Cameron Diaz / Jimmy Eat World
April 6, 2002


Expecting a pretty good show, because Cameron Diaz is pretty funny and I like Jimmy Eat World's music. I'm predicting a Gemini's Twin sketch, perhaps another "Dealing with Mom and Dad" (audience seemed to like it last time, and if Will and Chris won't be around much longer). For Jimmy Eat World, I'm guessing "The Middle" and "Hear You Me."


Never seen this as a cold opening. I guess Ana's recurring roles, like Martha Stewart, are slowly disappearing as pregnancy advances, so this is a pretty good choice. The Culps are always good for a laugh. I liked when Will started singing Gorillaz.

Quote: "Could we get the sound right just once?"

Bonus Points: First time this season a female cast member has had a say in "Live from New York."

Grade: B+


The writers recognize that though Cameron Diaz is funny, she can't carry a Jon Stewart-like monologue. So they get her to gyrate her ass. I'm not complaining, of course. So this season, Will Ferrel has had a draw in a bass-off and a loss in a butt-off.

Bonus Points: Diaz's butt is hypnotizing...

Grade: B+


That's one crazy wig Dean has on. I think they could have done more subtle hostility with the husband/ex-wife status, like at the beginning. The parody of Halle Berry's Oscar speech was pretty funny, and so was the part where the music is only a guy in a room with a tape recorder.

Bonus Points: None

Grade: B


Looking forward to this, too. I only saw the talk show sketch of the Rock's last episode, but that was hilarious. Plus, I've heard that he's one of the better sports guests that's been on. I'll also make sure not to miss "Party Hard" performed live.


It looks like Amy does a pretty good job with physical humor (getting nailed with a beach ball. Several times), so I wonder if they'll do anything in the future. This sketch, unfortunately, was predictable. Tracy requesting "Don't Impress Me Much" was funny, but since they have the call down to the stage in-between commercials, you knew he would be on and you could see the joke from a mile off. The little twist at the end with Will and Ana as Oscar-like hosts was great, though.

Quote: "It's, like, two years old, and it wasn't very good to begin with!"

Bonus Points: Pretty spring break girls...

Grade: B


Wait a minute, how's he getting space rocks from Jupiter? It's a gas planet! But I'll let it slide, because that's part of the humor. Tracy's communications with Earth are hilarious, but they can't make Astronaut Jones recurring if the majority of the sketch is going to be the theme song and Tracy saying "phat ass."

Bonus Points: None

Grade: B-


Whenever they combine singing with talking to a camera, it's not too good. Ana's weird facial expressions while singing were good, though. I think the best part was saying that CBS was "the old people's network."

Bonus Points: None

Grade: C+


Amy and Maya are getting lots of air time, Ana's playing old people, Rachel's nowhere to be seen, and the guest is a pretty blonde. I think I know the target audience for this episode. The throwing of fragile objects was pretty good, but not much besides. Audience didn't seem to care for it much.

Bonus Points: None

Grade: C (progressively worse as the night goes on? Huh.)


Tina's tirade against the Middle East crisis was excellent. That situation's beyond stupid. The designation of the different countries was very funny. I also liked her joke about the Honduran kids writing Kathy Lee Gifford's book. It looks like they might be giving Dean some more air time now, and testing him out with Maya. Robot Tina was completely unexpected and the stagehand taking her off was great. Geraldo's Tour of Terror wasn't as good this time, but the picture of him with Shakira was hilarious. As for Jasper Hahn, I like it better when he draws, because you never know exactly what he's going to do. But a song about a cat or rooster: hmm, what sexual undertones could that be? I was still laughing, though.

Quote: "....or you're against us except for one little guy in power [Pakistan]"

Bonus Points: Jasper Hahn's puppets

Grade: A


I want very much to abbreviate it JEW, but I'm afraid I'll offend someone. At least one of my predictions came true: "The Middle" is a good song but I don't review music.


Hey, Williams College! What with the line in "Baseball Wives" and Seth Meyers (speaking of which, where is he tonight?) being a Red Sox fan, it seems my good old Berkshire County is coming under more recognition from SNL. I love it! This is the first Mr. Peepers I've seen, and it's pretty good. He couldn't be humping Turkey, though, because you can see it. Maybe one of the Western states.

Quote: "The female's movements are perfectly in rhythm to the music, while the male is just confused."

Bonus Points: Chris jumping through the windows

Grade: A


Japan's going to be mad with SNL. Screaming humor is rarely funny, and this needed a lot more work before it went on. Standard for a late sketch, I guess. I liked where Horatio said MTV 4 wasn't cool anymore, so they were getting taken off.

Bonus Points: None

Grade: C-

Jimmy Eat World

That's not "Hear You Me." Odd, I thought that was their only other song from the album that was released in any way. Oh well, this song's good too.


The illustrator can do that on network TV? I wonder if this is the same Lalani that's Jack Handey's personal blowdart counter. Not as good as some of the others, but still pretty funny.

Bonus Points: None

Grade: A-


Overall, this was kind of disappointing. I was hoping for some more recurring sketches, and the sketches were seriously declining in worth by the end. Good to see that Dean Edwards is getting more air time, though. He's pretty funny.

Final Grade: B

Episode Review written by Dagger

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