Ellen DeGeneres / No Doubt
December 15, 2001

Hey everyone!!  This is my first episode review, so I hope you enjoy it.  I had really high expectations for the show last night, but it didn't turn out as good as I thought it would.  I think that Ellen is really funny and she did a great job at the Emmys.  And I can't belive that this was her first time hosting!  She just seems like the kind of person who would host SNL a lot.  Ok, now, on with the review!!


Opening-CBS News
Darrell, Will, Horatio
I always love Darrell's impression of Dan Rather, so that alone made it a good opener.  The video was a funny idea, and I love how Will impersonates Osama bin Laden.  The video did, however, drag on a little too long, and I didn't think that their conversation was all that funny.  But still a good beginner, better than some this season.  B

Monologue-Ellen DeGeneres
Once again, like I said, I can't belive this was her very first time hosting!!!  She looked really nervous in the beginning, too.  I thought she did a good job, though, and the whole "I'm not gay" thing was hilarious!!  The best was when she talked about her husband Jerry..that was great!!!   B+

Nativity Sketch
Will, Ana, Ellen
I didn't really get what this sketch was about.  Were they singers or actors or what?  Oh well, it was pretty funny when they talked about Jason Crist and when Ellen came out in the Three Wise men suit, that was Hilarious!!!!  The song medley was great too.   B

Kitty Singleton
Ellen, Will, Horatio, Maya, Tracy
This was kinda funny at first, but after the thirtyth time Will beat her up, it wasn't too funny anymore.  I thought that they could have added something else to this sketch to make it better, like have her go on some mission or something.  It was kinda lame just in a Diner.  When she hit Maya, that was funny.   B-

I always watch the little snowman guy around Christmas time, so I thought that this was hilarious!!!  It was so funny how everyone kept telling him to shut up about the news, etc., and then they had an interrupting news brief about it!!  That was great!!  And I loved all the kids watching and how confused they were.  Good stuff.  A

Musical Performance-No Doubt
Nice Job, don't really grade the music

Weekend Update
Tina, Jimmy, Tracy
As usual, this portion of WU was great, and I especially liked the joke about NBC and the commercials for hard liquor, and then saying how FOX has commercials for crack!!  That was great.  The thing where they had a stand-by sign up was kinda wierd, I guess it was like they were having sex cause Tina kept going on about that one thing.  That was pretty damn funny!!!  The thing with Tracy was pretty funny, but it got a little old and stupid around the end.  But still good.  Then the little song they performed with the mayor was cute, nice way to say good-bye.  I guess he's been a really great mayor dealing with everything that has happened, and I didn't know he's already served two terms (I live in California so I don't pay that much attention).  But like I said, great WU once again.  A

Chris, Ellen, Will, Seth, Horatio
What can I say, I LOVE MANGO!!!  He is sooooooo funny!!!  This sketch was so funny, and I loved the chase with the lesbians, that was so funny!!!  And the whole affaire thing with Ellen was so great!!  God, I love Chris Kattan!!  He is soooo funny.  Oh, and I loved Mango's new holiday outfit, with the sparkly boots!!!  Mango rocks!!   A

Family Vacation
Ellen, Will, Rachel, Jimmy
This was kinda funny and I'm glad it was short because if it went on any longer, it would have been soooo boring and stupid.  I liked how they kept forgetting to do things, it reminds me of my family and our vacations.  The thing with Jimmy leaving on his toy dinosaur was really funny, and then it showed the dinosaur walking around!!  Hilarious.  B-

Jack Handey
This was funny, I geuss.  It was so short though that it barely had anything funny to it.  But it was definity better than some of the others.  A

X-mas with kids
Will, Ellen, Seth, Amy
This was kinda stupid.  I didn't think it was that great.  The whole divorcing mom cause she made a bad meal was really dumb but kinda funny.  It was funny though, when seth and amy kept bringing up their memories with their mom.  That was good.     C+

X-mas Song Guys
Chris, Jimmy, Tracy, Horatio, Darrell, Ana
Ok, this was really great, but I just didn't get the whole Vice-president thing and his love for the snow globe.  It was really cute though how they were dressed up as the characters in the snow globe.  I just love the singing guys, they are sooooo great!!  It was definitly one of the better sketches of the show, and it made my night!!  It was so funny how Chris's hat fell off cause Horatio kept going so fast with the beat and then Tracy picked it up and put it on.  That was great!!  Definitly a great, great skit.  A

Musical Performance-No Doubt
Once again, nice job.

Ok, well, that is the end of my first review, and overall I thought that it was an ok show, but I did have higher expetations for Ellen hosting.  There were some really bad sketches, but there were also some really great ones.  I think that SNL has been doing a good job this season, and I hope they keep it up.  Hope ya have a great holiday season!!!  Bye bye!!

Episode Review written by Rochelberry23

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