Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

Hello, SNL fans and "saturday-night-live.com goers". I
am Nelson Bermudez, hispanic high school senior in
Jersey, and I'm back to reviewing episodes for this
beloved website for my "sophomore year."
Whoopee-f**king doo.....
Well, I just want to comment on the responses I
received from some of you guys regarding my reviews
from last season. Thanks for your support and thanks
for the recognition and praise. I, myself, thought
that some of my reviews were a bit corny or a little
off, but thanks anyway. Well, if some of you, (or none
of you) were thinking about my absence from reviewing
the first 2 episodes, I was busy. (Usually, at this
point, I would give you a list of why I was busy and
list down my activities and positions in school, but
you guys don't give a "sheet", so I won't say.)
Well, last season, I have to say, was the best season
in years. Certainly, season #26 should be ranked as
one of the best seasons in SNL history. First off, you
had good hosts. Second, you had delightful surprises
here and there, like David Spade jumping in the
Weekend Update scene as Kid Rock and Jimmy Fallon
interviewing Robert DeNiro. And third, the sketches
were actually funny! And I don't mean funny as in
"once in a while funny" but funny as "a good
percentage of the show was funny". Truly a great
season. But can season numero veintisiete (27) meet to
the standards of last season? Well, I did see the
season premiere as well as the Sean William Scott
episode. Looks pretty good, but let's see if episode
numero tres (3) can do any better.

Episode 3: Drew Barrymore/Macy Gray

(Warning. I did not see both of Macy Gray's
performances because, number 1, I'm not really
interested because I'm not a fan of hers, and number
2, I was watching the Tyson/Nielsen fight, so they're
won't be real analysis on her performances in this
review. This warning is also applicable to the cold

Dick Cheney reporting from Afghanistan, home of
anti-American protesters and the biggest wuss who
can't come out of his cave (And no, it's not Andrew
As it says in the disclaimer, I wasn't really paying
attention to this sketch because I was watching a
boxing match. Hhhm...Dick Cheney
sketch?..Boxing?...Old Looking Fart Sketch..or
Boxing?...You decide which is better..but anyway, I
did see a part of it after I programmed the VCR to
record the episode on its own and I'll give it a fair
grade. Why? Because I hardly remember any of the
jokes, but I do remember this "Dick Cheney heart
condition crack", so..
Grade: C

Monologue: It was true. Drew and the crew were brave
to come back to the NBC building to do the show
despite the cases of anthrax being found in the
premises. However, monologues, the last time I
checked, were supposed to be funny, and Tom Green
wearing a gas mask, to me, doesn't fit in that
category. Nice try, guys. But hey, at least this was
better than Reese Witherspoon's monologue!
Grade: C

Guessing Over with John Edward:
As a "mst3k fan" who is familiar with the SciFi
channel and caps during some shows, including
"Crossing Over", I was surprised at the idea of making
fun of this show. (But I like the idea!) I, myself,
(when I have the chance) like to cap during "Crossing
Over" so I can make fun of John's Play-Doh face.
Anyway, now to the sketch. Very well done. Will
Ferrell was definitely good in this sketch. This
sketch does shadow the actual show, if you think
about. "Does his name start with a J..or a Z...I'm
feeling like it's K..or a J, K, and a Z.." The
audience looks confused, puzzled, and perplexed. Don't
know how to respond. "Should I say 'yes, that's true'
to make him feel better, or 'no' to make him look like
a total ass in television?..." Well, I definitely know
how to respond to this sketch. I give it a
B....now..wait..I'm sensing an A...aaahh, the hell
with it, a B is good.
Grade: B

The Disgusting, Viagra Fed Lovers who keep their lamb
shanks in Igloo coolers:
One thing that I like about SNL is that it's taped
live and when you screw up or laugh, it's on
television. Definitely one of the best parts of the
show. Obviously, displayed in this sketch. Will and
Rachael definitely play a good , middle aged (if not
generic) sex crazed couple. That's why these recurring
characters will stay for a while.
Grade: B

They call me Mister Wonka!:
Hhhhmm...a blue woman who can't stop chewing, a child
star gone wrong (aahh, what am I saying? This is very
relevant to stories of a child stars.), a child star
gone gay (read quote above. starting with "aahh", ends
with "star."), Telly Savalas, Sidney Poitier (great
actor, by the way. Watched and read "To Sir, with
Love" and "Raisin in the Sun"), Nelly Furtado, and an
outtake from Wonka's most psychedelic scene...what can
be more funnier than that? Well, some things can be
more funnier than that, but hey, it was a great
sketch! Makes you want to buy this DVD collection
rather than the actual DVD of Willy Wonka.
Grade: A-

TV Funhouse: Retooling Emeril. (Cancel the damn thing,
I would say.):

This is why I like TV Funhouse cartoons. (I also like
the actual series on Comedy Central but no new
episodes! If anyone knows what happened to the series,
let me know.) Using actual audio and mixing it with
outrageous, cartoon scenes that fit well with the
audio as well as amuse and delight the audience is
great. I don't think I can ever give TV Funhouse a bad
or low grade.
Grade: B

First Liberty Savings Bank:
You know what's sad about this sketch? It can actually
relate to some people out there in this world.
(Example: One time, a person I met was going to give
me a dime for 50 cents.) Yes, this is true, there are
actual STUPID A$$ people out there that are as stupid
as the guy I mentioned and the character Will was
playing. And I don't mean stupid a$$ people, but I
mean STUPID A$$ people. Now, a sketch which the main
concept is a guy offering gold bars, mint collectible
coins, rare coins, and substantial amount of money for
petty cash and change is a sketch I can't mark a good
grade on. Will was good, I'm not blaming Will, but a
sketch idea like this cannot fly. How about this
offer? I will give the writers a twenty dollar bill if
they burn the script.
Grade: F

Macy Gray:
See disclaimer. (But I'm guessing her performance was
enjoyed by her fans....;)
Grade: Incomplete

Weekend Update:
What can you think of better to make Weekend Update a
very funny segment than Colin Quinn returning, good
news jokes, Will Ferrell's Neil Diamond impersonation
and his performance with his arm around a pink sleeved
with a rose in his wispy hand gay Hitler?
I didn't think so.
Grade: A

Why Talk Shows are going down the moral tube and
sinking in humiliation:
What an abomination! I'd rather see a talk show with
angry, welfare check holders, teens confronting their
potential "baby's daddy", and trailer trash arguing
about who stole their good plate of government cheese
(If looking for this type of talk show, see Jerry
Springer, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Laura En America,
El Primero de Familia..aaahh..what the hell, any talk
show will do.) than this one.
Grade: F

Reasons why to sympathize over a low budget TV
network..or reasons why not to sympathize at all..:
King Kong? Cheers? SuperMan? A weak sketch mixing
these 3 together trying to get a laugh from the
audience? (in spanish bodega clerk dialect) No. No
worky. No try again...EVER!
Grade: F

The Indigo Girls of College Campuses:
Will Ferrell, I have to say, was the only good thing
to come out of this sketch. Everything else basically
died out and left a fishy smell in the sketch. (No pun
intended...actually....I did intend to make a pun.)
Grade: D

Macy Gray:
(Please see the disclaimer if you haven't.)
Grade: Incomplete

Jack Handey's Big Thick Novel:
Barney is certainly going to be angry about this. As
for me, I don't see the humor in this. Was this
supposed to make me laugh or was it just to show
someone's opinion about the Mesozoic era that no one
cares about?
Grade: F

Overall: C+

I give this show is a C+ for its good effort in some
of the sketches and its lame effort in the others.
Drew Barrymore was a delight, however, and it was good
to see her back to host the show. (Will I see her new
movie "Riding in Cars with Boys"? Maybe not. But I did
see "Iron Monkey" if that helps! ;) Well, that's it
for my review. Stay tuned next time when I'll be
reviewing the next episode with the host (Wasn't told)
with musical guest (Wasn't told). Also next time, I'll
be analyzing on the good, bad and the ugly, the great
and the not so great, the standouts and the failures
of last season.

If you have any questions regarding SNL, feel free to
contact moi, mi, or me at nb_7384@yahoo.com

If you need someone to send hate mail to, e-mail at
swepisodeii@aol.com (Hee hee...)

Until then, this is your latin SNLer Mr. Nelson
Antonio Bermudez Jr. saying good bye, happy SNL
viewing, and lay off the nose candy!

Episode Review written by Nelson Bermudez

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