Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

U thought maybe Jim M was being a lazy ass and not doing his Episode review this week. Well, all two of u that cared (Mom and Grandma) are wrong.  Another big Hw week but yet I still have time on a Thursday night to do the review.  Anywho I'm in a bad mood as u might be able to tell if u're not bored to tears already.  So since I'm in a bad mood I'm going to rate this horrible episode even worse.  So I ask that anyone who has a brain so small that they actually liked this episode leave plz.  U won't be happy with what u see.  

Anyway I have a bet (with myself) that I only have 3 readers at the most who read this.  I mean I don't read anybody's review besides Jordan Davidson's.  So if u guys do read this plz send an E-mail just click on the link at the bottom.  If u got any thing to say to just say it I'm not sensitive.  If u don't just tell me your a reader and you'll make my day.

Anyway with no further ado lets get on with my review

Preshow Thoughts- I actually expected something from this show.  I don't know why I did.  I like Tom Green that is why.  I seem to be the only person who writes reviews that likes him I don't know why.  It takes a ton of talent to hump a dead moose and follow a pizza delivery guy and try to sell pizza for a lower price.

Dick Chenney-   I bet on this sketch before the show.  It was pretty obvious that they were going to do it because Derrel is pissed that he doesn't get on the show.  He even complained on Howard Stern that the only reason he's on the show is for his impressions.  Anyway to the sketch.  The impression is great, but Dick Chenney is the most boring person in the whole world so the writers don't have a lot to work with (And these writers need a lot.)  I'm going to give my grandpa one of those coffee pacemakers.  I don't know why we would be so nice to Osama and shave his beard off.  I say we pluck each hair our one by one and then make him eat it.  The sketch was good I enjoyed it a little bit.  (compared to the rest of the crap.)   B+

Monolouge-Drew Barrymore-  I wonder if Drew was intentionally trying to look like a man.  Thats all I wrote down in my notes about her and since its Thursday I don't remember a thing about it.  So sorry folks.  Tom Green made me laugh by doing absolutely nothing like he always does.  One scary thing is I think If I grew a beard I'd look like him.   C

Crossed Over-  I read some reviews and saw that this was actually a real show.  I don't watch the Sci Fi channel ever since they got rid of those two puppet guys who made fun of horrible movies.  (They would have been good for this episode.)   I wonder if u guys remembered when the first sketch of the night used to be funny.  I think they haven't mastered that concept this season.  AHH the good old days.  F

The Lovahs-  I've never seen so many people laughing in a sketch.  Unfourtuently there was more laughing in the sketch then there was in the audience.  D

Willie Wonka-  This is pathetic I've never seen so many bad sketches in the first 1/2 an hour.  The only funny thing was Amy's impression as that gay guy.  D

Cartoon-Emeril-  I can't believe this they actually messed up a real audio cartoon those are the best.  For the first time ever I am looking forward to the musical guest too bad its Macy Grey.  F

First Liberty Savings Bank-  I'm watching a comedy show right.  I got confused and thought this was a real commercial and I called and I reached a woman who said in a very sexy voice  Ok I'm not even going to go there whatever I say won't be funny because this review is for the whole family (Don't want Grandma to switch to another reviewer.)  I have a question Have I reviewed anything tonight.  F

Macy Grey-  I have come up with some things that sound better than her singing.  Nails on a Blackboard,  Bush speaking, and someone saying weedle, weedle, weedle repetitively into my ear for 5 hrs straight.  N/A

Weekend Update-  I think I'll actually review this because it was funny something I haven't seen all night.  Like I said last week, they got rid of Chris Parnel's voice.  I liked most of the jokes especially the Cornel Sanders joke.  Collin Quinn is back.  It was a shame to see him leave I thought he was funny.  I liked most of his jokes especially the one about Law and Order.  Collin is the best at recovering from a bad joke.  He should teach the cast something.  To prove that this was a weird night.  Chris Kattan made me laugh.  That gay Hitler thing was funny as hell.  Too bad they'll probably make a recurring sketch about it and I'll start to hate it.  The WU was topped off with a Neil Diamond impression by Will, great stuff.   A

Action Talk Show- I didn't expect this sketch to be funny because its against the law for Chris Kattan to be funny in two consecutive sketched (Yuk, Yuk.)  F

WUUB Prime Time Theater-  This just proves my theory that this is the worst episode ever.  F

Lesbo Folk Singers-  I think at the end of the sketch we saw a little of what Tom Green gets eh.  Oh yea to the sketch.  They probably should have shown this one earlier because Will was pretty damn funny.  C

Big Book thingy-  I missed this because I had a sudden earge to eat something.  I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything because it was so bad last week N/A

Macy Gray-  N/A

Jim's Final thoughts-  This epidsoe was painful to watch.  I have never seen an SNL this bad.  I know I'm in a pissy mood and all but this was horrible.  SNL could sure use that week off to fire everybody and start over.  

Jim's Final Grade- F (guess u could have guessed that after my opening paragraph.)

Best Sketch-  Weekend Update

Worst Sketch-  Monologue, Crossing Over, The Lovas, Willie Wonka, The Cartoon, First Liberty Savings Bank, Action Talk Show, and WUUB

Best Cast Member-  Tracy Morgan (He was lucky enough not to show up for this episode.)

Worst Cast Memeber-  The writers

Well, Thats the end of my review I was in such a bad mood I probably lost all my readers.  (Sorry Mom and Grandma.)  Anywho SNL isn't live next week there showing the Girl on the Practice's episode with Bon Jovi.  I didn't see that one so I might actually watch it.  So until next Time this is Jim M signing off.

Episode Review written by Jim M.

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