Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

The first Dick Cheney appearence of the season.  It was a very funny sketch.  I liked the coffee maker in his "bionic ticker".  Darrell's impression is great.
Rating: A

Was there any reason why Drew was wearing a tie, and wearing it incorrectly?  The only funny part about this was Tom Green in the gas mask but he alone can't save the monologue.
Rating: D

Crossing Over with John Edwards:
This sketch made me want to cross over to FOX and watch MAD TV.  Will does a very bad impression of Edwards.  Why is Maya put in normal clothing with a normal voice but Drew is in men's clothing and she has a messed up voice?  The sketch was okay at the begining but it got too repetative.
Rating: C

The Clausens:
I hated this sketch last year and I still hate it this year.  Why they chose to bring it back, I don't know.  This was the worst sketch of the night.  Why can't Jimmy go through a sketch with out messing it up by laughing?  But it was nice to see Drew in women's clothing.
Rating: F

Willy Wonka Collector's Edition:
This was a good and funny sketch.  Rachel was funny; I liked how she says the special effects were never tested before and she's still blue.  Maya as Nelly Fertado was hysterical.  Darrell and Dean did very good impressions.
Rating: A

TV Funhouse:
It's nice to have Robert Smigel back at work.  This was ok but it went on too long.  Way too long.
Rating: B

First Liberty Savings Bank:
This was ok.  It was very funny at first when he was giving away $20 for $17.95.  But it was too repetative and got boring and stupid.
Rating: C+

Weekend Update:
The KFC joke was hysterical.  So was the Canada joke.  In fact all of the jokes were great.  It was great to see Colin back.  And Gay Hitler with Neil Diamond... funny!
Rating: A+

Action Talk Show:
It hope this sketch doesn't come back.  Ever.  This was very stupid.  It was "just so hard" to watch this.  Well, Comedy Central is going to edit this sketch out when they get it.
Rating: F

King Kong Edited:
I liked this one.  I thought it was very funny.  But Drew messed it up at the end.
Rating: A-

At first I thought this was going to be a terrible sketch with bad characters by Rachel and Ana. But it just turned out to be a terrible sketch with bad characters by Drew and Maya.  Will saves it from getting an F but it still was terrible.
Rating: D

My Big Thick Novel:
It was ok.  Not great.
Rating: B

It was just a bad episode that seemed like it was put together in 20 minutes by 3rd graders
Rating: D

Favorite Sketch: Weekend Update
Least Favorite Sketch: The Clausens

Favorite Actor: Darrell Hammond
Least Favorite Actor: Drew Barrymore

Episode Review written by JAM

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