Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

-Pre-show thoughts: Okay, so Drew Barrymore should do better than the last two hosts, right? I hope so.

[COLD OPEN]-Message from VP Dick Cheney
It's nice to have something other than Bush to open the show for a change. The coffee coming out of his heart thing was kinda funny.

[MONOLOGUE]-Drew Barrymore
This was nice and short and TOM WAS THERE!! I <3 Tom! What was w/ her clothes, though?
9/10 for TOM!

[SKETCH]-Crossing Over w/ John Edwards
I've seen commercials for this show. This sketch was pretty funny. Drew's face after Will said "he was holding a lantern" was hilarious. Good to have something new and dififerent.

!!!JIMMY IN A HOT TUB W/O A SHIRT!!! I had to get that out of the way. This sketch always creeps me out. They way Will said "hot tub" was funny. But what was with him making those little noises while Rachel was trying to talk? They always start cracking up during this one. Oh, and Will got to touch Jim's bum, which is not fair at all.
8/10 for the lovely and shirtless Jimmy

*Next week - Rerun: Lara Flynn Boyle & Bon Jovi

[SKETCH]-Willy Wonka
Oh my gosh, I love Willy Wonka. I watched it earlier today. Rachel was such a good Violet. I don't really know much about Nelly Furtado, but from what I do know, Maya was perfect. Jeff was kinda off on the singing in the beginning, but that's alright. I forgive him. ;)

[FUN W/ REAL AUDIO]-NBC Fall Retooling Preview
Okay I've never seen anything w/ Emeril Lagasse in it, so this was boring. And long.

[SKETCH]-First Liberty Savings Bank
I have nothing good to say about this sketch. It wasn't awful, but I didn't find it that funny.

I didn't watch this.

Tina's hair's getting quite long. Chris makes a lovely Hitler. When Tina said "the New Yorkiest New Yorker" I knew it'd be Colin. Is he putting on some weight? Not that it matters, I'm just observing. He was looking at the wrong camera most of the time. It was funny when "Neil Diamond" called Tina and Jimmy "Gina and Lenny."
Great lines:
-"Britney's breasts are made of Cher's old nose." -Tina
-"Don't do it, Gay Hitler." - Will as Neil Diamond to Chris as Hitler

[SKETCH]-Action Talk Show with Klaus VonBraunman
What is it w/ giving Chris bad talk show sketches right around this point in the show? This was horrible. For most of the time I just sat there wondering who it might be in the bear costume. That whole "It's hard" thing was really annoying. This was Seth's only sketch of the night (I believe) and his part was very small. :(

[SKETCH]-WUUB Prime Time Theater: King Kong
Why was Darrell pausing a whole bunch when he was supposed to be dialing the phone? This sucked up until they started laughing at the end. Drew totally lost it. It was Darrell's fault, though. He started it.
6/10, but only for the laughing

[SKETCH]-Jealous Ex-boyfriend
Nice to see Maya playing guitar. There wasn't really any point to this one, though.

Drew had a rad shirt on when she introduced Macy. And then I changed the channel.

[COMMERCIAL?]-My Big Thick Novel by Jack Handey
I don't know whether to call this a sketch or a commercial or what. I like how they're bringing back Jack Handey, but couldn't they bring back Deep Thoughts, too? This one wasn't as funny as last week's, but it wasn't bad.

Did they not show Jimmy or did I just not see him? Oh well.

-Post show thoughts: All right, so in my opinion, this show was better than the crapiness that went on for the last 2 weeks. Lots of good sketches tonight. Of course there were 2 or 3 not so good ones, but that always happens. I'm sad that Seth wasn't in the show tonight much. He and Jimmy should get their own recurring sketch together!

So since next week's a rerun I guess that means I have the week off. But I'll be back in 2 weeks. Have a good couple of weeks, kids.

Episode Review written by Julie

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