Drew Barrymore / Macy Gray
October 13, 2001

God Bless America

Sports Report-
Braves- CHOKE ON THAT DIERKER!!!! They kicked ass, took names and looked the old school ass-kicking Braves of the early 90s. I haven't been this confident since well a long time.
Saints- 2-1. I like that. Saints are really good this year and they will definitely make the playoffs.
Devils: When you win a game, I'll talk
Leafs- Getting off to a not bad start- they look good
Canucks- Started out 0-3 but wins over Stars and Avs restore my faith in them.

I get letters!-
Chris Kataan is the only reason i watch snl like 3 times a day and i admit the rocks ear was funny flopping off like that but dont diss Chris he gives the show its umph. Please dont make fun of him he is awesome and the funniest man in the world...no im not tring to be mean im just saying

Jeanette Chris Kataan's #1 fan

While I don't deny, Jeanette you being a CK fan-here's a tip-
If you wanna show your devotion to CK-spell his fucking name right. Okay? If you want your letter featured- email at: philhartmanrip@yahoo.com

Let's start. Okay?

Pre-show thoughts-
Drew Barrymore is a former child store who has been in ET, Charlie's Angels and Wedding Singer. Macy Gray is a crackhead

Cold Opening
Cast- Darrell Hammond
Thoughts- Darrell is in this skit- and doing an impression. CONSPIRACY. Where has Dick Cheaney been anyway? Seriously. Usual good cold opening- I guess when he's not whining Darrell works on his impressions. ***1/4

Cast- Drew Barrymore, Tom Green
Thoughts- David Spade mode on: Annie Hall called- she wants her tie back. Davud Spade mode off. That shotgun you heard when Green showed up was from Mark Polishuck's house. Let's give this the Tom Green rating and be done with it- **1/2. On a sidenote- I shook Brokaw's hand two weeks ago. I know

Crossing Over
Cast- Barrymore, Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph
Thoughts- I personally think John Edward is full of shit. But America is full of gullible idiots so there ya' go. This was a pretty funny skit- Drew had facial expression of the night. ***1/4

Cast- Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Ferrell, Rachel Dratch
Thoughts- Fee, fi, fo, fatch- boy do I hate Rachel Dratch. This sucked balls. This sucked more then Don Ohelemeyer's mother on a busy night. DUD

Willy Wonka
Cast- Barrymore, Rudolph, Dratch, Hammond, Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, Dean Edwards, Amy "Politics" Poehler
Thoughts- This week Rachel gets a lot of screen time despite a noticeable lack of talent and being able to do Violet- P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S! Chris- I feel for you bro. SNL- if you think putting Amy in only one skit will stop me from making fun of her-you're wrong. Darrell did- ANOTHER IMPRESSION! This skit was pretty funny and I'm a Roald Dahl mark so- ***3/4

Fun with Real Audio
Thoughts- They finally mentioned Gary Condit. Above average skit, would've liked to have scene AGD. ***

First Liberty
Cast- Ferrell
Thoughts- Joke started out finally but the skit really dragged and ran out of gas. It doesn't run out of gas it gets ***, it did so c'est la vie. **

Macy Gray
Thoughts- Macy Gray does more crack then Rachel Dratch. That said, the good MG streak ends at 3. DUD

Weekend Update
Cast- COLIN QUINN, Tina Fey, Fallon, Ferrell, Chris Kattan
Thoughts- This show needed an enema and WU gave it to them. Seeing Colin back was mega fucking excellent to the 28th power. I'm a huge Colin Quinn mark and marked out like crazy when he returned. His Dennis Miller-esque rant kicked majour ass. Go Colin! Tina looked she was in Fred Flintstone mode by having a gay (happy you pervs) old time. It's fun seeing my girl have fun. Again Nelly Furtado is in mud as I type this- excellent. Will Ferrell was funny and CK didn't suck. Jimmy carried himself well. COLIN!!!!!!!+ Tina having fun+everything else=*****

They should've stopped the show here

Action Talk Show
Cast- Barrymore, Kattan, Edwards, Myers
Thoughts- _ off. Dean was funny, no T&A though- skit sucked huge. _*

King Kong
Cast- Barrymore, Hammond, Ferrell
Thoughts- Dear Darrell,
I'm sure you want people to sympathise with you- I respect that. BUT- don't look like a fucking jackass by ruining a skit with your stupid-ass laughing for NO REASON. I will have so much more respect for you if you actually acted MATURE during this whole situation. Okay?
-Bob Barron
BTW skit sucked. *

Cast- Barrymore, Ana Gasteyer, Ferrell, Rudolph, Dratch
Thoughts- POLITICS ARE EVIL! Rachel sucked in this skit. Go snort some cocaine, get caught by Lorne so you're huge fat ass can't get fired. We know you're using your friendship with Tina to stay on the show and not get fired but just think of all the suffering you're causing the viewer. Okay? Will was exceptionally funny, rest was eh. **

Macy Gray
Thoughts- Yea, whatever. _*

Jack Handy
Thoughts- Didn't it like it the first time I saw it. DUD

Bottom Line- Well this show sucked. Avg. skit was *.89 which is fucking horrible in layman terms. Considering what happened recently they're forgiven but seriously- stop playing politics. WU was awesome but it can't save a show. Better luck next time.

Thumbs Way Down

Episode Review written by Bob Barron

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