Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

Okay, I didn't tune in to SNL until about 11:45, so unfortunately I missed
the cold opening, monologue, and fake commercial. Oh well.
My first thoughts when I saw that Jack Black was hosting: ...this could
be good. I loved him in High Fidelity and Tenacious D...and never saw
Orange County or Shallow Hal(but they looked like they sucked.) But overall,
Jack Black can be a funny guy. SNL is a good place for him. Good idea.
Then my brother said that The Strokes were supposed to be on....Come
on! I *had* to watch it now. <3 Strokes.

Ok, onto the review.
Wait, how should I grade it? Hm...on a scale of 1 to 5. ok.

[High Times Uncovers The Truth ]
This was funny. I laughed. Can't get enough pothead humour. Jack Black
was a good actor here, too. I liked this sketch. Sure, some more funny
lines would have made it better, but what can you do?

Grade: 4.0

[There's a Monster Who Wants Me in Bed? ]
Duh! Jack Black makes the perfect monster. And I always enjoy it when
they make fun of the ridiculousness of fairy tales. I wasn't too happy
with Jimmy Fallon's ever-popular "shocked, inquiring, explaining-the-joke-far-too-much"
role again...but overall, it was a good sketch. I was also disappointed
that they ended the sketch before we got to see the old slutty woman.
Getting a bit lazy, SNL? Uh huh.

Grade: 3.5

[ Luvahs ]

Is it just me, or did Will seem incredibly high in this sketch? I mean,
more than usual? Even for the Luvahs sketch. I wasn't too excited when
I saw that we'd have to see *this* sketch again. It got kind of old after
the second time they did it. But of course, Jack Black saves the day.
He added just enough of a touch of weirdness to make me laugh at this
sketch. The little three-way-hug thing was amusing, especially since
it was kind of unexpected. But the end... was disappointing. The same
"Get off of me, bitch!" ending. They really expected that to be funny
again? Sorry, but it just made me roll my eyes.

Grade: 3.0

[ Friends Promo ]
Mildly amusing, in the disturbing sense. I chuckled at "we're kind of
running out of combinations", but that was it. Hey, what do you expect?

Grade: 2.5

[ NOW! ]
This was as amusing as it should have been. At the beginning, I was expecting
actual actors-turned-singers to be portrayed, but how it worked out worked
well too. The Kevin Spacey one made me laugh the most. Keanu Reeves was
funny, too. Again, Jack Black did perfectly in the role he was given.
I laughed. Yes. This was good.

Grade: 4.0

[ Dirk Peters the Best Bass Player in the World ]
Jack Black was *perfect*! I really really liked this sketch. It's always
highly amusing when it's completely obvious that they aren't really playing
bass. My two bass-and-guitar-playing brothers laughed heartily at this.
So did I. The concept of a "bass-off" was funny in itself. Good sketch.
I didn't really like the ending, though. They could have done better.
The "it smells like gas" bits were a little unnecessary.

Grade: 4.7

[ Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey ]
Christ almighty, get to the Strokes already! The Phillips household was
a lil frustrated at this point. But this was a good weekend update. You
gotta wonder if the Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon joking-around-a-lot-like-a-sketch-and-laughing-at-yourselves
is *really* a good direction for Weekend Update. Anyway, the Enron thing
bored me to no end. I focused all my attention on the Enron logo in the
corner for awhile. Interesting logo. Some unfair colour distribution.
Yeah. Oh, and I was a little confused about the little shy french girl.
I guess I'm not cultured enough. But it was amusing enough. Jimmy Fallon
has an opinion? Once again...I don't care. But then! Jack Black saves
the day yet again. Tenacious D...hilarious. You raised the Weekend Update

Grade: 4.0

[The Strokes 1]
*Gasp* Who knew! The Strokes would be playing *this* song! Whodathunkit.

Nonetheless, it was an excellent, excellent performance. I loved every
second of it. Strokes...you rock the house! My brother commented that
that was probably the best SNL musical guest performance since Pearl
Jam about 10 years ago. Certainly. This was awesome.

Grade: 5.0

[ America Undercover ]
Hehehe. Okay, Hick humour eventually gets a little old. Incest? My god,
*how* shocking. The three-tongue-lick thing was disgusting and amusing.
Jack Black again was the funniest character in the sketch. Overall...a
little weak, but amusing enough.

Grade: 2.0

[ The New Birthday Tradition ]
Funniest sketch of the night? Jack Black has a good voice. This sketch
took a turn that my dumb self did not expect. Therefore, it rocked. I
found it highly amusing. The background singers were chuckle-worthy.
Nice props. Good.

Grade: 4.9

[ My Big Thick Novel By Jack Handy ]
Oh Jack Handy, where has the humour gone?

Grade: 1.0

[ The Strokes 2 ]
I was wondering what they would play the second time. I love this song
too. But I love that whole album. Yes, the Strokes rocked. Oh, and this
was also when I noticed that Julian Casablancas is a *dreamboat*. He's
a cutey. Wonderful smile at the end of the performance.

Grade: 5.0

Okay, the calculator says that the show got an overall 4.05 out of 5.
I'll go with that. Jack Black was a perfect host and The Strokes were
the perfect musical guest. All they needed was better writers and a better

Episode Review written by Katey P.

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