Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

Hey! First timer here, so I hope it goes okay.


Okay, I love Jack Black. I have been looking forward to this show for three weeks now. I saw High Fidelity because it was critically acclaimed, and I really think it was an updated version of the movie he did in the 80's, Better Off Dead, except instead of that guy from Moonlighting who sniffed everything in sight, it features Jack Black, quite possibley the funniest person alive. I saw him on Letterman and he totally cracked Dave up. So I figure this can't help but be a laugh-my-ass-off show.


While I can't say that I like the idea of George W. being Dick Cheney's bitch, I did think this was a pretty funny treatment of a situation that was already funny.

Oh my god, Jack looks so much better than he did in Orange County! I am in love.

Great song about how much better he is than all the former SNLers. I can appreciate a man with little-or-no humility. I kinda know what it's like to be burdened with greatness.

Flenderson's Huge Over-Sized Bows
Geez, I never wondered before about where you buy those things. But seriously, where?

Best line: It doesn't have one of those huge oversized bows on it, so I HATE it!

Russell Putnam, Investigative Reporter:
Love the idea of an undercover High Times reporter! In this sketch, Jack totally reminded me of all those guys who lived on the fourth floor of my college dorm - down to the tie-dyed shirt and knitted cap. Only thing missing was a hackeysack.

"Ring Around the Rosy, Pocket Full of Pot" - I rolled on this caption. And hey, you always knew the government grows pot for its own uses. I mean how else do you explain some of the stuff that comes out of Washington?

Best line: What? JFK was a cool bud-smoking dude?

Tales of Valour (The Song of Sir Parrish):

Of all of Jimmy's weird hairdos ("What is up with my hair, for heaven's sake?") this one takes the cake. Looks EXACTLY like Prince Valiant, a comic my mom loved but I never read.

Why is it exactly that the bad guys always want the virgins anyway?

Best lines (because there were so many):

Dammit, you're quick for a monster!
On paper a virgin sounds great, but in reality ...
She was thirteen! I'm a monster, but c'mon! That's sick!
If that'll get a nasty broad up here, sure, I'll go with it.


Host/musical guest on Feb 2 is Britney Spears.
This would go on my list of Top Five Things That Suck. And you can take that in whatever context you want.

Mountain Top Lovers:

Why, why, WHY!!????!!! I do not want to think about progessively-minded old people having - let alone enjoying - sex! Add the food, and you're practically forcing me to vomit.
On the plus side, it's nice to see Chris acting normal, instead of jumping all over the place and spitting apple pieces.
Jack started to laugh, which is my favorite part of any sketch.

I did think the pronunciations of words with the accents on odd syllables (banJO, towTRUCK) was funny. Because that is actually what pretentious, over-intelligent academic people do. I must say that before this sketch, energy was high, I was laughing all the time, and then the whole thing plummeted. It was really going well until now. They could have put this in the last half hour.

Friends Commercial:

Dead-on parody. The pairings ARE getting kind of confusing and well, they really are running out of combinations.

NOW! That's What Actors Call Singing, Vol. 1:

I am glad that someone is addressing this very serious issue. I read just the other day that Minnie Driver is taking time off to "focus on her music career." Tell me, when will the madness end???

Best line: Whoa, I totally just sang what I wrote! (Keanu Reeves)

The Bass Off:

Kinda silly sketch. I always feel like when they end a sketch with a voiceover, they've just gotten bored with it. I did think Will looked kinda like that Caveman Lawyer that Phil Hartman used to play.

Best line: Double bass free-for-all!

Weekend Update:

This is my favorite part. Started really slowly though, but Tina started getting into it with her rant and then Jimmy came around during his I Have an Opinion.
Didn't understand the Amelie thing, but then, I haven't seen that movie.

I'm just gonna comment on some lines -

"On the upside, he gets to tell people he rear-ended Jennifer Aniston."
no explanation needed

"Men are still free to take it to Bulge City." The Olympic Committee's rules for ice skaters ARE ridiculous. Are they just cracking down because they're in Utah? (Was that a pun?)

"Thanks Tina [pause] and no one else."
"They're just tired ... of me."
hee hee good recover!

"People would rather me get a better apartment than have some terrorists get a freaking smoothie." For real! Like I care whether or not a terrorist's civil rights are violated! Plus, I need a better apartment too, Red Cross, so where the ! hell are civil rights activists?

"Also hurting gifted children, all the other children."

I laughed so hard at this one that I hit my head on the coffee table.

Tenacious D's song was funny, plus the flag on the fly swatter was a great piece of symbolism. They get bonus points, cuz they had humor AND intelligence.

America Undercover:
Can I say first of all that redneck white trash folks live everywhere, not just in the South. Although Arkansas has more than its fair share. However, this is a frighteningly accurate picture of white trash America, right down to the DQ. Triple kiss was just gross. Blech.

Best lines:

"I just came out to buy some cigarettes with my plasma money."
"Damn this fence is a dick/douche!"

Happy Birthday Song:

Best MeatLoaf video I ever saw. Horribly graphic description of birthing process. Makes me want to adopt. Highlight was Will's Peter Tork (from the Monkees) bowl cut. Loved the list of stuff the song came with (druid robes is the only thing I remember).

Best line: "It's a soul ... or is it?"

My Big Thick Novel:

When I saw the opening for this, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I started drooling. Fortunately, it was short segment. Note to Jack Handey: You've had your fifteen minutes. Go away.

Great show! Jack Black should host as often as possible. I think his presence alone lifts the comedy level. I love him!

Episode Review written by Lindy Helgeson

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