Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger
December 8, 2001

Hi. My name is Aaron. This is my first attempt at an episode review, so uhm, shit. I'll try. Here is my grading criteria.

Commercials get a score out of 2 points.
Sketches (including monolouges and cold openings) get 4 points.
Musical guests get 2 points, if I like them, if not, too fuckin' bad.
Add em all up and get yer total points, then divide out of points possible.

First, I must warn you, I live in Oregon.
And, I just got back from a wrestling tournement last night at 1:30a.m. so I might not catch all the jokes, seeing how I'm tired as hell. Also, I try to have an open view, but I think that Mick Jagger's contract with satan didnt include free facelifts.


Cold Opening:
Bush and Gore talking about election. Rumsfeld comes in, pissed as hell.
"Get off the phone!"
Gore: "Who's this?"
Rumsfeld: "Donald Rumsfeld!"
Gore quickly hangs up the phone, stunned.
Rating: 4/4

Opening Monolouge
Got a cheap pop by saying New York is greatest city. Someone tell him to shut up.
Did some nice improv(?) dunnow.
Oh God, he's gonna sing.
I missed the next few minutes, my T.V. suddenly switched to the weather channel.
Rating: 1/4

Commercial- Loose Bear
Nice explination of constupation. God, this will be repeated forever, and its worth it.
Rating: 4/4

Web Cam
Horatio Sanz totally kicks ass in this sketch. He smoked some mistletoe man, totally kick ass!
Fuck, this is the best one of these sketches I've seen in a LONG LONG time. Jaret's Funniest Home Video's wasn't the best part, but it was good.

USA Rober Gullet X-Mas special
Yeah, well, it was okay. Will Ferrell made this sketch like nobody could. At least he tried.
Rating: 2/4

Crack Photography
When crack collides with cameramen. When Chris got bitch slapped, that was nice. Taking grandma out of the picture was great. I want to do that.
Rating: 2.5/4

And if I may comment on the commercials not made by SNL, especially the ones, I say this:
There, now that I have that out of my system, because Ralph Lauren SUCKS ASS! Sorry Sean, I had to do it.

Performance: Mick Jagger
When is he going to face reality and realize that he cant dance anymore?
Rating: 1/2

WEEKEND UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geraldo Reveria's recreation was sheer brilliance. The Japaneese Bash wasn't NICE!!!! BAD JIMMY! Drunk Girl kicks ass. Reminds me of my sister.
Rating: 3. 5/4

Hello Dolly
Great Series. Hugh plays gay doll designer. Jist Discoverin' is my favorite doll. Woo-Hoo!
Rating: 3/4

Mick's Dressing Room
Jimmy and Mick do a good job.
Rating: 2/4

Superman and Family
Will and Hugh have a typical conversation, nothing of any value :) Superman tries to find out about his past, but just ends up finding that his family totally sucks ass.
Rating: 3/4

Performance: Mick Jagger
Sappy love song that'll probably be played in retirement homes, hint...hint, Mick.
Rating: . 5/2

Jimmy Fallon does really good. The hand puppet was the best character in the sketch. Followed by Mick Jagger.
Rating: 1/4

Aussie Christmas
Kangaroo fighting for Christmas gifts? HELL YEAH! I'm all for it. That sucks if you lost, though. Will Ferrell is wonderful in this sketch. Best character's moment: Kangaroo getting some asslovin' from Will.
Rating: 2.5/4


End of Episode.

Well, time to total it all up. 30 points out of 48 62.5% D+ with all the points, but my opinion, I'd give it a C+/B-. So with that all done, no hate mail, please.

Episode Review written by Aaron

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