Josh Hartnett / Pink
January 12, 2002

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I hope everyone had a good holiday. I certainly did and needed the rest. Josh Harnett is quite a cutie, and I liked him in Virgin Suicides. His other movies though have sucked especially Pearl Harbor. He has not really done comedic roles to my knowledge; therefore, I am unsure whether he will be a good host or not. Sometimes those type of people surprise you like Hugh Jackman. Also, Will is not going to be in the show because he has a movie obligation. I wonder how Lorne felt about this? Maybe some other cast members will get a chance to shine with his absence. 

COLD OPENING: Clinton's dog Buddy was run over recently. I bet Clinton would like to have a big funeral like in this sketch to give himself some publicity. Darrell does an excellent Clinton, so I liked seeing it again. Tracey makes his first appearance as a Revered overseeing the funereal. Clinton's cuts at the new administration were amusing; however, his words went on too long with no laugh out lines. The line about Enron employees wanting to murder their bosses was too true. I would too if my multimillion company went into bankruptcy without any prior warning. 

Best Line: "When I first brought Buddy home as a puppy I was worried that he would not get along with Hilary's pet Socks the cat. And yet what we see with many married couples, opposites often attract." Clinton. A close-up shot of Hilary Clinton.

Grade: C


MONLOGUE: I wonder how long Will is going to be gone for that movie? Weird not seeing his name in the credits. However, Amy really did become a full cast member as already mentioned in the SNL newsgroup. Hooray for her! The best part of the monologue was the weird picture of the "new Jimmy Fallon" in those short shorts, tiny tee and a mustache. Josh looked really nervous in front of the audience and appears to be a shy guy in real life. I did not quite understand the point of "the new Josh Hartnett"; however, I laughed at the oddness of the whole thing.

Best Line: "I became the new Jimmy Fallon," Jimmy. "What are you talking about? When did you do that?" Josh. "Way back in 2000. Things were different back then." Jimmy. "I remember that." Josh. "This was long time ago. Back before they had Ipods. This was back when cell phones were this big (three inches), and now they are this big (two inches)." Jimmy.

Grade: B


WAKE UP WAKEFIELD: I am really liking Maya more and more, but this is her weakest recurring character. How many times does this need to be repeated? Not good that this is the first sketch. At least Rachel is so convincing as a junior high boy that it is creepy. Horatio was kind of amusing with his public service announcement about washing hands to not spread strep like a real teacher would with his breakdancing. Josh really is too tall to be a junior high boy, but his excuse about going through puberty was a little humorous. However, usually this occurs later for boys right? This was not very funny despite Josh's killer Tae Kwon Do moves on Sheldon and some humorous characters.   

Best Line: "Sheldon do you have any New Years' resolutions?" Megan. "I want to translate The Hobbit into Latin." Sheldon.

Grade: C+


LIFETIME MOVIE: I WENT TO BED WITH MY STEPSON: Darrel actually gets to play a main part of a sketch without doing an impression of a famous person. I guess someone has to fill in with Will's disappearance Josh looked way hot without his shirt in that tank top with those killer arm muscles. Those Lifetime movies are pretty cheesy and need to be made fun of. I know lots of women addicted to their movies; nevertheless, I was never one of them. Usually they star some former television star with overdramatic commercials and scenes just like in the sketch and based on true stories. Ana played it perfectly. I enjoyed for the most part though again not laugh out loud entertaining.

Best Line: "I love you Laura!" Stepson. "Call me Mom." Laura.

Grade: B


TV FUNHOUSE: I never thought the X-Presidents would return since it has been a while since their last appearance. Pretty gross to see the Bushes naked in the hot tub making out and having oral sex. Clinton's costume was also kind of in bad taste. Reagan appears pretty smart in this one though in real life he is the last stages of Alzheimer's, which is pretty sad. I did not expect for the ambiguous gay duo to appear with them in the same sketch. Not one of the better of these cartoons, but some good lines.           

Best Line: "We're going to get the bad guys!" Gary. "We're going to get in their holes and smoke them out." Batman(?). "That is sick!" Reagan.

Grade: C+


GRAND MASTER FREDDY: SHOUT OUT!!: I do not remember seeing this sketch before. Tracy actually gets more than one appearance in a show. I guess that is what happens without Will. Kattan with that curly hair was good for a chuckle as the stage manager. Kind of stereotypes of black lower-class people who listen to rap shows based on the callers calling in except for that obvious white guy. Pink looks freaky with that blond wig. She appears to be acting black with this role though she is not as a prostitute. Josh looks nerdy with that combed down hair. His passion for charitable causes did not add much hilarity to the sketch. He again seemed nervous making things even worse. I did not like this sketch though for the most part.

Best Line: None

Grade: D


PINK: This song is catchy which I've heard on the radio, and I like Pink's moves. She is wearing some long extensions because I have seen recent pictures where her hair is almost butch short. She looks different with them and resembles Christina Aguillara. I heard rumors that they did not get along when they did the Moulin Rouge song together. Her voice could be stronger but who cares with a good song.

GRADE: B+     


WEEKEND UPDATE: Tina has cut her hair and not curled it like she usually does. Perhaps she has been too busy to have the hair people to curl it or just washed it recently for some reason. Funniest line was when Tina said this was the eighties. As a child of the eighties, this was a hoot Tracy makes another appearance on the show as Maya Angelou. If you are black on this show, you play all the black female famous people. Tracy did nail her voice and mannerisms based on me seeing her on Oprah, but the rest of it was not amusing. Horatio is back again with Kattan this time as a comedy act entertaining the troops where Horatio missed his plane while his partner made it. The tape delay when they tried to do their joke was a good idea that went too long. Wouldn't Horatio have the same problem of not hearing Chris's words until many seconds later? Not one of the best WU's compared to the past few shows; however, it was adequate. Tina and Jimmy also appeared to be without much energy though they had a month break making things even worse.

Best Lines: "Let me see if I have this right. The Middle East is a mess. President Bush is saying no new taxes. I'm wearing these leg warmers. Is it the eighties? Tina Fey. "I think it is. I asked Don Pardo who was on the show, and he was like Molly Ringwald with musical guest Simple Minds." Jimmy Fallon.

Grade: B-


GEORGE LUCAS: I heard about NSYNC being in the new Star Wars move. What has the world come to? At least it appears to be a small part that most likely will get cut. I hate the title of the news Star Wars film but will probably watch it for Ewan McGregor. Darrell's George Lucas impression was top notch. Got to see all of the featured players in this one except for Amy. However, Dean's part was really short, and his future on the show does not look good. Josh was convincing as NSYNC along with everyone else, but the cast had practice doing that other boy group recurring sketch with Jeff replacing Chris Parnell. Making fun of their part in the movie was hilarious. Also great was making fun of that terrible Jar Jar Binks character as just an ethnic stereotype. Finally the insertion of characters from other shows after ET in the first movie was a good idea.     
This was the best sketch of the night in my opinion.

Best Line: "I'd like to thank the members of the Jedi Council for assembling at such short notice. Obi-Wan Kenobi, the guy with the crazy neck, Alf, Mayor McCheese, Harry Potter, Cartman from South Park, Monica Lewinsky and finally Master Yoda." Mace Windu. "Whatsuup!" Yoda.

Grade: A-

AIRPLANE: Good to see Amy for the first time on the show along with her frequent partner Seth. I've been through this with a long plane delay before take-off (of course never four hours!!!); however, the flight attendants never tried to entertain. Josh as the pilot doing impressions was humorous though a mustache is not enough to make him look old enough to be a real one. He did a pretty good job and was his best performance of the night. The rest of the sketch stunk; nevertheless, it was short.        

Best Line: None

Grade: C+


JACK HANDEY: MY BEST LIST FOR 2001: This was a good parody of those end of year best of lists in every magazine and on television with a few chuckles on my end. It is certainly better than his "big book" ones of late. I like it for the most part though not up to the best Jack Handey's in the eighties

Grade: B


PINK: I did not know Pink had such good abs. This song is more mellow and sounds autobiographical. Pink really doe not have a strong voice which I guess is not a requirement to be a famous musician. I did not like this one as much as the first one therefore a lower grade for this one.  

Grade: C+

PLAYBOY CHANNEL MOVIE SHOWCASE: Maya gets another starring sketch with Rachel this time. I have never seen this channel, but I guess this parodies the movie introductions by the playboy women who I guess make out with each other? Maya looks mostly flat-chested in real life, but here she has cleavage. What a wonder bra and padding can do! This really is not needed for Rachel. That an Afghanistan would be turned on by two bare faces was funny. The sketch could have been better but not bad for the last sketch of the night.

Best Line: "Whoa I can see your face! Work that face baby! Work it!!" Arab man in Playboy movie after Amy strips the veil covering her face.

Grade: B-


POSTSHOW THOUGHTS: Josh's obvious nervousness during most of his scenes worked against him most of the time. He, however, seemed more confident as the show went on. The lack of Will on the show really seemed to hurt things with a total lack of direction. Sometimes I think he is overexposed as aforementioned, but him not being there at all is a lot worst. Hope he is back by the next episode. It appeared that the show was trying to let the newer cast members be in sketches except Tracy finally got more appearances on the show as one of the older ones with hardly any Kattan or Ana. Josh did not do to bad of job with his lack of comedy and stage experience unlike some other previous hosts. I personally thought this show was at least better than the last one; though other reviewers seemed to have really like that one. Another reviewer has said that they always do a bad show after a break for some reason. Hopefully the next show will be better, and I personally love Jack Black in his comedic movie roles.



MY SHOW RANKINGS SO FAR THIS SEASON (I am including the Reese Witherspoon season premiere since I finally saw the rerun which was a bad show as mentioned by other reviewers)

1)Sean William Scott/Sum 41

2)Billy Bob Thorton/Creed

3)John Goodman/Ja Rule

4)Gwenyth Paltrow/Ryan Adams

5)Hugh Jackman/Mick Jagger

6)Derek Jeter/Shakira/Bubba Sparxxx

7)Josh Hartnett/Pink

8)Ellen Degeneres/No Doubt

9)Reese Witherspoon/Alicia Keyes

8)Drew Barrymore/Macy Gray

Episode Review written by Remidoes

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