Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

Preshow thoughts:

This season has been pretty good so far. I thought that the season premier was really good but I liked the one with Sean William Scott better.  I can't wait till Drew Barrymore hosts this weekend. I think she is so cool.

My show thoughts:

Dick Cheney/Cold Opening
This was pretty funny. I knew that they were going to make fun of Dick Cheney's whereabouts. Darrell Hammond was great in it. I thought it was hilarious when his bionic heart turned into a coffeemaker and when he said, "The beard's going to go."
Grade A++
Funny lines: I would not use your tooth brush if I were you. brush if I were you.


Drew's outfit was okay. She was not really funny during the monologue but she did good. I liked the part when Tom Green had that gas mask on. The monologue was good but it could have been better.

John Edwards-Crossing over
This sketch was funny. Drew and Maya were good in it. Will Ferell was good in this too. I liked it when Will couldn't guess the names or places correctly. It was funny at the end. A-
Favorite Line: You calling me a liar?


This is one of my favorite sketches. Will and Rachel are hilarious as the luvahs! One major bonus, for me anyways, is seeing Jimmy with his shirt off. Wohoo! He may not be that muscular but he looks good. I thought it was funny to see Jimmy and Drew's reaction to Rachel and Will's antics. It was hilarious when Will was yelling at her to get off his back and when will touched Jimmy's butt.
Grade: A+++

Favorite Lines: There's some activity going on under this hot tub.
                                       Get the hell of me!

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory:
This sketch was hilarious! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory is a pretty good movie. Jeff Richards does a pretty good impression of Gene Wilder. He was funny in this sketch. It was funny when Rachel Dratch played the grown-up Violet with the blue make-up on. Drew was funny as the hooker. Maya as Nelly Furtado and the dancing oompa loompas was hilarious. I laughed my ass off. Dean and Darell were hilarious also.
Grade A+++
Favorite Lines: They call me Mr. Wonka!
                                This is a children's story right.

Tv funhouse:
This sketch was not that good.  I think that the cooking show that Emeril does is gonna be cancelled soon. The part at the end was funny.

Liberty Savings:

Although this sketch was not laugh out loud hilarious it was funny in some parts. I think it is a funny concept to pay to buy money. Will was funny in it. I liked the end part. This sketch was good but not that great.

Macy Gray:
No comment

Weekend Update:
I love this sketch. I always look forward to it during every show of SNL. I think this one was the funniest out of the three they have shown this season. My favorite jokes were the ones about Colonel Sanders, Donald Trump, the one about Britney's boobs being made out of Cher's old nose and the Hitler joke. Colin Quinn was okay. I thought it was hilarious when Chris came out as Gay Hitler with all the pink on. Will was good as Nel Diamond. Is Tina wearing a wig? Her hair looks longer than last week. It was funny at the end when Tina and Jimmy cracked up.
funny lines: They thought they were killing Colonel Sanders.

Action Talk show:
What was up with this sketch. It was kind of dumb. However, I thought Dean Edwards was funny and so was Seth. The Ninja bear was cute. There were a few laughs but not that many. C+
funny lines: "let's bring out the ninja bear"

WUUB movie theater:
   This was the right opportunity to do this sketch. I liked it when they beeped out the World Trade Center and used the word, "Chrysler Building". That was appropriate. It was very funny when they go,"Look, Kong is gonna attack that bar," and it's the cheers bar. I liked it when Drew cracked up. This was not laugh out loud funny but it had its moments.
funny lines: "Kong is gonna attack that bar."

Coffee House:
What is up with Ana's hair? I did not like it. The songs were pretty funny and it was also funny when Will kept messing it up. Rachel and Ana were somewhat amusing in this sketch. The Feminine River song was funny.
Macy Gray: No comment

My Big Thick Novel-Diosaurs rule earth.
Short and stupid.

The episode, in my opinion was good. A few sketches could have been better. Overall I liked it. I can't wait till the next live show.

Episode Review written by Suzie Q.

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