Josh Hartnett / Pink
January 12, 2002

Ok so technically this is my second review written since I wrote one for the Ellen episode but it never got posted. So, hi, my name is Maraysa. There's my little introduction. I'll try to make this review good and not go all teenybopper. Yes I love Jimmy but no I won't go on and on about it. On with the review.

Pre-show thoughts:

Josh Hartnett is hot, although I don't know how he'll do at comedy. Pink is ok, could be worse, could be better.

Cold Opening: Clinton's Buddy dies

Bill is back! I missed Darrell's Clinton. I perfer it over Gore. I don't know, it's just me. The whole concept was funny. The shots of Hliary and others added to the funnieness (if thats a word). Solid cold opening.
Grade: A-

Opening Credits:
Normally I don't comment on this but I cna't believe Will isn't here. It's so weird. Hmm, they made Amy a full time cast member.
(No Grade)


I have a feeling the same old Josh Hartnett isn't going to be very funny. The same-old Jimmy Fallon is though. He was the best part of the monolouge. That was an, umm, interesting picture there. I thought I'd see Kattan in an outfit like that, in fact the shorts resemble Mango's. But anyway, Jimmy was funny, Josh was ok.

Sketch: Wake Up Wakefield

I predicted there would be a WUW this episode, and I'm haooy there is one cuz its one of my favorite sketches. This one was just ok though. Mr. B. stole the sketch this time. He's been working on his moonwalk. And I noticed something and tell me I'm not seeing things, didn't Jimmy wear that sweater when he was doing one of his holiday carols? Cuz I swear I've seen him in it. Just an observation.
Grade: B

Sketch: I went to bed with my stepson

Josh looks like a cross between Jimmy Fallon and  James Van Der Beek. I'm not to partial to the lifetime/ USA sketches so this wasn't my favorite sketch of the night. Ana was the best. Her and the title were the only 2 things that gave me a laugh pretty much.

Cartoon: The X-Presidents:
I wonder if the ex-presidents ever get together, not like this I hope. When they're in Afganistan they look like members from the Village People. How did I know the Ambiguosly gay duo would come to the rescue? The sandwich thing was funny. Good TV Funhouse.

Sketch: Shout Out Show:
I wonder if this will turn into a reoccuring sketch. Tracy deserves it, I mean he's been in the show long enough and has barely gotten air time. Although it's so true, people will give shout outs to anything. I like it when the musical guest play in the sketches. Pink's character was great. Shout Out to drug abuse!
Grade: B+

Musical Guest:
Ok, I'm trying to figure this out. Is the guitar player with the afro a boy or girl? I love this song, I like it better than her old stuff.

Weekend Update:
Ahhh, WU, finally. Did Tina get a haircut? Solid jokes this week. I love the Cuba joke. Where is that 5 year old little boy anyway? Little impression by Jimmy, awsome as always. Seriously, is it the 80's? The jokes were great as usual this week. Although I didn't really like the comentaries. The Henely/Stiles thing dragged on a little. The delay was funny the first few times. That was the only thing keeping it from an A+

Sketch: Star Wars with *NSYNC
I knew they would do something about NSYNC being in Star Wars. I was hopong for a 7 degrees celcius skit, it was close enough. I guess Jeff will replace Parnell.Yeah Alf! Kattan looks like a midget next to Josh! I liked the song at the end, good skecth.

Sketch: Only 42 hours till take off!
Seth and Amy are great together. I don't think Josh was supposed to knock over the phone. Oh Well. Josh's impressions weren't that great. Nothing compared to Jimmy's. But Seth and Amy stole the sketch.
Grade: B+

Sketch: Jack Handey's Best of 2001:
Well, at least it's not my big long thick novel crap.

Musical Guest:
Ok, afro guitarist is a woman. I like this song. I'm starting to like Pink more.

Sketch: OMG! I see a face!
Was Rachel supposed to mess up diplor (or however you spell it)? It was funny anyway. Middle-Eastern Playboy... I don't really know what to say about this sketch.

Not a bad show, Josh did ok, he could have been better though. No sketches totally sucked in my mind. Jack Black should be funny next week.
Overall Grade: B+/A-

Episode Review written by Maraysa

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