Josh Hartnett / Pink
January 12, 2002

First off, I must state that I'm not really a big fan of Hartnetts. He seems to play the same character in all of his movies. His lack of versatility will be a problem for him on a comedy sketch show such as SNL. Also, no Will Ferrel tonight, should be interesting to see how it goes.

Opening-Memorial for Buddy
We get to see Darrell Hamonds Clinton impression, which is always a welcome treat. I liked how they used real footage to had punch to the jokes. This one did drag on a bit too long. But funny nonetheless.

Weak!...totally exposed Josh Hartnetts lack of personality. They had to completely rely on Jimmy Fallon to provide the sole source of interest.

Sketch-Wake Up Wakefield
One of the better reoccuring sketches on the show. This installment had Megan falling for someone other than Randy. Shocking! The Best Line: "I think you're pants are pretty awesome, I mean I don't care, It's just that I think It's pretty cool when guys aren't afraid to wear capris".

Sketch-Lifetime Original Movie
This one was a clever parody of all those overly dramatic made for TV movies with the cheesy titles (Hello Stepson, Now Let's Go To Bed: I Went To Bed With My Stepson; The Lara Bengal Covington Story) and even chessier acting. But, despite it being clever...I didn't find myself laughing very often.

TV Funhouse-The X Presidents
I've never really been a fan of the X President episodes. They seem to be a little too identical in content. But I must admit that the Bush's in the hot tub had me cracking up. Also, the cameo by the Ambigously Gay Duo helped make it worth while.

Sketch-Shout Out Show
Another Tracy Morgan Apperance. This has to be a record! I don't know what it was about this sketch but I couldn't help but smiling at some of the stuff that they were giving shout outs to. Pink's shout out to her co-workers, minus Voneehsa who she knew ate her fish sandwich and vowed to cut her up because of it, was great.

Musical Performance-Get The Party Started
I've heard this song many times before. Love it. The Budweiser promo at the end was wierd.

Weekend Update
Most of the jokes this week weren't all that great. Tracy as Maya Angelou was excellent. The Henly & Stiles segment was funny at first but soon became exctrutiatingly painful to watch as it dragged on.
Pretty sub par this time around

Sketch-Star Wars/Nsync
Boring. Boy band parodies are getting old. The songs weren't funny. Only redeming thing about this sketch I can think of would be some of the sight gags such as having Alf and Mayor McCheese on the Jedi council

Sketch-Delayed Flight
Not the funniest Stewardest sketch I've seen on SNL. I laughed at Tracy's suggestion that they should just give eachother massages to kill time. Josh's impressions were pretty decent. Probably his only solid performance of the night.

Jack Handey's 2001 List
So wierd, it was kinda funny

Musical Performance-My Own Worst Enemy
Quite different from some of Pink's earlier work. Yet it wasn't all that good. I say stick to what you know

Sketch-Burqa Baddies
Maya Rudolph was totally convincing as a air-headed playmate. Rachel on the other hand just seemed out of place. I got a kick out of their use of cheesy 70's porn music. Different, but not really big on laughs

Overall this was a pretty weak show. Will Ferrels absence was felt. We got to see more of Tracy, which is a rarity, but not a lot of the newly promoted Amy Poehler. Josh Hartnett wont be making a splash in the comedy scene any time soon
Overall Grade: C+

Episode Review written by Venomweb

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