Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

Hey Hey Hey people I'm back with my second review ever and I really hope you find them somewhat amusing. Arighty then-lets get right down to the reason you clicked on this.

Preshow thoughts-YES! finally! a hilarious actor to host and an awesome musical guest-could this get any better??? I think not. I really hope it's a good one.

Opening-Oh my God this was funny as hell. I kinda had a feeling that SNL would make fun of this but with not like this. lol. When I first saw this I thought Bush was gonna act like a toddler and have the Secret Service take care of him like a baby or something but this was wayyyy better. AND JIMMY SAID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! yay! Go Jimmy-you have waited awhile for this one and I'm glad it finally came. (He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine.)

Grade: A+

Monologue: I totally forgot that he was in Tenacious D-how stupid am I? (Don't answer that) This was funny in my opinion. But then again I think he's a riot overall.

Grade: A

Big Bow Commercial: Haha. I like the idea and the fact that when you think about it there ARE companies who make big bows like this. lol

Grade: B

High Times Mag.: lol- I knew for a fact that there would be some sort of drug sketch but to be truthful I thought there would be a Jarrett's room instead.But it's probably a good thing they didn't because they don't want it getting old. I thought this was funny but as I do with any sketch with Jimmy in it. lol I liked the whole-'Didn't you have a plan like a few hours ago?' and seeing them get stoned was funny. Good overall.


Virgin Sacrifice: Eh...this one had it's moments but I'm not big on Amy whatsoever, so its my place to give the sketch a bad grade instead of her. But I'm not in that kinda mood so I'll just say it was good. Jimmy was good but you knew that was coming. Jack was a riot too.


The Lovers: I love these. These are soo funny. Those two are perfect for these rolls. Rachel can't ever keep a straight face through out the whole thing-there's always the one point where she breaks-and most of the time Will follows and that's what makes me laugh even harder. Jack was funny in this and had the low, slow mellow voice perfect. lol


Friends Commercial: I can see where SNL would do this. I watch Friends every week and it is hard to say what's going to happen next. But then again I don't it was a long enough to get too many laughs out of, but they didn't want it to take forever and bore everyone. So.....eh.

Grade: C

'Now' CD: Good Lord this was funny. I couldn't breathe when I was Jeff Richard's impression as Kevin Spacey-omg I was in hysterics. LOL. Jimmy was also great as Kenau -(spelling??) lol-acts just like him.


Bass-Off thingy: eh...I thought this was pointless due to the fact that neither of them can play the bass. I dunno. One of the weaker sketches of the night. At least I got to see Jimmy. haha-there I said it.lol



WEEKEND UPDATE!: yay! my favorite part of the show-I was surprised though that it came before the Strokes- oh well didn't matter at least it was long. Tina was great with the Enron thing every little thing she said was true. I felt soo bad for Jimmy with the applause thing lol (of course I'm not getting sick of him- I think a lot of girls could back me up on that one!) I didn't quite understand the whole Emily thing (I spelled it wrong I know). Oh well Chris was funny looked kinda like her from what I have seen from the commercials for it. The Hornets song at the end was funny too. Jimmy's opinion thing was sooo true as well- I totally agree with it all the way.


The Strokes: YES! I love the Strokes! They are my favorite band (besides Bush) and I was soo happy that they were on here. Good for them. Their CD is awesome and I suggest that you go buy it if you liked this song and if you don't have it already. Great job.


America Undercover: ewww.....I could have gone a long while without seeing some of the stuff in this one. I hated it when they did it on the John Goodman one. It's your typical redneck couple though.


Birthday Song: I thought this was funny. Will's hair was a riot. lol-I couldn't breathe when he walked out. lol. I liked the song to. Very creative if you ask me-but it was like the only thing that Mya and Ana were in that night (Bass Off, commercial). Funny stuff.


Jack Handey: I'm so unsure about these things it's NTO even funny. They are just there to fill time.


Music (Again): I love this song too. All their songs are good. I love that guitar rhythm and everything-awesome.


Great show-I loved it all. The weakest one was the Bass Off and the stupidest one was the America Undercover. After his next movie they should reconsider bringing him back.This whole show as great and they have really needed a good one after lasts week's 'all right' one.

Next week is a repeat and I dunno who it is but the next live one is Britney Spears, both host and music.
I'm not a fan of hers at all but last time she hosted it was funny (Denise and Sully-yes!) so lets hope its the same way.

Until next time
Peace and Love

Episode Review written by Jessica Lynn

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