Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

EPISODE REVIEW- PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I love Jack Black. This should be a good show. I saw the strokes on Conan and they arent bad either.

COLD OPENING. I somehow knew they would do something on Bush choking on a pretzel. YAY for Jimmy saying live from NY its saturday night for the first time. A

JACK BLACK MONOLOGUE- Hes a good singer and those lights were awesome. A

CAR AD- This was a cute commercial for bows. C

HIGH TIMES- This got nowhere. F

VIRGIN SACRIFICE- Jimmy looks good in long hair. Not. The monster was Jack Black. F

MOUNTAINTOP LOVERS- I hate this sketch. F

FRIENDS PROMO- This was really funny. A

CD COMMERCIAL- This was really cute too. Jimmy really did sound like Keanu Reeves. I liked the Al Roker remark. A

BASS OFF- This shouldve been cut. You can tell they were faking it and trying too hard to make it look real. F

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH FALLON/FEY- Dean Edwards was cut. He talked about being a father. Chris was a cute girl. Tenacious D is good. A

THE STOKES "LAST NIGHT"- They are good singers. The lead singer looks like an older version of Elijah Wood. A

AMERICA UNDERCOVER- I love this sketch. I love Kattans accent and the fact hes in his underwear. A

HAPPY BIRTHDAY- This was funny. He does a good meatloaf. This sketch reminded me of a musical. I loved it. A

MY BIG THICK NOVEL: LIFEBOAT- Wasnt paying attention. A typical Jack Handey insert. No grade.

THE STROKES " HARD TO EXPLAIN"- I liked the music beats. I was dancing in my seat. A

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- This was an awesome show. Jack Black isnt a bad singer. Next time hes on Conan ill wait for him. The strokes arent bad either. This show gets an A

Episode Review written by Jamie Klein

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