Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Ok, so I've been looking forward to this episode since Josh Hartnett bombed last week. Jack Black was great in "Shallow Hal" and "Orange County" looks pretty funny as well. I've never actually listened to the Strokes, but I've heard good things about them. They look eerily like the Ramones, which I guess is a good thing. Just a random thought: I was watching reruns of SNL on Comedy Central, and I realized one thing that came out of Molly Shannon leaving was NO MORE HELEN MADDING! I cannot stand Pretty Living, and I am soooo glad I never have to see it again, except on reruns, but that doesn't really count.

Painful, really.

Now, on with the show!

-The odds of Jimmy or Seth actually saying the LFNY-300: 1
-This was pretty short, but that wasn't surprising, seeing as there wasn't really much to work with here. No overextended jokes here.
-OMG jimmy said LFNY! This is already going to be a good show.......!
Overall: 8/10

-Jack Black singing? I don't really like Tenacious D, but whatever; I'm open to new things.
-This got good when he starting saying "I wish I was you looking at me"
-Hey, isn't that the other guy from Tenacious D w/ him?
-Actually, not a bad song.
Overall: 9/10

-Those Lexus commercials seriously needed to be made fun of.
-I liked Seth's "I like the car, but it doesn't have an oversize bow, so I hate it"
-Best commercial I've seen all season.
Overall 9.5/10

- Jack Black doesn't seem high enough.
- I'd believe the thing about the secret government pot fields.
- Why do Jimmy, Amy, Seth, Dean, and Horatio seem like perfect stoners, but they all look like they usually do? Hmmmm
- This was funny, especially the voice over bit at the end.
- Didn't really go anywhere, though
Overall: 8/10

- Darrel's been in every sketch so far tonightthis'll probably continue.
- And I thought Jack Black looked bad in the Orange County promos.
- The horny horned beast, classic.
- Quote: "Of all the wanton women in the village, you are the purest of all."
- Jimmy's getting a lot of airtime tonight
- Darrel's expression at the end was perfect.
- Amy seemed like a perfect desperate virgin. The "I own a black bra!" line fit perfectly.
Overall: 9/10

During the commercial break, did I hear a "Lovers" sketch coming up? I hope so, the last one on the Drew Barrymore episode was one of the better ones.

-Rachel looked very happy today.
-Amy looks very perky tonight. Wonder what she's on?
-Jack Black didn't seem likely to fit into this sketch, but he's actually not that bad here.
- This is one of the better ones of these sketches that I've seen (I don't know what they're really called)
-Jack Black seemed kind of uncomfortable when Will started groping him.

-Filler, pure and simple. Strange that filler shows up so early tonight. Not a good sign
-Painless and short, like every other sketch tonight.
-the only good part was the end with "we're running out of combinations"
Overall: 7/10

- Jimmy's Keanu Reves impression is hilarious
- The bacon brothers, who I happen to know SUCK at singing, were good impressions.
- The idea of James Gandolfini singing a love song is hilarious.
- There's been a lot of commercials tonight, but they weren't all that bad.
Overall: 8.5/10

- I read somewhere that Chris Kattan wanted to be a rock star. Too bad he didn't get more screen time.
- This wasn't that funny in the beginning
- The part where they were all calling each other, and some one called Dirk Peters was probably the best part of this entire sketch.
- Didn't it seem like they put Darrell in there just so he could be in this?
- The ending where they blew up was the best
- When they said it was said not because it was a bad fire, but because of the cheese steaks, that basically was my opinion..god I could go for a cheese steak right now
Overall: 6/10

- Tina Fey got a hair cut last week, and it looks good.
- Now THIS is more like the usual weekend update.
- The Enron rant was a typical rant: hilarious of course.
- Jimmy always looks stunned after Tina's rants. Weird
- What the hell was the "oh SNAP!" part after the Jennifer Aniston joke. Go figure.
- Yay! They brought back the Weekend Update door, and Chris Kattan! Maybe this is instead of the Terrible re-enactments.
- We're even getting an "I HAVE AN OPINION"? This is awesome! (Whoa, awesome? Ok, so it's late)
- I've changed my mind about Tenacious D. I love these guys..no wait, I changed my mind. I only like them when they don't sing.
Overall: 10/10

Wait, its 12:30, and the Strokes haven't been on yet? I hope they come on soon. I wanna hear these guys.

-Ok, so even though I've never heard them before, these guys are really good. I don't rate music though, because I am completely and utterly biased on all types of music. On that note, Britney automatically gets a -4/10 when she hosts, because she hasn't made a decent song since.never.
-They did the Bud commercial at the end of the performance again. I know NBC's proud that they advertise liquor now, but seriously, don't rub it in my face. I'm still craving that cheese steak, don't make me go out and illegally buy some beer. Geezus

-Chris plays a white trash loser a lot, doesn't he? At least he could put some pants on.
-The last thing I needed to see at 12: 40 am. was a white-trash triple kiss. I'm scarred for life now.
Overall: 6/10

- Jack Black's singing a lot tonight. Better him than anyone else.
- Will Ferrell's wig was funny
- The song was creepy..especially when Amy showed up as the witch.
- The chorus was funny too, especially Maya.
- Ok, I didn't really want to hear Horatio sing. Ever. But I guess I lost out there.
Overall: 7.5/10

-by the time I finished typing the title, it was over
-these are supposed to be filler, but they're so short they're just there to annoy everyone in the world except Lorne Michaels ( I guess, I mean he lets them air).
Overall: 4/10

-Still weird that they're on so late. I guess they'll be the closing act.
-This was a better song than the first one
- No grade, remember?


All in all, a solid episode. The writers peaked with Ellen's ep. and this one more closely parallels that one than Josh Hartnett's last week. Weekend Update was back in its usual position as the best sketch all night. Seth is getting a lot more airtime, as is Amy, which is good, especially since she's a featured cast member now. Darrell dominated the first half of the show, but it died down towards the end. Jimmy was also in the show a lot tonight, which is good, posing him for a breakout, which he so sorely deserves, as well as something to keep his fans (like me) insanely happy.



Overused Player of the Night: Darrell Hammond, but only for the first half.
Underused Player of the Night: Dean Edwards: I guess they could've come up for a main character for him, but he was in a lot of sketches too.

Best Sketch: Weekend Update
Worst Sketch: Jack Handey's Big Thick Novel/ America undercover

Host Overall: A very solid performance. He seemed like one of the cast 9/10
Show Overall: This is one of the best eps. all season 9.5/10

No commercial awards tonight, because they were all really really really really bad.


I'm the future Mrs. Jimmy Fallon, and that's all the news that would fit in the print.



P.s: if you've got ANYTHING to say about my review, email me.

Episode Review written by Jane Doe

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