Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

Opening Statements:
Last week's show was pretty funny. I think that S.W.S. did a really good job. I actually like Drew Barrymore a lot and thought that she was good when she came on with Tom Green last season. I want to see her new movie, it looks okay. I wanted to see more Chris Kattan, though because of his very funny movie Corky Romano, which I loved. Anyway, here's the review.

Dick Cheney Hiding in an Undisclosed Location:
I never liked when Dick Cheney did openings. I don't think it's really all that funny. I didn't laugh at all during this one, but it was a little clever. I'm glad that SNL is still not shying away from political satire. The coffee maker heart thing was the only amusing thing, though. Not the best way to start, but the impression is good.
Grade: C-

What was up with Drew's outfit? Anyway, I had already heard the stuff about Drew leaving the building with all the scares and everything. The monologue wasn't really funny, but I don't think that it was supposed to be. I love Tom Green, and just seeing him was funny, enough. Not bad, but again, not funny.
Grade: B- (Yeah, Tom)

Crossing Over:
This was pretty stupid. I have never seen this show before, but I still thought that the whole concept of it was stupid. After the sketch, I sort of chuckled a little, thinking about the whole concept, but that was it. Will's talents are better than this, especially with all that stupid letter guessing. It went on too long and Drew wasn't even funny.
Grade: D+

"Lovers" Sketch:
This sketch I have actually grown to like, despite its repetition. Jimmy was pretty funny in this sketch. He laughed again, he always does that. I think that it makes the sketch funnier, but he does it pretty constantly. He's still great, though. Will and Rachel were funny, as usual with this, especially at the end where Will told Rachel to get off of him. Drew was okay, but didn't stand out in this sketch. This one was more entertaining.
Grade: B+

Willy Wonka DVD Highlights:
I have always loved the Willy Wonka movie. I was thrilled to see a sketch like this. I thought that all of the impressions were good and for the most part, accurate. Maya's impression of Nelly Furtado was great. Also, I liked Rachel's Violet impression. Overall, I thought that a lot of thought and effort went into this sketch, and that it was fun to watch. This was probably the only stand-alone sketch of the night that I actually thoroughly enjoyed. It gave a lot of the cast, including new members to show what they can really do.
Grade: A

TV Funhouse:
I am glad that they brought the cartoons back. I thought that this one, however, ran a little too long. The punchline was getting repetitive and old. I did like the Seinfeld references and the little black kid who kept popping up. I don't like Emiril, though, so it was pretty boring after a while for me.
Grade: C-

Bank Going Out of Business Sale:
The idea for this was cute, but it could have been shortened to a commercial. Will was good and kept a straight face, but it wasn't laugh out loud funny. I wish that they actually implemented this system in real banks. A clever idea, that just didn't really fit or fly right.
Grade: B-

Macy Gray Performing:
I do not like Macy Gray at all. I think that she is pretty untalented. She also messed up the national anthem at a baseball game and got booed off the field. Anyway, I didn't pay any attention to her performance. As soon as I heard that voice, I flipped through channels.
(No Grade For Music Performances)

Weekend Update:
This Update was hysterical, all basically because of Kattan's gay Hitler impression. At first, I thought it may be pushing the limits, but it was so funny, and so hysterical, I forgot all about that. It was all in good fun, anyway. Kattan has such a wide character range, I am so glad he did this. He was SO funny. Colin Quinn was okay, but not really that funny. I liked the crack about rhyming Osama with Yo Mama. Will's Neil Diamond impression was also great. It reminds me, in a way, of his Goulet impression. Also, you've got to bring gay Hitler back to be with Neil Diamond, which was great. Jimmy and Tina were back there laughing the whole time. The whole update was great.
Grade: A+

Action Talk Show:
This whole idea and sketch was pretty dumb, but it had a couple good parts. First of all, Chris was actually pretty funny. Drew's outfit was so tight and she looked so hot in the sketch. Also, the black keyboarder who kept making those little word comments. I also liked whatever animal (a bear?) Kattan was fighting with. Not a bad sketch, but could have used improvement. It was decent.
Grade: C+

King Kong/Superman Sketch:
What the hell was this? It didn't even make sense. I thought that it was poorly done. The acting was lacking too. It all came to a screeching unfunny halt at the end, when Drew burst out laughing. This was by far, the worst sketch of the night. I was just glad that it ended when it did.
Grade: F

College Guy Listening to Lesbian Singers:
This wasn't that bad. Drew's acting got a lot better. Will was funny throwing paper around, but that again was about it. Not bad, but I thought that Ana and Rachel's characters were wasted. Will was good, though.
Grade: C

Macy Gray Performing:
(See Comments Above)

Jack Handey's Book:
This isn't that funny. I reviewed it in an earlier review, so check it out there.

Closing Statements:
This episode wasn't that good. Although it had it's good moments, it didn't really stand out. Drew was disappointing and I thought she could have done better. Looks like repeats for a couple weeks, so I'll talk to you all then.

Best Sketch of Night: Update, Wonka
Worst Sketch of Night: King Kong/Superman Sketch
Person of Night: Chris Kattan (Gay Hitler)

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Episode Review written by David R.

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