Kirsten Dunst / Eminem
May 11, 2002

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Pre-show Thoughts: Okay, since tonight's show is hosted by Kirsten Dunst, I'm expecting something about "Spiderman." It'll probably be Will because he has a strong body acceptance, and I think he gets off on wearing skintight clothes. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

But it's time to get serious. Will is leaving the show on May 18, 2002. I knew he was gonna leave soon, I'm not mad at him leaving. I'm mad at the fact that we got 2 weeks notice. Hopefully, if George W. Bush does anything big, Will might come back like Dana Carvey does. Bye Will! We'll miss you.

On with the review:

Presidential Meeting:

Premise: Condaliza Rice, Vice President Dick Cheney, and President Bush meet for a discussion about the War on Terrorism. But Mr. President ends up feeling stupid, again.

My Thoughts: Yes! We can make fun of Dubya again. You know when it started, don't you? When the pretzel story broke.

grade: B+
Quote: "Do I have a meeting with anyone with the last name 'Smith,' or 'Jones,' or 'Cooper,' or Kenievil'?"


Premise: Kirsten Dunst gives us her monologue.

My Thoughts: My Thoughts: I knew it, what did I tell you? I think her dress was a couple sizes to small.

grade: B-
Quote: "And you never will hear from him {Bee-man}, because I kicked his a**!"
Fake Commercial:

Premise: A pregnancy test for woman who just aren't sure if they're expecting.

My Thoughts: How could she not know she's pregnant?

grade: A+
Quote: "My body is telling me something."
Last Call with Carson Daly:

Premise: A spoof of "Last Call with Carson Daly."

My Thoughts: I love Jimmy's impression of Carson, but I didn't really like this sketch.

grade: D+
Quote: "I'm Carson Daly, and I'm a massive tool."
TV Funhouse:

Premise: A sequel to the popular Disney classic "Bambi."

My Thoughts: The Taliban, Matrix, Shrek, Jared from the Subway commercial, porn. What more could a 7 year old kid ask for.

grade: B+
Quote: "Get ogre it!"
Alzheimer's Disease Medication:

Premise: A drug that helps your Nana go bananas.

My Thoughts: It was all right.

grade: C-
Quote: "I'm having lunch with Eleanor Roosevelt, and Yogi Bear."
Next Week: Winona Ryder/Moby; Season Finale. This better be good.

Premise: Extras in a movie are too distracting.

My Thoughts: This was hilarious.

grade: A+
Quote: "It's so hard to leave when you become a family."
Jarret's Room:

Premise: Two stoners have a webcam.

My Thoughts: Usually, this is like the first sketch. That test tube was pretty small.

grade: A-
Quote: "ET smoke weed!"
Music; Eminem:

Premise: Eminem performs a song.

My Thoughts: Let's just say, I hate him a lot less then I did the last time he was on the show.

grade: C+
Weekend Update

Premise: Fake News

My Thoughts: Great jokes. The Hilton sisters are whores, nothing new. This was definitely the best reenactment for Kattan ever. Parnell is a great rapper.

grade: a+
Quote: "Michael, Michael, you had me at bleep."
Kornikova vs. Penthouse

Premise: Court TV broadcasts the trial between Anna Kornikova and Penthouse magazine.

My Thoughts: Hmmm, Laugh-in style court case. Who wants to take credit for this? I did like Anna's accent.

grade: B-
Quote: "I'm getting off on the topic."
Wake Up Wakefield:

Premise: A slumber party at the home next to Randy Goldman's house!

My Thoughts: What is Jimmy's deal with Kirsten tonight? Is this what we're gonna see with Winona next week?

grade: A+
Quote: "Why do you need ecstasy when you live next to Randy Goldman?"
DeMarco Family Dancers:

Premise: 3 dancers audition as dancers for Eminem's next tour.

My Thoughts: I think this sketch would have been better without Kirsten. The "Gang-bang us" joke was great.

grade: A+
Quote: "Eminem, I don't care where you melt. You can melt in my mouth, or you can melt in my hand. But today, you get the rude award."
Big Thick Novel

Premise: Something stupid SNL does to fill time.

My Thoughts: I hate these Big Thick Novels!

grade: F-

Eminem only performed one song.
The show was all right.
I'll give it a B-
Most-used player: Will Ferrell
Least-seen player: Jeff Richards
Best Sketch: Update, Pregnancy Test, DeMarco Dancers, Background
Worst Sketches: Last Call, Alzheimer's
Bye, see you next week when Winona Ryder host with Moby.

Episode Review written by Kayla

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