Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I am trying again to get this review done before the Sunday deadline, so it can definitely be put up as soon as possible. I never realized how wordy I am until Sean put my last review on top since it was the largest review sent that week. What happened to Mark Polishuk's and Jordan Davidson's usually long reviews? I guess that they sent them late or something making me queen of the long-winded review. I actually got some mail this week for the first time ever from those either agreeing with or criticizing my Josh Hartnett review. I welcome all emails since I am tickled to hear the people are reading them, so please share your opinion, if you have any, even criticisms. This has been a greatly busy week for me, so maybe this will be a shorter one at least my definition of it. Jack Black is a funny guy who I loved in High Fidelity and Jesus' Son, and he usually is the highlight of a bad movie like the recent Orange County. I am not, however, familiar with his Tenacious D band except for seeing them perform on talk shows. They supposedly have a huge following. I have heard that Will Ferrell was spotted earlier this week on the set of Austin Powers 3 here in Los Angeles. I wonder if he will be gone from the show again? I guess not based on the spoiler sketches of Luvahs. However, since he is probably tired from filming at the same time, maybe he will not be in so many sketches.

COLD OPENING: It was pretty funny to hear George Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted!! Good idea to spoof it as a "tiff" between George Bush and Dick Cheney like they were engaged in abusive couple relationship which really explains the bruise on Bush's face. Kind of similar to a sketch with the same idea but starring Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not laugh out loud funny; but the shortness helped it out. I guess this latest news has let SNL totally make fun of our president in a sketch without fear. I am glad it has gotten back to this.  

Grade: B


MONLOGUE: Jack has really lost tons of weight and looks almost thin here. I am not familiar with his band as aforementioned; however, his egotistical "look at me" song is similar in style to his band, at least I think so, with Jack Black's energetic delivery. There is his band partner playing the bamboo sticks? Good to see the host be left alone to a monologue by himself who is not a comedian, and I liked the song. 

Grade: B


COMMERICAL: Stupid commercial that a gift of a SUV would not impress anyone unless a big oversize red bow was around it. Not to amusing in my opinion despite good performances by the cast.

Grade: D


RUSSELL PUTNAM: INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Funny to see a regular television show sponsored by High Times magazine which stars an investigative reporter uncovering the government conspiracy of making marijuana illegal though it has SO many benefits. Darrell again like in the last show has a major role in a sketch without doing an impression?!?! Jack Black was hilarious as the High Times reporter who forgets what he is searching and acts like your average stoner. Once again not laugh out loud hilarious but still entertaining for Black's performance. Darrell and Kattan were adequate but did not add much.

Best Line: "Lets get out our those solid gold bongs and smoke some that kind bunk for ourselves. Let's not be cool and share it with other people" Mayor.

Grade: B


TALES OF VALOUR: Why do monsters always want virgins? I guess this one has the right idea that maybe they would not be the ideal catches. Again this sketch might have been less humorous if Jack Black had not added his signature comedic style to his role as the monster. His lines about wanting the prince to bring him a slutty girl instead of his usual virgin sacrifices was hilarious. Darrell for a second time in a row did no imitations as the narrator. Tracey's lines were also a good end to the sketch.

Best Line: "And good luck getting her to go down South, and if you do talk them into it, they think it is a chew toy!" Monster.

"I got to show this book Tracey. Hey Tracey check this out" Narrator. "Oh snap that monster is boning that lady. That's hilarious!" Tracey.

Grade: A-


LUVAHS: I hate this sketch. Too bad they chose it as a recurring sketch. Jack Black, of course you know what I am going to say, adds some laughs as the innkeeper friendly with the Luvahs. Good to see Amy appear on the show; however, she is not paired up with her cast soulmate Seth Myers for some reason. Will tried to crack Jack Black up when they were all hugging each other by stroking his thigh and ass, and he did end up laughing during the sketch. I do not mind laughing in sketches as long as it is not constant. This one made the sketch better. 

Grade: C+


FRIENDS COMMERCIAL: Good commercial about all those couplings on Friends. First it was Ross and Rachel, and then Monica and Chandler and now Rachel and Joey. This is supposed to be their last season; however, who knows if it will continue on or not. This IS what probably would happen if the show continued next season., so this is a good spoof.  

Grade: B+

NOW 7: Those CDs with different hit pop songs I guess have been popular on the music charts. With all those celebrities with their own bands or singing at events, a CD compiling all their songs would not be totally out of left field. Most of the impressions were good of celebrity actors who sing. All the impressions were to notch especially Jeff Richards' Kevin Spacey and Darrell's James Galdofini.

Grade: B+


DIRK PETERS THE BASS PLAYER: Jack Black having a base off with another competing base player, Will, for the title of the best player? Will was kind of humorous as the competing bass player with his egotistical moves. Not that fabulous of a sketch and copped out in the end with the blow-up of the Hot House that made no sense.

Grade: C+

WEEKEND UPDATE: This was a better update than last episode's worse than usual one. Kattan as Amelie was a brief hoot, the main character of the French movie Amelie, but he really did not do much. However, why do they have to give him all the girly roles? Tina had some good lines in her rant about the building scandal surrounding Enron, but it went on too long for me. Jimmy's "I Have An Opinion" was okay. Jack Black always adds weirdness the songs played with his partner in his Tenacious D band. The song was not the most original in lyrics, but I liked his strange delivery. Did you notice when Jimmy left the anchor desk after the end of WU he had his shirt completely untucked. I guess that is not necessary if you are sitting behind the anchor. He was probably in a hurry to change from the last sketch.

Best Lines: "Friend star Jennifer Aniston suffered minor injuries after getting into a car accident in Hollywood. The driver had his car totaled, but no the up side at least he gets to tell his friends that he rear-ended Jennifer Aniston." Jimmy.

Grade: B+ 


STROKES: People have told me that their new album is first-rate. They have a retro look with that shaggy hair and seventies clothes. I am not sure if I have heard this song on the radio. It definitely is catchy, and now I am going be downloading some of their songs. What a talented bunch of guys.   

Grade: A-


AMERICA UNDERCOVER: They are repeating Kattan and Amy Poehler's skit as a bunch of white trash. Who know this would be a recurring sketch? I did not think Kattan would be in his tighty whities again after his close call of exposing himself on television the last time. He is upside down again thanks to Dean Edwards like the first time. Jack Black here adds to the mayhem as another piece of white trash. That licking tongues between the "family: a the end was disgusting. What you got do on this show in the name of comedy! Not really too different from the first sketch. Amusing for the performances; however, it could have been written better.

Grade: B-


MUSIC INTERNATIONAL: Will with that pageboy wig was on sight hilarious. Jack Black again showing off his musical skills with a birthday song similar to his the style of his songs with Tenacious D. The witches et al. added some creepy weirdness to this sketch. I bet Jack Black helped to write this one. I do not think though that this song would be easier to remember than the Happy Birthday song. Not great but watchable for Jack's energetic singing and moves.   

Grade: C+ 

MY BIG THICK NOVEL BY JACK HANDEY: This one though short was not funny at all in my opinion. I liked last week's one much better. They should stop with the Big Thick Novel because Handey seems to have run out of good ideas.

Grade: D  


STROKES: This song is not as good as the last one; nevertheless, it has a good beat. I am just reiterating what I have already said about them in my review of their first song.

Grade: B 

POSTSHOW THOUGHTS: I liked Jack Black as a host since I am a fan of his brand of humor. Sometimes the quality of the writing on this show did not meet his talent. Jeff Richards was seen a lot in this episode for the first time this season and showed of his impression skills as Kevin Spacey. I wonder when they will do this for Dean Edwards because he deserves a chance to sink or swim Will Ferrell was not in tons of sketches this time since he is shooting a movie at the same time as aforementioned. It is good to have him around as a supporting player for the rest of the cast. After seeing a show without him, he adds some glue to the show n matter the quality. Next up is Brittany Spears again which I am not looking forward to.





1)Sean William Scott/Sum 41

2)Billy Bob Thorton/Creed

3)John Goodman/Ja Rule

4)Jack Black/The Strokes

4)Gwenyth Paltrow/Ryan Adams

5)Hugh Jackman/Mick Jagger

6)Derek Jeter/Shakira/Bubba Sparxxx

7)Josh Hartnett/Pink

8)Ellen Degeneres/No Doubt

9)Reese Witherspoon/Alicia Keyes

8)Drew Barrymore/Macy Gray

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