
Okay so I think that Hugh Jackman is just TOO adorable! I mean his smile is
mega~what awesome and I just LOVE his accent! He's such a cute Aussie!
Makes me want to get up and move to a
tent.............right outside his house...............with my binoculars.

Cold Opening
Okay I didn't see this one because I was trying to get home from a party and
I missed the first like 20 minutes. I hear it was funny though. My Nana
(Who saw it) says she giggled.
B- (On account of I didn't see it)

I missed THIS one too but my Nana said that he did REALLY REALLY good
singing. I LOVE his singing voice. I heard it on Jay Leno and it's like
AWESOME! I heard it was yet again funny from my Nana also.
B+/A- (Yet AGAIN on the account of I didn't get to see it)

Loose Bear Commercial
I missed this one also. Heard it was funny.
B- (Yet again because I MISSED IT)

Jarret's Room
Oh this made me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad that I missed it! First off Jimmy
Fallon is just hot hot HOT! I LOVE the Jarret's Room skits! And Gobbi is
just HILARIOUS! I loved the episode with Katie Holmes where he was like,
"Let's just say..........hypethetically................I cracked open one of
my glow sticks and SMOKED IT!" Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STILL makes me laugh. Anyway thist made me SO mad I missed it but I won't
take it out on this.
A (EVEN though I didn't see it)

Robert Goulet's Christmas Special
Now I got home JUST in time to see the last commercial before this. So this
was funny. I thought it was funny when he was singing the Christmas songs
with the "Ra da da da da dum doo wat da da" or whatever he adds in songs. I
also liked the parodies that he had. Hahaha! "Owww I don't think I broke my
arm! Oh no wait I can see the bone! Ow that definatly hurts!" Hugh Jackman
has SUCH A NICE VOICE! LOVED IT! Love the big horned goat! Especially when
he has staring contest with it. "You won again my friend. I don't know HOW
you do it!"

The Photographers
Now THIS was funny! "Palo NO!" Seth and Hugh were just HILARIOUS! I
thought it was funny trying to make the family sexier. TOO hilarious! "So
big a price to pay for such a small duffel bag of cocaine!" Everyone was
gut~busting with laughter! Hahaha! Loved the repeating references to
"Coke"! Okay that's enough. Maybe I should go check on my duffel bags.

Mick Jaggar
I can't STAND him convulsing around the stage. He's SO annoying!

Weekend Update
I love this! I love Jimmy though too. But anyway all the jokes were good!
I loved the Terrible Re~Enactment. Kattan always does good on those though.
(Loved the gay Hitler one!) I thought Drunk Girl was HILARIOUS! Jeff
Richards is TOO funny! He's like the Chris Parnell on the show. Man I miss
him! Why did you leave me?!? Okay let's settle down. Anyway very good and
I'm happy to see the pencil throw back.
B+ (This would have gotten an A-/A But Jimmy didn't do the tongue thing)

Hello Dolly
This was funny. I liked the little jerking the baby's head around with the
bubble. And Hugh's smile was just so creepy that it was funny! "Why I'm not
getting any tail I don't know." The "Jist Discoverin'" Doll was good! I was
CRYING I was laughing so hard.

Mick And Mick
I loved this. Mick was funny. "Pointing fingers is today." Loved Jimmy!
He did a good Mick. I thought they should have tried to get Mike Meyers on
to do the impression. That would have been the best.

This skit was okay. I thought it was gonna be funny when the girl said "Get
ready for Superman!" It was okay. Rachel was the funniest part.

I'm SO happy to see this back! Maya does a good Donetella! Loved Mr.
Pantyhose Sock. "I want to smoke and look good." Jimmy did a good Michael
Kajamukariakansanatjiwana whatever his name is! And I loved Hugh! "I'm
auditioning for a part as a sexy robot!" Hahaha! And then Mick was good.
Loved his little part.

Christmas Kangaroo
This was the BEST! I was crying I was laughing so hard! Best one of the
night! Hahaha! It was just too funny. Especially when Hugh started to
crack up.

Overall I would say that this was a B episode. Much better than a few of the
episodes have been.

Next Week
I think I'm pretty confident that next week will be funny. Ellen was good at
the Emmy's so I think she'll be good here.

I'm Baby Allee Cakes and I'm OUT!

Episode Review written by Baby Allee Cakes

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