John Goodman / Ja Rule
November 3, 2001

Even though I'm from the New York area, GO D-BACKS!!!!!!!!!!!

(COLD) John Ashcroft's "Alerts"
This sums up everything he has said for the past few weeks perfectly. B+

(MONO) The 2nd Biggest Choker Reliever in NY Since Armando Benitez
John Goodman seems VERY out of shape right now. I just hope it's just a bug.
Kattan's Byung Yung Kim wasn't too bad. B

(COMM) Herbal Essences for Men
Not too shabby but many missed chances. B-

(SKIT) Hudson Valley Business Report
Dan Aykroyd ruled here, espcially at the end of this sketch with the white
powder in the letter from Anthracite, Pennslyvania. A-

(SONG) Ja Rule
Meh... B

(COMM) Wilfred Brimley for Liberty Medical Supplies
I thought this was better than perfect. I thought this was actually one of
those damned commercials. A+

(SKIT) The Girl with No Gaydar
Rachel Dratch, looking good? Chris Kattan, playing the least homosexual guy
in a sketch? No, hell isn't freezing over. This was very good. A

(COMM) Pregnancy Test
This wasn't too bad. A-
Great Line I:
"You go to Michigan?" - Seth Meyers

(SKIT) Anthrax Update
This is a classic Darrell Hammond sketch. I liked the disappointment in that
Katie Couric didn't get anthrax. A+
Great Line II:
"This just in. CBS News forecasts that Wolf Blitzer has anthrax and rabies
from a squirrel in his basement." -Darrell Hammond
Great Line III:
"This just in. CBS all but confirms that Walter Cronkite has scurvy."
-Darrell Hammond
Great Line IV:
"This just in. CBS News predicts that Andy Rooney DOES have syphillis from
drinking water in his air conditioning vent that he thought was scotch."
-Darrell Hammond

(NEWS) Weekend Update
The Will Smith and Jesse Jackson jokes were verbal right crosses. Seth
Meyers' Red Sox-Yankees commentary may have just been his breakout moment. A
Great Line V:
"The Rev. Jesse Jackson had been advising families to stay at home and not
trick or treat on Halloween. There is no word which family Jackson will stay
with." -Tina Fey
Great Line VI:
"In an upcoming issue of Premiere magazine, Will Smith claims that his new
fitness training has energized his sex life. Saying "I am a sexual machine.
I'm human viagra. I am Will-agra." Well, if you mean that you're becoming a
huge dick, I think I agree with you." -Tina Fey
Great Line VII:
"If Boston rooted for gravity, we'd all be floating three inches of the
ground right now." -Seth Meyers

(SKIT) America Undercover
Heehee. Amy in the oven is kinda cute. Did Chris Kattan fart or show his
sparrows' nest and eggs to Dean Edwards when he was holding him upside down?

(SONG) Ja Rule
Much better than the first song. B+

(SKIT) Bad Conceptual Theater
This was pretty good. I liked how they simulated monkeys humping and monkey
speak. B+

(SKIT) Bookie and Sam
Very good, especially for a 12:50 skit. Seth and Amy make a great team. A
Great Line VIII:
"I just learned how to masturbate. I kinda want to get home right now.."
-Seth Meyers

MVP: Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler
LVP: Will Ferrell (wassupwitthat?) and Tracy Morgan
Sketch o' the Night: Anthrax Update
Line o' the Night: "Hmmm...Lets see..."master" means to control and "bait"
means worm." -Amy Poehler

OVERALL: This is a very good show, the best since Conan O'Brien hosted last
This gets a 95 which is an A. Next week is Gwyneth Paltrow/Ryan Adams (NOT
Bryan Adams). Sayonara, people......

Episode Review written by Alex Kahn

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