Jack Black / The Strokes
January 19, 2002

Hey, I know it's been a while since I've written a review, but I've been real busy. I've remained an avid SNL fan, watching and taping and cataloguing every single SNL episode. The season has been decent up to now. Seth Meyers has really shined, far beyond expectations. He will go very far. Jack Black is just plain hilarious (as Tracy Morgan) would say. Speaking of, where the hell has Tracy been this season? He really gets close to none camera time, which is a shame. Less of Dratch, more or Morgan. Anyway, I saw Orange County last week and laughed my ass off, as well as I have in Shallow Hal, High Fidelity and Cable Guy (all J.B. films). Black's band Tenacious D is pretty good, and they just opened up for Weezer in my hometown. I saw Billy Joel and Elton John: Face to Face, the other nights, and it was just spectacular. Anyway, I am glad to be back writing reviews.

Opening: Bush Chokes and Falls
Who didn't see this sketch coming a mile away? Still it was great. It had Jimmy and Seth!!!!!! Will, back from his missed last week was great with the bruise on his face. The whole Dick Cheney thing was a little unsettling, but somewhat amusing. I'm not sure if that was the first time Jimmy opened the show with the catchpharse, because he really put a lot of effort into it. A decent sketch and a really funny opener.

J.B. played a song about hosting, and how he's better than everyone else, which I thought was pretty funny, because maybe he can be. It actually was a catchy tune.

Commercial: Big Bow
An amusing commercial, nice to see a new one for a change. The idea was cute and clever.

Putnam: Pot-Smoking Reporter
Why couldn't the audience get into this sketch. It was funny. The whole 4:20 crack in the warehouse was funny, and Seth was in it again. A cute, original sketch.

Tales of Valour:
Well, nice of them to throw Tracy a line in the whole dam show!!!!!!!!!!!!! (RVD) (Inside Thing) This was even more clever and Jimmy played his character to comedic perfection. Amy P. has been getting a lot of time for a new cast member, but she's good, so I won't argue with that decision. Tracy at the end was the best part, but seeing Jack Black in the monster costume was pretty gosh darn hilarious.

"Lovers" at the Snow Lodge:
A recurring sketch that is somewhat funny!! Rachel Dratch isn't that funny in this at all, but Will Ferrell and Jack Black stole the show or sketch for that matter. When Will was feeling Jack's ass up, it was great. Jack broke character for a second. The end, when Will yells at Rachel is always great. I loved it when Will and Jack laughed at the same time and then said "No" at the same time. Also, when Will said he climaxes loudly at 7am every morning. A great recurring sketch, that I always love.

Guitarist's Bass Off:
Pretty good, but not that funny. The whole idea was cute, and Will's getup was funny, but it was more decent than good. At least, they involved everyone in the cast for that whole phone tie-in thing.

Friends Promo:
I think Friends is doing a good job at storylines and I think this was just a cheap shot at them.

NOW That's What Actor's Call Singing:
This was pretty good. I liked the fabulous big n*gga crack about Al Roker. The Kevin Spacey impression was really good; also Will and Jack dressed as the Bacon Brothers was classic.

Weekend Update:
THE BEST W.U. IN A LONG TIME! Jimmy and Tina really do have great comedy. First of all, Jimmy's joke about Bush successfully eating a Pringle was great, and the joke about the James Earl Ray plaque had me rolling. The best was when they said the Jennifer Aniston joke and Tina and Jimmy both got up and started running around saying "oh snap." Next, how funny was Chris Kattan in the Amelie getup and how great was his little shy behavior. That just cracked me up. Jimmy's I Have an Opinion (DONG) was great, once it got going..and the audience got into it. Finally, Tenacious D took the cake. The song Hornet's Nest has forever been made a classic in my mind. "East SudanHORNET'S NEST" etc. Only Jack Black could pull a song like that off. Overall, one of the best in a while. I really enjoyed this Update.

America Undercover: Kattan in Underwear (Again)
I remember how much I loved this sketch when they did it before. It was even better this time around. Amy in the trash chute was great. Also, Jack trying to climb the fence and failing every time. "This fence is a douche!" I loved it when Chris was being held upside down saying "Officer Officer." I loved the whole TV guide thing at the end. The three way kiss scene was funny, even though some people thought it was disturbing. I liked when Chris Kattan yelled "racial profilin'." Also, his t-shirt said "Shazbotz." How great was that? I loved this sketch, anyway.

New Birthday Song:
This sketch did get a little on the side on disturbing. I loved it when Will came out in that wig and outfit, as did the audience. Also, Seth Meyers was in this one. However, Jack must have thought he was in a rock opera, because he really went far out for this sketch. It was decent, but not great.

Jack Handey:
Worst Idea Ever

This show turned out to be pretty good and very funny. Jack Black added the musical element to a lot of things which made the show much better. When Britney Spears hosts the next live episode I'm sure she'll do more of the same. Anyway, I loved the episode. Will Ferrell and Jack Black were both great in the night, and Weekend Update shined as the best segment of the night.

Episode Review written by David R.

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