Ellen DeGeneres / No Doubt
December 15, 2001

Well, last week's show was very good, far better then the first half stretch last year. Jackman made a quality performance, and Jagger was the best MG in years. This weeks show I am actually looking forward to. Ellen is a comedian, which makes the show even better, and yes, I can take some of the lesbian stuff as long as it's in good taste. Let's see what we have

[COLD OPENING] CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

Ahh, you just gotta like these sketches, especially one with Darrell in it. This however, after awhile, got disappointing and not that funny. It did have its moments, but it couldn't really hold up well. I guess the whole plot line was to have each person argue over each one's plans, I got that, so not bad

RATING: 7.5/10

[MONOLOGUE] Ellen DeGeneres

I really like Ellen as a comedian, and I knew she would poke fun of herself but in a good way. When she said that she was competing against people who got small refrigerators, and she figured like jeez, what do I say now?, so she said that she was a lesbian, and did it for free publicity. That was great. Finally, a decent monologue.

RATING: 8/10

[SKETCH] The Culps

This will never get old, these songs were absolutely great to make fun of, especially the Nelly "Hey, must be the money!" Ellen coming in with the three kings was good, and this was by far one of the better sketches in awhile. Ana cracked me up coming out pregnant, and Will speaks for himself.

RATING: 9/10

[SKETCH] Kitty Singleton: Special Agent

This might have seemed a bit odd, but once you got caught on that Ellen was supposed to be a lousy special agent, and that the fake punches to the floor were fake, this really was not a bad sketch. 

RATING: 7/10

[T.V. FUNHOUSE] The Narrator that ruined Christmas by Robert Smigel

Smigel was one of the best things that happened to SNL. This cartoon was hilarious, when he wanted to cross the police line and when Santa came and got in, and he said "What the f*%k was this," and then had the children at home watching. A really good cartoon.

RATING: 8.5/10

[MUSIC] No Doubt

I like No Doubt's older music, like when they were on in '96. This song was ok, but still kinda pop, but better than that shit called rap.

RATING: 7/10

[WEEKEND UPDATE] With Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

This must never stop. Summing up in one word: Hilarious. Again, I can above average compared to two years ago, but typical of what's expected now. I think that Tina is starting to develop more rants into Update, which started last year with the Hefner one. Good jokes, and when Tina started to talk about sex, and they bleeped it out with the stupid picture, and then came back on like they just had sex, great. Tracy is by far one of the funniest on the show, and his commentary yet proves it. Damn, I hope his wife isn't watching. "I gave her a card that says 'come home right now', which means that I'll leave the strip club right away." One of his best lines yet. Rudy coming out at the end was priceless, and a well planned tribute for an indescribable person such as him. Excellent Update.

RATING: 10/10

[SKETCH] Mango

I knew they'd do Mango tonight, and this was just the typical. I am getting tired of the same thing, but with Ellen and her situation, it was funnier, especially at the lesbian dinner. Fairly good

RATING: 5/10

[SKETCH] Family Vacation

This fit nicely together how they left all the things in the house undone like the back door, the coffee pot, stove etc.. The T-Rex toy was stupid, but it made it funnier as well.

RATING: 7/10

[COMMERCIAL] My Big Thick Novel by Jack Handey

Bottom line: these are ok but Deep Thoughts was much better.

RATING: 6.5/10

[SKETCH] Stepmom

Is it me or does it just seem funny that Will, who made Ellen seem like scum back on WU in '97, keeps playing Ellen's husband tonight a lot? This was VERY FUNNY, with them completely trashing the house and when Ellen gave them their Christmas presents they immediately threw them into the fire, I almost pissed my pants. Seth had a really good handle on this sketch, his face alone was great. Don't know why this was at the end of the show. 

RATING: 8/10

[SKETCH] Uncle Dick featuring Season's Greetings from the SNL Quartet

Darrell continues to only do impressions, this was good, but could've been better. When he went over to the snowball and then the guys appeared this completely threw me off. I didn't expect this at all, but it was very unique how they tied this together. Good work.

RATING: 9/10

[MUSIC] No Doubt

The first song was better.


We almost made it again, and it was nice to see the cast outside, although I don't know why Ellen wasn't but oh well. I don't think they've done this since '97 with Helen Hunt.



QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: Ellen DeGeneres in her monologue talking about her affair with Anne Heche, "You know, what can I do now, people expect it from me, so I guess I'm gonna have to stick with it for awhile, as opposed to other people."



I was very pleased with this episode, only the slightest disappointed, but very good. A good way to end 2001, and Mayor Rudy being on the show as a farewell really made the show. Ellen did a great job hosting, as any comedian would, and No Doubt was good as well. I'm actually hoping that she hosts again. Anyway, 3 weeks off for the cast and crew which I think is MUCH needed, so I won't complain, and we are still unsure about the lineup for 1.12, some rumors, such as Eddie Vedder as MG, but that's all, and 1.19 Jack Black/The Strokes, so I'm looking forward to it. On behalf of myself and every Yankee, Rangers, Knicks, and fellow Democrats around, enjoy your holiday season, and we'll see ya next year!

Guess what folks, that's the news and I am outta here

Episode Review written by Nick Mayhew

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