Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

Time: Thursday, 8:20 PM Pacific Time, 11:20 PM Eastern Time

That's right, folks. The overwhelmed-with-schoolwork Renee Epstein is once
again doing her review at the last possible minute. I swear to god I'll get
this review in on time even if it kills me. Don't worry, I won't transcribe
my SNL notes like I did last week because that was honestly the LAMEST review
I have ever sent in. I apologize for the patheticness of last week's review.
I'm just so overloaded with work herehonors classes and play rehearsals
don't give you much free timeso without further ado:


[Pre-Show Thoughts]
Drew Barrymore is being brought in to replace Seann William Scott who moved
up one week to replace Ben Stiller who dropped out after the terrorist
attacks. Okay. So while seeing Ben Stiller would have been incredibly cool,
I'm looking forward to Drew because she's very enthusiastic and I remember
her doing a pretty good show the last time she was here. Let's see if I'm
And I really like Macy Gray's song "Sweet Baby", so I hope she'll sing that


[OPENING] A Message From The Vice-President From A Secret Location
This was pretty damn funny. I wasn't expecting the "secret" location to be
"You know that Northern Alliance they've been talking about? That's pretty
much just me." Teeheehee.
The bionic heart that made coffee was amusing.
This was a nice opening. I love Darrell's Cheney. Well done.

Grade: A


[MONOLOGUE] Drew Barrymore
Dude, she really did sound scared during this.
What's with the suit and tie? Weird-ass. She didn't really look that great.
I don't like her new haircut, either.
Tom Green showing up in a gas mask in case of Anthrax was amusing. Thank god
he didn't talk, though. He really sucked when he hosted the show last year.
Short and sweet. Well, not that sweet. It wasn't really that funny. But it
was short

Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Crossing Over With John Edward
Psychics are full of crap, and I figured this sketch would be about that.
However, the whole John Edward not-being-able-to-get-readings thing got old
And who the hell was Drew supposed to be? A guy or girl? God, she was like
Pat with a bad Scottish-Irish accent. And she lost the accent halfway
I stopped laughing after about 10 seconds of this.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] And Yet Again, The Lovers
JIMMY!!! Oooohhh, Jimmy in a hot tubshirtlessI think I'm going to explode.

Sorry, I couldn't repress that urge to scream I LOVE JIMMY!!! I can't help
I usually die laughing at this sketch because Rachel and Will are just so
WEIRD, but I was cracking up for a different reason this time around. Dude,
everyone seemed to be about to break character and start laughing. In fact,
Jimmy did (but I still love him, have no fear). Wait, they all started
laughing at one point. And why did Will seem like he was having trouble
talking? Hmmm
Drew wasn't bad in this at all. She's certainly weird enough to fit in with
Rachel and Will's characters.
"Methinks that's a lovely story." Where are we, Shakespeare Land?
It ended the same way as it always does, with Rachel and Will trying to make
love and Will throwing his back out. And yet again, it made me laugh.
Overall, a good sketch (if we overlook the giggling).

Grade: B+


[SKETCH/COMMERCIAL] Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Special Edition DVD
The new dude who played Wonka is a pretty bad singer. He didn't look much
like Gene Wilder, either.
Maya, however, was as close as you could get to PERFECT as Nelly Furtado.
Last week I think I mentioned something about Amy Poeler reminding me of a
blond Rachel Dratch and then this week she played a guy, which Rachel does
often. Is that weird or is that weird? Okay, maybe it's not THAT weird, but
it's still pretty weirdI need to stop writing the word "weird".
Ummmmthis was okay, but it could've been much funnier. It had potential,
but then went nowhere.

Grade: B


[CARTOON] Fun With Real Audio Presents NBC's Fall Retooling Preview
This got old fast. Okay, we get it, Emeril can't act and his show sucks.
PLEASE don't belabor the point. This ceased to be funny after the first few
retools. Seriously, the highlights of this for me were seeing Kramer (I miss
Seinfeld*sigh*) and hearing the "TV Funhouse" theme song (from Smigel's
Comedy Central show that has been relocated so many times that I can't find
it anymore on the schedule) while Emeril talked to the moon. Other than
that, pretty blah.

Grade: B-


[SKETCH/COMMERCIAL] First Liberal Savings Bank
Amusing? Not really.
This could've been much funnier, but Will sorta half-assed it and it didn't

Grade: C


"Sexual Revolution", that's what I'm guessing this song was called.
Well, it was catchy, but I don't like it as much as "Sweet Baby".

(I don't grade the music.)


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
I have to do it. I'm sorry. It's a tradition.
Now back to the review.
They've gotten rid of Chris Parnell's voiceover. That's kinda sad.
Jimmy is now on his third hairstyle in three weeks. Jeez. I need to show
him how to use a blow dryer properly.
Hmmmlots of toupee jokes this weekI think maybe Jimmy's getting worried
about hair loss
(Don't worry, Jimmy, I'll still love you if you go baldsorry, I need to not
obsess as much)
The return of Colin Quinn was sorta cool, but he was slightly incoherent and
pretty much bombed.
The Gay Hitler thing made me die of laughter. Seriously. I ceased living, I
was laughing so much.
Will as Neil Diamond was cool, too, but when Gay Hitler joined him I died
I wonder how much trouble NBC got in for that, though?

Grade: B+


I'm running out of time. It's 8:50 PM here in CA, which means I have 10
minutes to get this in. So now here comes short comments about the remining


[SKETCH] Action Talk Show with Klaus von BraunMan
I am at a loss. This was so not funny. The fake movie clip was worth a
chuckle. And the dancing bear looked like the Masturbating Bear from Conan
Wow, Chris Kattan sure is getting a lot of air time these days, huh?

Grade: C


[SKETCH] An Edited Version of King Kong
This is the first time I have EVER seen Darrell break character. I was
Yeah, this was bad. I don't blame them all for laughing at how stupid it was.

Grade: C-


[SKETCH] Lesbian Singers
Kinda funny. I liked Ana and Rachel as the "wisecrackers" in the audience.
Will was just annoying.
Not great.

Grade: C


YAY!!! "Sweet Baby". I like this song. Although it was lagging a bit
during this performance.


[SKETCH] Jack Handey's Big Thick Novel
I really don't like this new bit. I preferred Handey's "Deep Thoughts".
This sucked, as did last week's.
STOPPIT, Handey!!!

Grade: C-


And that's the show. Bottom line: it sucked. I'll comment on it more in my
next review and I promise a more interesting review next time and I promise
not to send it in at the last minute next time and I need to send this in NOW
for it to be posted, so until next time:


Please excuse any spelling mistakes, no time to spell check.

Time check: Thursday, 8:50 CA time, 11:50 Pennsylvania time. WOO-HOO, I MADE

Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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