Josh Hartnett / Pink
January 12, 2002

Hey! This is Sonya.  This is my first review ever.  So, I hope its not goin to be too long.  

Pre-Show Thoughts:  Well, I am hoping for a great show.  I love Josh Hartnett (mainly for his role in 'the Faculty') and Pink.  I am expecting Will Ferrell will be in almost every frickin sketch, Tracy Morgan will hardly be in a sketch, and Chris Kattan will be insane (in a good way).  I also cant wait to see what Maya and Jimmy are goin to do this episode.  Im hopin for some Jarretts Room or Wake up Wakefield.

Cold Opening: Buddy's Memorial
Morgan, Hammond
Omg, this was sooo funny.  First of all, im so happy Tracy was in this!!  I love Hammonds impression of Clinton.  It was so hilarious when he started to associate Hillary Clinton with her cat, Socks, and himself with his dog Buddy.
Memorable Line: "Harry Truman once said, If you want a friend in Washingtonget a dog." - Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton
Rate: 7/10

 WHERE'S WILL????????????????? OMG, COME BACK!!!

Monologue: Josh Hartnett
Hartnett, Fallon
This was a pretty good monologue.  It was a bit different than usual.  Jimmy was funny when he was tryin to convince Josh not to change into the "new" Josh Hartnett.  OMG, that picture was a little too much.  It was frickin scary!  All in all, it wasn't too bad.  
Memorable Line: "Well, I've been working with you all weekI'm a little tired of the Josh Hartnett." - Jimmy Fallon
Rate: 8/10

Sketch: Wake up Wakefield
Rudolph, Dratch, Sanz, Hartnett, Fallon
OMG, thank you thank you thank you!  I love this sketch!!  Mainly, for Maya's character, Megan and Jimmy's character, Randy.  I just love how Megan tries sooo hard to get Randy's attention without being too obvious.  When, of course, she fails miserably.  Horatio is always funny in this sketch!  But, OMG, Josh scared me to begin with because of his voice.  Even though it got worseI got over it.  I love the angry cat dealthat was frickin funny.  Does anybody else agree Josh looks like Ashton Kutcher?  I like what Jimmy was wearin!!
Memorable Line: "I think your pants are pretty awesomeI meanI don't careits just that I think its pretty cool when guys aren't afraid to wear capris." - Maya Rudolph as Megan
Rate: 9/10

Next Week - Jack Black and the Strokes awesome! Im sooo watchin that!

Sketch: Hello Stepson, Now Let's Go To Bed: I Went to Bed With My Stepson: The Lara Bengal Covington Story
Gasteyer, Hammond, Hartnett
This was kinda gay.  Im, sorrythis just wasn't that funny to me.  The only part that was mildly funny was when Jeff (Hartnett) and Lara (Gasteyer) were tryin to come up with a name for Jeff to call Lara.  This was just a weird sketch. Although, I must admitJosh looks really good in a muscle shirt.J
Memorable Line: Nothin in this was that memorableexcept if you count Josh takin off his flannel shirt (Sorry, I just had to say it).
Rate: 5/10

Tv FunHouse: The Ex-Presidents
Can I just sayewwwwwww.  Ok, this was really something I didn't need to see.  Clinton was justewww.  That's the only word for this sketch.  No good comedy came out of this.
Rate: 3/10

Sketch: The Shout Out Show
Morgan, Kattan, Pink, Hartnett
This was a pretty good sketch.  Let us notice that the announcer sounded like Jimmy:).  Anywhoo, Im so excited Tracy was in this.  He was soo funny too.  I loved it when Pink came out.  Man, she was awesome.  When Josh came out though, things got funnier.  I love the major hug!  It was funny when Tracy started giving shout outs to things not needed to be given shout outs "Nah nah, it don't work that way period, man, this is the shout out show couz." - Tracy Morgan as Grand Master Freddie
Memorable Line: "Shout out to eating garbage." - Tracy Morgan as Grand Master Freddie
Rate: 7/10

Music: Pink
I love this song!  Pink is definitely an awesome singer.  I didn't like the hair very much but hey, everyones different.  
I don't rate music because, in my eyes, all music is 10/10.

Sketch: Weekend Update w/ Jimmy and Tina
Fallon, Fey, Morgan, Sanz, Kattan
I always love WU. Tina and Jimmy do make a good team, most of the time.  Sometimes, the jokes are sadbut that's normalright?  I always love to hear Jimmy doin impressionsit was pretty dang close to the announcer.  Tracy was absolutely hilariouswhere do they come up with this stuff?  The jokes about Argentina were pretty funny.  But the joke between Horatio and Chris was hilarious.  And the bad part about this is it happens all the time on morning shows.  Its VERY aggravating.
Memorable Line: "The Bush administration said they chose Cuba because it is so hard to escape fromI mean no ones escaped from Cuba lately accept half the New York Yankees and a five-year-old boy." - Jimmy Fallon
Rate: 8/10

Sketch: Star Wars: HBO First Look
Hammond, Meyers, Morgan, Hartnett, Kattan, Fallon, Sanz, Richards, Edwards
I love Hammond's impression of George Lucasit was dead on.  Man, Tracy has been busy tonight!!  I loved the whole 'N sync deal.  That was sooo funny.  Although, I've heard a rumor that 'N Sync was hittin the cutting room floor.  Anywhoo, where did Alf come from?  I understand Cartmanok, not really.  I liked this sketch!!      
Memorable Line: "I would like to thank the members of the Jedi Council for assembling in such short noticeObi Wan Kenobithe guy with the crazy neckAlfMayor MacCheeseHarry PotterCartman from South ParkMonica Lewinskyand finally, Master Yoda." - Tracy Morgan as Mace Windu
Rate: 9/10

Sketch: Can We Please Just Get OFF the Plane?
Poehler, Meyers, Hartnett, Dratch, Gasteyer, Morgan, and others
This was an ok sketch.  I can understand the passengers pain.  OMG, could it be more boring to be waiting to take-off.  Anywhoo, I love the stupid impressions Josh was doin.  
I also think that Poehler and Meyers were funny.
Memorable Line: "Can you feel it?Can you feel it?No?" - Amy Poehler as a Stewardess
Rate: 7/10

Jack Handey: My Best List for 2001
This was pretty funny.  Usually, Jack Handey isn't that funny but this was good.  I was wondering where all the wax was comin from but then I understood at the end.  This was pretty good.
Memorable Line: "Best GodGod."
Rate: 7/10

Music: Pink
Man, I like this song too.  I need to go get her c.d.  I really love her shirt tooits awesome lookin.  Anywhoo, this is great music!!

Sketch: Play Boy Channel
Rudolph, Dratch, Sanz, Poehler, Gasteyer
This was a pretty good sketch.  I think it was hilarious that Arabian Porn was all about just seeing the faces of the women.  This was too funny.  Horatio was soo funny in this too.  
Memorable Line: "Now, I want you to put your face close to her face.  Oh my God!  Ohh yeah, this is some hot face action Im getting here!" - Horatio Sanz as Arabian Porn Star
Rate: 7/10

Good bye: I always hate this part of the showNOOO, it cant be over!  Man, they cut the goodbyes short!

After-Show Thoughts: This was a pretty good episodeI was kinda disappointed in a couple of sketches.  Although, I did miss Will!!  Man, was I wrong in my pre-show thoughtsohh well.
Ok, im not goin to get a calculator or anythingso im just goin to rate the episode from off the top of my head7/10

Jimmy looked goodMaya did greatHoratio was hilariousand Tracy was fantastic!!

Everyone stay cool and be smart!
This is Sonya sayinggoodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!!
And remember
"dr. pepper, you make the world taste better" (sol)

Episode Review written by Sonya

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