Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

Drew Barrymore is talented. I'm expecting the show to be good. I want
see that movie "Riding In Cars With Boys".
Macy Gray sucks in my opinion. She is one of those R&B singers that
good when she guests on other peoples songs like she did on Guru's "All I
Said", Black Eyed Peas "Request Line", Mos Def's "It's Been A Murder", and a
few other cuts but when she sings by herself the results aren't good. Macy
has one of those voices that sounds like she needs to drink a glass of water
to clear up that raspyness. The only song I liked by her was that "Get Up,
Get Out and Do Something" that came out like 4 years ago. Now that song was
hot, anything I heard after that just sounded like a flop.

Here Is My Score System:
5: Classic sketch.
4 1/2: Really really good sketch.
4: Tight
3 1/2: Nice
3: Average
2 1/2: Bellow Average
2: Sucked
1: Totally Wack, A Waste Of Time


Sketch: Dick Cheney
Players: Darrell Hammond
What I Have To Say About It: Darrell does a good impression of everybody.
I'm convinced that Darrell can do anyone. I liked the "bionic
"I'm a killing machine", and "lets shave Asama Bin Lauden's beard"
Key Player: Darrell Hammond
Weakest Link: none
Score: 3.5
Monologue: Drew Barrymore
Players: Drew Barrymore, Tom Green
What I Have To Say About It: I don't think Drew was trying to be funny in
the monologue.... I laughed at Tom Green's little part though.
Taking his
mask off then covering his face because of anthrax being in the
Key Player: Tom Green
Weakest Link: Drew Barrymore
Score: 3 (just for Tom's part).
Sketch: Crossing Over With John Edwards
Players: Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Drew Barrymore
What I Have To Say About It: I saw this show like a couple of days before
this episode aired. This was funny. Hell, the real John Edwards is
just because he's another one of these fake psychics. Ms. Cleo is
funny. I heard she got arrested for cheating people out of their
I don't know, it's just something I heard but I'm not surprised if
it's true.
If someone really has powers like that, they should use the powers to
help policeman, or use it to make this world a better place, not use
powers to get money... even though I know all this is fake. Will did
sketch just like John does his show... "I'm sensing someone with a K
this area, okay, I'm picking up an R name from this back corner, is
it a R
okay is it an L, okay, is it an M??" hell, if they can read the
future and
call the dead and all that then they shouldn't have to ask questions.
and Drew did their things in the sketch but Will was the one that got
to laugh. They should bring this sketch back and have different
people in
the audience next time around. Hey, I think it would be funny if Maya
did an impression of Ms. Cleo. Ms. Cleo is just waiting to get
ripped on.
Key Player: Will Ferrell
Weakest Link: Maya Rudolph
Score: 3.5
Sketch: Lovahs
Players: Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon
What I Have To Say About It: Why did they even bring this sketch back??
I guess they thought giving them a new setting would add new life to
dead sketch.... well, they thought wrong. The only parts I liked
about this
sketch was Jimmy breaking character and Will trying to mess Rachel up.
Drew really didn't make me laugh that much but I enjoyed hearing what
she had to say since laughing obviously wasn't the reaction they were
trying to get with this sketch. The sad part about this recurring
is that Rachel told everyone that this was her idea when she was on
Conan O' Brian... I'm disappointed in her.
Key Player: Drew Barrymore (I wanted to say Will, but I was more into
Drew's part)
Weakest Link: Rachel Dratch (I couldn't even hear her lines that well).
Score: 2
Sketch: Willy Wonka
Players: Jeff Richards, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Drew
Barrymore, others
What I Have To Say About It: I'm starting to tell Jeff Richards and Seth
apart now. I couldn't even recognize him when he was on Mad TV.
Andrew Daly, Jeff Richards and Christian Duguay were the new
guys on Mad TV in the 2000-2001 season and it was hard to tell
apart even though they don't look anything alike. I guess its
they are new white guys. Just think if it was two new black
Dean Edwards and somone else, we would have a hard time picking
those two apart too. Let me get on to the sketch... this was
The guy that Amy was doing isn't gay, I looked him up and now
he's married with children. Oh well, he could still be gay huh
though he is married and has children... it was still funny.
Jeff did a
good Gene Wilder. Drew, Rachel, Darrell & Dean did pretty good.
I bet the younger heads didn't get Dean & Darrell's part though.
I bet that little Umpa Lumpa was happy as hell when Maya was
tossing her ass all up on the little guy.
Key Player: Amy Poehler (I couldn't decide between her and Drew).
Weakest Link: Horatio Sanz (I had to choose someone, he could have had just
a small speaking part)
Score: 4
Sketch: T.V. Fun House
What I Had To Say About It: I was wondering what happened to T.V. Fun
House. I was like "they should bring that back this season", when
didn't for the first two shows I thought they were going to stop
doing it.
This one was funny, but it wasn't side splitting.
Score: 2.5
Sketch: "I'm not what daddy wanted!!!"
Players: Will Ferrell
What I Have To Say About It: It was more they could have done with this
sketch. I understud the jokes but they could have made the points
for those that let things fly over their head.
Key Player: None
Weakest Link: Will Ferrell (he didn't bring it)
Score: 2.5
Music: Macy Gray played "Sexual Revolution".... it was "aiight". Better than
I expected.
Sketch: Weekend Update
Players: Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Colin Quinn, Will Ferrell
What I Have To Say About It: This was the worst Update this year. Tina
couldn't even save it, now that's saying something because Tina is the
main ingredient. I liked her joke about calling Reality Shows crap,
and the
Cher joke. Jimmy did good with the comb over joke but all the other
jokes seemed like they were played out even though this was the first
they were used (probably). Tina didn't seem to show much enthusiasm.
I liked Colin's bit, but he didn't seem to have it together. Macy
and Colin Quin sorta remind me of each other. Macy Gray is a good
lyricist but her voice isn't pretty. Colin Quin has real good jokes
but his
voice is too dry and you often get that "is he series or is this a
joke" feeling.
People like Colin & Macy are better off behind the scenes as being a
writer. She write music for artist that aren't cleaver song writers
but has
an amazing voice and Colin should write jokes for more animated
comedians with a wide range of facial expressions and hand gestures.
The gay Hitler and Will's Niel Diamond didn't do anything for me.
They could have done better on this one but I guess it was because
of it being the 3rd week in a row that they are having some kind of
Key Player: Tina Fey
Weakest Link: Chris Kattan
Score: 3
Sketch: Action Talk Show
Players: Chris Kattan, Drew Barrymore, Dean Edwards, Seth Meyers
What I Have To Say About It: What the hell were they thinking? This sucked.
This was just like Molly's Veronica & Co. It's one of those "lets
Chris another character since Mr. Peepers, Mango, and all the rest of
his characters suck and plus it's his last year". Drew did her thing
in this
sketch. Seth even did better than Chris in this sketch. I really
don't like
Kattan anymore. The sad part is we might see this sketch again....
again and again. How far can you possibly take an action talk show.
Dean could have said some funny stuff as Kattan's side kick, but
Key Player: Drew Barrymore
Weakest Link: Chris Kattan (I sorta wanted to give it to Dean, Chris making
an ass out of himself again did more damage than Dean's small little
Score: 2.5
Sketch: WUUB Network
Players: Daryll Hammond, Drew Barrymore, Will Ferrell
What I Have To Say About It: They had a funny idea going but they just
didn't work it right. I laughed a little at the movie and television
and how bad the Network was doing but what really gives this score a
Two & A Half instead of just a two is when they broke character.
I thought I'd never see Darryll do that.
Key Player: Drew Barrymore
Weakest Link: Will Ferrell
Score: 2.5
Sketch: Open Mic At A Cafe
Players: Maya Rudolph, Drew Barrymore, Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer
Rachel Dratch
What I Have To Say About It: At first I thought the sketch was going to be
about Ana & Rachel's little characters. It seemed like their mics
turned down low or something because I couldn't really hear Ana &
Rachel that much. Ana's jokes were a little funnier than Rachel's
the few
that I did here. Will stole the show with another one of his
characters. Drew & Maya did "okay" in this sketch. The more I look
at Maya, the more she is starting to look sexier to me.
Key Player: Will Ferrell
Weakest Link: Rachel Dratch
Score: 3 (just being nice).
Music: Many Gray, eh, I don't have anything to say.
Jack Handey's Thick Book
What I Have To Say About It: ........
Score: I'm not going to score this one, this episode was bad enough.

This was the worst episode this year. They should have put Tom Green in
some sketches... he would have sure saved it.
Key Player: Drew Barrymore
Weakest Link: Chris Kattan.... it was either him or Rachel Dratch but then
I remembered she was in the Willy Wonka sketch and that saved her.

Episode Review written by JoeAverage

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