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May 11, 2002


Preshow Thoughts:

Once again we look back at one of MARK POLISHUK's reviews (he's retiring and its great filler). Hard to believe but for over a year now he's been requesting to get his name mentioned on SNL. Also hard to believe that Kirsten is Mark's girlfriend. (why would Mark lie?) SO! How about Tobey Maguire's since Spider-Man is now my favourite film, (barely better than Memento) and well Kirsten and Tobey used to date. April 15, 2000 is when this great show aired (disregard what Mark thinks) Once again only selected stuff.. So skip ahead if you don't want to read it.


Do you know who's really untalented? Bruce Springsteen. I picked up his greatest hits CD, and what a waste of time that thing is. He must be one damn good live performer if he can make those tuneless monsters into hit songs.

After two games...TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: 7 OTTAWA SENATORS: 1Stanley Cup, anyone?

Jordan Davidson's Men in Fuschia: 6th place out of 10 Mark Polishuk's Anti-Dentites: 8th place out of 10


OVERVIEW Tobey Maguire always plays slightly nervous, shaky characters in his movies. I hope to God that just means he's a good actor, because being nervous is not a good quality for an SNL host. The musical guest is Sisqo, another one-hit wonder who nobody will remember in ten years. Not exactly the most talented duo to ever headline a show, but maybe it will be good anyway. I am again watching the show with my friend Dave tonight, so he will be making his usual comments. My apparently mute friends Trevor and Eric don't choose to participate. Spoilsports.

[SKETCH] The SNL Cast Rules
* That's just the title by the way. This particular cast far from rules.
* An okay little opener that probably would've gotten a better audience reaction if anyone had actually seen the movie on which it was based. I think Deuce Bigalow made more money than Cider House Rules did, which is pretty damn sad.
* What's Darrell whining about? He's been in a lot of movies. Incidentally, it's good to see him IN A SKETCH this week.
* Chris Kattan is a bubble-boy! "Moops!" "Moors!" "Moops!" "Moors!"
* Joe Piscopo sure gets picked on a lot, doesn't he? I mean, he's hardly the only SNL cast member to bomb in the movies, and it's not like Tracy Morgan or Cheri Oteri are going to be Hollywood icons either, eh?
* Oddly enough, Tobey Maguire is the first host to say "Live from New York..." since Ben Stiller all the way back in October of 1998. Zany. RATING: ***5/8

[MONOLOGUE] Tobey Maguire
* I guess the nervousness was just acting. I withdraw my objection to Mr.Maguire.
* NEVER EVER have this writer on camera again. This guy killed the entire monologue. To use of my friend Scott Durnin's favourite sayings, "Is this amateur hour?"
* Jar Jar Binks wasn't the problem with Phantom Menace. The problem was the dialogue. Hearing "the power of the force" eight hundred times was a lot more annoying than Jar Jar. RATING: ***1/8

[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy
* HUZZAH! Celebrity Jeopardy is back! HUZZAH!
* The Hilary Swank thing fell flat with me. I don't think she's done anything that deserves to be made fun of, and besides, she's too hot to be played by Jimmy Fallon.
* Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, is a living joke. "I know kung fu." "No, you don't."
* Dave sez... "none of you knows" is bad grammar. The proper term is "none of you know." Who's smart now, Trebek?
* Connery actually got a question right? That ruins the whole thing!
* A bit below the usual standards of the sketch, but still very funny. RATING: ****3/8

[SKETCH] Simmuhduhnuh at Burger Castle
* One joke. They have turned one lousy joke (that never changs, mind you) into a recurring sketch. Pretty freaking weak.
* Lorne already admitted he sniffs ether in this show, and here is example
1.* The last time that this sketch was on, I named this character Augusta. Reader JACGrunge, however, sent an e-mail that informed me of the character's true name, Nadine. A pat on the back to JACGrunge.
* Tim sure likes those Detroit Pistons, doesn't he?
* The Donna Summer bit got a chuckle from me. That was it. RATING: ***

[CARTOON] Fun With Real Audio: Up Close With Geppetto
* What the hell was this? Robert Smiegel is a disturbed human being.
* Lorne Sniffs Ether: Example 2
* I guess you could say that Pinocchio got a woody! HA HA HA HA HA! RATING: ***

[SKETCH] Inside the Actors Studio with Screech
* This was pretty funny, if only for the impressions. Will is great as James Linton, and Maguire's Diamond was pretty funny as well. His voice, though, sounded more like that nerdy kid from the Simpsons. "Hey, that comes out of my salary! If I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me!"
* I am proud to say that I never watched a single episode of Saved By the Bell.
* Doesn't Dustin Diamond sound like the name of a porn star?
* I got a good laugh at the gigantic stack of questions on the desk.
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "If you have not seen Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, then I suggest that you see the greatest movie in the history of the universe."-- Will Ferrell, as James Linton RATING: ****

[SKETCH] Rich Pricks Bother the Tennis Pro
* This was a waste of time. I can't believe they wasted an opportunity to satirize rich snobs. Few things on earth are funnier than rich snobs, and SNL instead does a dumb skit like this.
* Ana's voice was like nails on a chalkboard being carved by a dentist's drill. Will's voice, on the other hand, was so mumbly that for the first half of the sketch, I thought Ana's character was named Gender.
* Dave sez...some writer actually sat down, thought this would be a funny idea, wasted some paper in writing it down, read it aloud to other people, they somehow found it funny, and put it on television. Unbelievable.
* I was hoping that their opponents would be the Zimmermans, so at least something funny would come of this.
* Lorne Sniffs Ether: Example 3
* I have a bad feeling that this might become a recurring sketch. If that happens, then get an umbrella to shield you from the rain of frogs, because the world is com! ing to an end. RATING: **1/2

* A pretty good edition of WU. Highlights included George Dubya and his scale, MLK Day in South Carolina on June 32nd, and especially the one about Mark Chmura. As a Green Bay Packers fan, Chmura is a giant embarrassment. I mean, other NFL players just kill people, but at least they don't hit on teenage girls. That's just weird.
* As for the Angelina Jolie bit, let me be the first to nominate Jon Voight
for Father of the Year. It was a close shave between him and Elian's dad,
but Voight wins the day.
* Continuing tonight's theme of sexual deviants, here comes Joy Lipton. This is a character that will get old fast. RATING: ***7/8

[SNL STUDIOS] Food Pawn Shop
* This was the best of the SNL films so far, which is more an indictment of the other two rather than praise of this one.
* What the hell is Steve Buscemi doing in there? He should be hosting, not in some two-bit film.
* I thought Horatio's charcater was pretty funny, what with his sleeping upright and "throwing Dobermans at old ladies."
* I think the hold-up man was the lame writer from the monologue. NEVER AGAIN. RATING: ***3/4

SKETCHES OF THE NIGHT: Celebrity Jeopardy, Inside the Actor's Studio
WORST SKETCHES OF THE NIGHT: Simmuhduhnuh, Fun With Real Audio, Rich Pricks,
LINE OF THE NIGHT: "Clinton agreed to the interview after he saw a picture
of DiCaprio, and thought she was pretty hot."-- Colin Quinn, Weekend Update
BUSIEST CAST MEMBER: Will Ferrell (6 sketches)
CAST MEMBERS WITH TIME TO WASH LORNE'S CAR: Jimmy Fallon, Darrell Hammond, Tracy Morgan, Molly Shannon (2 sketches each)
NOTICEABLE MISTAKES: The idea to book Sisqo on the show
AVERAGE SKETCH RATING: A bit under ***1/4

AFTERSHUKS Even though there were a couple of good skits, this was overall a really poor showing. This one is right down there with the Jamie Foxx show as worst of the year. Tobey Maguire was a lot better than I'd thought he'd be, and Sisqo was beyond awful. SNL has been in a rut lately, with two average shows (Josh Jackson, Rock), one okay show (Walken) and now this eyesore. They need to step it up as we head toward the end of the season.

Until next time, remember...laughter is the best medicine. Unless you're a diabetic, in which case insulin is usually much more effective.-- Norm MacDonald.


Well Adam McKay (that annoying writer) has appeared a few times since then and the Leafs didn't even make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. They still haven't. They're the only Original Six Team not to make it to the finals since the expansion in late 60s. The Canadiens, Rangers, Bruins and Red Wings won atleast one Stanley Cup and the Blackhawks made it to the final some eleven years ago. Right now the Sens lead 3-2!!. Could go either way, if both teams continue playin like they do. TO must be getting tired though.Ottawa did win in a questionable way. But TO won because of questionable plays in the first round. Also I've signed the Clarke Must Go! petition. Thats Philly GM Bobby Clarke.

Ashleigh Banfeild, a favourite of WU Anchor Tina Fey, was in her hometown (and mine) of Winnipeg for her high school reunion. Nice big article on her. Still no blonde hair yet. She loves going to spas. She doesn't know what she wants to do next. Thing that bothered me is that she felt rejected by Canada and now feels more American by what happened on September 11. She said that the CBC didn't give her a chance and she didn't get to move up while with CTV. So she went to America, some Fox station and worked her way up to MSNBC. She's now one of the most popular female American cable news anchors oh and has her own show. If she stayed in Canada she would be a nobody and her show would probably be cancelled. Well some Canadian anchors are known and some are successful, since 60 Minutes or Dateline don't cover stories that effect Canada.

Well if you haven't heard already, Will ain't returning next season. Suprise no. Sad yes. Hopefully Ferrell will have some of his best two shows in the next two weeks. I'll have more on Will later, just read on. Atleast he's leaving on top, and not like Kattan who's been pretty disapointing this season. Maybe one or two sketches. Gay Hitler is only the real highlight, but he only appears on WU for thirty seconds. Darrell is said to stay. Excellent. His impressions are great, but without Ferrell to provide Bush and Trebek that might effect some of his sketches. Ana I would think would be best for her to leave the show. With Will leaving (possibly Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan) and well her new baby in June it would seem best. Though her pregnancy has limited her roles for the last half of the season.

Saw Spider-Man, greatest movie ever. Great acting. And one of the actors is hositng tonight. She was great with the MTV Movie Awards last year and well she can act better than Britney Spears. Just go watch The Virgin Suicides or crazy/beautiful. Spider-Man will certainly find his way into the show. Perhaps the Osbournes again. The show wrapped up its first season (second seems likely) on Tuesday and is still the most watched thing on cable. Got my Episode II ticket for opening day at 10:30 PM. Then on Friday its the start of the May Long Weekend and last SNL of the season.

Misc. Stuff Corrections: Stooge informed me that SNL Favourite, Alec Baldwin didn't host twice in the same television season. Same year though. Reviews: Mark compares his reviews to episodes of The Simpsons. Crude and well... crappy at the start and well done and amusing at the end. Well that's the jist of it anyway. Fey and Fallon: Didn't pick up the EW with Tina and Jimmy on the cover but I've read some of the article thanks to (scanned pages) In some of the pictures Tina is almost unrecognizable. Good article on the behind the scenes of WU.




SNL END OF SEASON AWARDS.                                                                        (check out Jack Black review to see who won halfway)



Kirsten Dunst -- Birth name: Kirsten Caroline Dunst. Born April 30, 1982

SNL History: Never hosted or made a cameo. Co-hosted the 2001 MTV Movie Awards with Jimmy Fallon. - - - Selected Filmography:Star Trek: The Next Generation (guest-1993), ER (numerous guests-1996-1997), Greedy (1994), Interview with the Vampire (1994), Little Women (1994), Jumanji (1995), Wag the Dog (1997), Small Soldiers (1998), Strike! (1998), The Virgin Suicides (1999), Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), Dick (1999), Bring It On(2000), Get Over It (2001), crazy/beautiful (2001), The Cat's Meow (2002), Spider-Man (2002), Axis (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Martin Short -- Born March 26, 1950

SNL History: Castmember from 1984-85, co-hosted in 1986 and then hosted in 1996. Appeared on 15th and 25th Anniversary Special. - - - Memorable Characters & Impressions: Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers Jr., Lawrence Orback, Nathan Thurm, Robin Williams, Katherine Hepburn and Paul Simon. - - - Selected Filmography: Taxi (guest-1981), The Tracy Ullman Show (guest twice-1989), Muppets Tonight! (guest-1996), Right On (1972), SCTV (1981-1982), The Martin Short Show (star-1994), Hollywood Squares (numerous-1998-present), The Martin Short Show (host-1999), MadTV, (twice guest-2000, 2002), Primetime Glick with Martin Short (star-2001-present), Three Amigos! (1986), Innerspace (1987), Three Fugitives (1989), Father of the Bride (1991), Captain Ron (1992), Clifford (1994), Father of the Bride Part II (1995), Mars Attacks (1996), Jungle2Jungle (1997), Merlin (1998), Alice in Wonderland (1999), Mumford (! 1999), Get Over It (2001), Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis (voice-2001), Treasure Planet (voice-2002)

Thanks to IMDb and SNL Archives.


OPENING: Test That Bush - 93

Bush is tested in a way on who he has to contact for the day. Condaleeza Rice and Dick Cheney (Maya and Darrell) ask Bush which world leaders are from where. Quite a different political opening, still good, not great. Bush thinks Queen Amidala is an actual queen. Rice seemed annoyed and Cheney well he wonders if everyday of his life is a test.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Kirsten Dunst - 94

Kirsten has quite a history with NBC. She appeared in a Late Night with David Letterman skit and a opening sketch on SNL. They showed the sketch with Dana Carvey as Bush and about five young children. Now she's hosting the show. And who should stop by? Spider-Man! Spidey just defeated Bee-Man, so he's a little bigger than usual. KD claims even she has never heard of Bee-Man, and she doesn't even know who The Lizard is. Turns out Spider-Man is just Haratio Sanz and did this to impress her. They were going to do an upside down kiss, but Mr.Sanz got sick. Good funny mono.

Pregnancy Test - 93

Ana works her pregnancy into a great commerical. Plays a pregnant women (eight month pregnant) who doesn't know for sure that she's pregnant. She wants to be sure. So she takes the test. Parnell strikes again, appearing as Ana'a husband.

Last Call with The Tool: Carson Daly - 92

They actually tape his show in the same studio. I've seen this show a couple of times, notbably when Conan O'Brien was on. Hillarious. But Fallon here is with a rising female musician who only plays the piano. Kirsten of course plays Alexis who is 19 and just ended a relationship Full House's Bob Saget. Songs were decent, she would end them with playing just the total opposite of what has been played. Carson is now worshiping her. He apparently also works at Home Depot a few days a week. Ends with Carson and Alexis engaged (without her consent) to marry. Missing something.

TV Funhouse: Bambi 2002 - 93

They got the Disney pitchman again and David Spade. The original Bambi is been put away from retail stores for 10 years so in the spirit of Cinderilla II and the live action porn version of Pocahontas (actual film clip, blurred the breasts) now they have Bambi 2002! Just think whatever possible in destroying the dignity of a Disney classic. Very smart and drawn well.

Demilon - 91

Want to take advantage of grandma, but she's taking those memory pills? Well Will, Ana and Kirsten used Demilon. It looks exactly just like her pills so she can't tell the difference. Rachel Dratch once again plays the grandma and plays it well.

Extras! - 96

Chris K and Maya are playing actors filming a serious scene. They rehearsed it perfectly. So now the extras are included and they film. But Amy and Will the extras are the worse extras ever. They mime as if they were having this loud arm waving converstation. They are told to stop this by Chris P and Seth Meyers. They do it again. This time a friend (Dunst) comes by returning some glasses and just distract everyone. They pretend they drink and wash their faces with the cups on the table. They warned one last time. Kirsten pretends to be drunk and Will and Amy continue annoying them. Then the three all lean towards Chris Kand Maya, ruining the shot. So then the extras are told just to walk in the background. Will is the funniest, pretending to talk on his cell phone. They are fired on the spot and leave the set. The sneak back in and rise infront of the cameras and just act... silly. Just a stupid sketch that was hillarious.

Jarret's Room - 97

This recurring sketch has appeared the most times, out of all the other recurring sketches this season. This ends up being the best one. Gobi and DJ Jonathan Feinstein appear but no roomate Jeff. The school year is almost done and well due to his performance, Jarret's Room will probably never end. Anyway liked this sketch because he has his enemy on the show, Janet. Janet has her own webcam show and has a Gobi wannabe (Amy). They showed some of her show and well Jarret and Gobu didn't get it, even though it was the exact same thing. Janet and Jarret introduce top ten ways how to get out of exams. After hearing some of their ideas, Janet and Jarret seem oddly attracted. They kiss then leave the room. Gobi is left with his female doppleganger (sort of). They go get high leaving Feinstein ending the show with something from The Karate Kid II soundtrack. Great sketch.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - 100

Good ol' WU. Fine news jokes here, thought the best was the church offering boys one. Some didn't like it. The WU door appears again. This time the Hilton Sisters appear. Maya and Kirsten play these two rowdy very easy ladies. I don't know who they are, probably a New York thing, still good though. Chris Kattan does another terrible reinactment. Some British guy streaked the queen this past week and we got to see Kattan as the Queen and streaker. Kattan put on darker flesh coloured suit. Still funny. Then a few more jokes and Chris Parnell makes a rare appearence at the desk. Parnell auditioned for WU, but he really hasn't made a guest appearence, even doing a impression of someone else. Anyway he has some celebrity news. Turns out its about Kirsten and who she's dating. Turns out for the past three years its been him. Tina and Jimmy find this hard to believe. But apparently its true. He wrote a song. Well a rap song. Those who remember Parnell's rap about Britney Sp! ears, knew we were in for a treat. WU Moment of the Year. Parnell's rap was excellent. A little amusing, but just a polished performance. I would download this song of the internet. Be sure to check out SNL Transcripts on Friday or well much later, for the lyrics of this rap. Everyone was blown away by his performance. Except Kirsten. She came out and made things clear, that she met Chris six days ago and hasn't had sex by his pool or had gun fights. Chris denies this but then Kirsten yells at him again and he says its all a lie. A disappointed Parnell leaves the WU desk. Excellent WU. Parnell should do this more often. Why did that NBC Exec fire him? Hopefully that idiot is scrubbing toilets. WU once again gets the Clinton's Thumbs Up.

Court TV: Penthouse Vs. Kournikova - 98

Penthouse claimed that they had nude picks of the tennis star. Turns out its a billionaire's daughter. Anyway Anna takes Penthouse to the court. (Actually with two lawsuits against them, the magazine might go under) Kirsten plays Anna and doesn't have good english. She claims that this incident has caused her to get kicked out of her latest tennis tourney. (she really isnt' that good) She'll be in pictures where she shows some boobies but not the tip of the boobies. The thing that made this sketch was, when someone made a corny very little amusing line, go-go music would start and everyone would dance. This happened a few times, even when Seth was called on as a subscriber who masturbated to pics he thought was Anna. The judge played by Parnell says some corny line and starts dancing but nobody else does. Bon Cuccione makes an offert to Anna. Pose nude for one million. Will was hillarious as this sleazbag, but I like Parnell's better from the 2000 Presidential Bash. Anna sa! ys no. Then Bob offers her a Wembilldon Trophy stolen from some women tennis player. She agrees, then everyone including Ana (the CourtTV anchor) and Darrel (some Court TV Guy I assume) starting go-go dancing. Odd, yet great sketch.

Wake Up Wakefield (Good Night Wakefield) - 96

On location here. No classroom. They're at a sleep over. Despite no Jazz Times 10 (did have intro music) or Mr.B (Haratio) this sketch worked outside the AV room. They are at a sleepover at one of Megan's friend. Her friend lives next door to Randy Goldman. Also her friend is Kirsten who has braces, a lisp because of them, and is quite a whiner. Everybody thinks she doesn wild stuff. Such as do esctasy and stick frozen hot dogs in her nooners. All the female cast appears here, even a pregnant Ana and Rachel as Sheldon. They phone Randy's house and then hang up. They find this exciting. Amy plays the bossy one, Tina is the bossy one's sidekick and Ana is I guess the one that tags along. Sheldon does a poll, who would you want to make out with?. Megan's answer of course is Randy. Randy enters the room because he wants them to stop calling him and hanging up because he has call display. Megan tells Randy that she didn't even know he lived around here. Kirsten tells Randy that ! this a girls only and Sheldon sleepover. (more divorcing about Sheldon's parents seperating earlier in the sketch) Amy asks Randy who does he like? Randy then says he's had a crush on a girl in this room for the longest time and now he's going to tell her. Megan waits in anticipation. Randy finally gets Megan's name right, but only to ask her to move. He asks Kirsten if she wants to be his girlfriend. She says yes and they start making out. They wrap up the show, with Sheldon being tickled by the girls and Megan still saying that she'll be the future Mrs.Randy Goldman. Great sketch, outside Mango or Sully and Denise this seems like a great recurring sketch that could be turned into a bad SNL movie. But if done right they could make a great movie. Third sketch where Jimmy Fallon falls in love with Kirsten's charcter and second sketch where they kiss. Sheldon had another great line "Claritin is the poorman's Zirtic." Dratch plays the perfect shy akward boy.

The De Marco Family - 89

Kirsten becomes another family member to try out with the brothers. (Conan did appear in a De Marco Brothers sketch, not in the live show but either the rerun or Comedy Central airing) Anywho, she plays Tamara their first cousin and they audition for Eminem. They missed Gilmore Girls to make the T-Shirts. The trio seemed more energetic than anyother De Marco sketch. Kirsten's pants were quite low. They get the gig and are even more hyped up once they get it. Wasn't funny, little entertaining.

Thick Book Once More - 85

One of the better ones. Could be the last. Thankfully.


Overall Show Rating - 93

Great show. Not the best, but didn't disappoint. Just one big block of great stuff. From the Extras! sketch to Wake Up Wakfield, all were solid. Now would it be better if they alternated between great and good and alright sketch? Maybe but anyway for some reason as the night went on the stuff go better. Kirsten got into her roles perfectly. Very funny. Come back and host again! Will's second last show, he had a good outing. Not great, but appearences as Bush, the male extra and Bob was just enough. Most castmembers were seen tonight. Tracy and Jeff didn't find their way in. Dean did a fine brief appearence in the De Marco sketch. He is probably the tallest castmember ever. Seth had small roles, and Haratio had the mono. So who thinks their is something between Fallon and Dunst? They hosted last years MTV Movie Awards and were in quite a few sketches together, mostly playing lovers. We'll find out. But Parnell's rap was the highlight of the show. If this was the seaso! n finale, then it would've been a great finale. Hopefully next week's can top it.

Funniest Three Sketches: Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, Court TV: Penthouse Vs. Kournikova, Jarret's Room

Honorable Mentions: Extras!, Wake Up Wakefield (Good Night Wakefield)

Funniest Performers: Chris Parnell (Himself, Judge, Kyle De Marco), Kirsten Dunst (Herself, Alexis, Extra Friend, Tamara De Marco, Janet, Hilston Sister, Anna Kournikova, Randy's Girlfriend), Will Ferrell (Bush, Male Extra, Bob Guccione), Jimmy Fallon (Carson Daly, Jarret, WU Ancor, Randy Goldman), Amy Poelher (Female Extra, Janet's Friend, Megan's Friend), Tina Fey (WU Anchor, Megan's Friend), Maya Rudolph (Hilton Sister, Megan), Rachel Dratch (Grandma, Sheldon), (Chris Kattan (Queen, Streaker, Anna'a Lawyer, Sean De Marco), Ana Gasteyer (Pregnant Mom, Court TV Anchor, Megan's Friend) Seth Meyers (Masturbator), Harartio Sanz (Himself), Dean Edwards (Irish Black Guy), Darrell Hammond (Dick Cheney)

Four Bad Things: Not a great start, Thick Book, no Celebrity Jeopardy! (would've fit in nicely, Kirsten as Britney Spears), Will was only in three sketches, Kattan's ass [scraping the barrell for this one]

Impressive Impressions: Will as George W. Bush, Bob Guccione. Darrell as Dick Cheney. Jimmy as Carson Daly. Maya as Condaleeza Rice. Kirsten as Anna Kournikova.

Line From SEINFELD That Best Describes This Show: "Now you get on the phone with Kimbrough, tell him what happened, and tell him to get another plane down here. But this time, the good one! The Ted Danson plane!" - George (this episode was the Ted Danson plane)

RANKINGS 01] Ian McKellan 02] Hugh Jackman 03] Jack Black 04] Jon Stewart 05] Kirsten Dunst 06] Alec Baldwin 07] The Rock 08] Ellen DeGeneres 09] John Goodman 10] Billy Bob Thorton 11] Gwyneth Paltrow

Next Week: Winona Ryder. Eh. Disappionted with the selection of the host. But its Will's last show so shaping up to be one great show. Fingers crossed for Celebrity Jeopardy!, Neil Diamond and hey how about one more Roxbury Guys sketch. Sure the song is dead, but that sketch made Will and Kattan stars (well people would know who they were) and the audience would go nuts if they did. The Cameron Diaz episode sketch did provide a great ending for the characters but its been probably six years to the day that the Jim Carrey episode aired (where the Roxbury Guys first appeared in their trademark form). Anyway I guy can wish can't he? Should be a fine sendoff. Now will Winona suprise us all and do a good show? One more review and I've reviewed an entire season. Pathetic isn't it. Rowdy 5000 Keep it Sleazy!

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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