Alec Baldwin / P.O.D.
April 20, 2002

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Pre-show thoughts: I'm really not thinking anything. Alec has hosted so many times now, I would be worried if a year went by and he didn't host. Anyway, I'm guessing they'll do a Delicious Dish sketch again, other then that I'm blank.

Anyway, on with the review;
Robert Blake: The coolest, most awesome news story ever
Premise: Sheaperd Smith and Linda Vester cover the story of Robert Blake's arrest.

My Thoughts: It's like they just stole some booze from Sheaperd's dad's liquor cabinet, or a post-Oscar party on E! Entertainment. I did expect this, and it was very good. Will did a great impression of Sheaperd Smith, he acted cocky and full of himself, just like the real guy.

grade: 9/10
Quote: "I myself am filled with excitement, my mustache is tingling"
Monologue: Alec Baldwin
Premise: Alec Baldwin gives us his monologue.

My Thoughts: Okay, the Al Gore thing is old. It also seems stupid, because the last time Alec hosted, they had Clinton come out. What's next? Jesse Jackson?

grade: 5/10
Quote: "C'mon let your freak flag fly!"
Kotex Classic
Premise: A commercial for maxi pads with a belt.

My Thoughts: Wow, they did this a little early. It debuted when Ian McKellen hosted. I guess it's still good.

grade: 4/10
Quote: "This is your mothers pads."
Gay Voice Mail:
Premise: A man records his voice mail message, only to find his voice has a feminine tone.

My Thoughts: Very Funny.

grade: 6/10
Quote: "How do I know who Kylie Minogue is?"
White Men, Old Black ladies.
Premise: Successful men who earn 7 figures a year, dump their wives for old black ladies.

My Thoughts: This was very, original. Yeah, I guess that's the word for it.

grade: 6/10
Quote: "If she looks at me again, I'm gonna slap the white off if her."
Ozzy Osbourne
Premise: A parody of MTV's hit show, "The Osbournes."

My Thoughts: They had no way of escaping the duty of spoofing this show. I am so glad they did this sketch. I'm not a big fan of Ozzy's music, but I love his show. And the end, when everyone was beeped out was great.

grade: 10/10
Quote: "Diiiiiiiiieeeeeeet Cooooookke, with ice, ice, ice, ice!"
The Cardinals
Premise: A sketch about Catholic priests.

My Thoughts: This was a one-liner like those "Astronaut Jones" sketches.

grade: 8/10
Quote: "I got one thing to say to you guys, keep your pecker in your pants!"
Weekend Update
Premise: Fake news.

My Thoughts: It was a great idea to bring in Rachel as Ally McBeal. The Toby Mcguire thing was all right. My favorite part was the Savannah Dakote Fey bit. And the jokes were great.

grade: 9/10
Quote: "I told you, your father is a married, network executive."
Music: P.O.D
Premise: P.O.D performs a song.

My Thoughts: (Say this sarcastically) Wow, those back-up singers were soooooooo enthusiastic.

grade: 2/10
Quote: None
The Luvaaaahs
Premise: Virginia Clavin throws a surprise birthday party for her lover, Roger.

My Thoughts: Not the best luvahs sketch, but it was okay.

grade: 4/10
Quote: "Hello Virginia, rented 'Sister Act'."
Premise: A commercial badmouths France.

My Thoughts: This was mean, but I'll give it a good grade because it was a brave thing to do.

grade: 9/10
The Tony Bennett Show
Premise: A late-night show hosted by Tony Bennett.

My Thoughts: Maya and Chris's impressions of Liza Minnelli and David Guest were amazing.

grade: 7/10
Quote: "We're back with Liza Minnelli and her new husband Gayvid."
TV Funhouse: Anatominals
Premise: Animals with large private parts have magical adventures.

My Thoughts: This was gross and creepy.

grade: 5/10
Quote: "My nads itch."
Music: P.O.D
Premise: P.O.D performs another song.

My Thoughts: These guys are scaring me now.

grade: 3/10
Quote: None
Big Thick Novel
Premise: A stupid thing SNL does to fill time.

My Thoughts: I hate these things. They're absoulutly pointless and stupid.

Grade: 1/10
Quote: None
In my opinion,the show could have done better. The grade gets 88/1500.
Most-seen player: Ana Gasteyer
Least-seen player: Dean Edwards
Best Sketch: Update
Worst Sketch: Big Thick Novel, France
Sketch that will be cut when E! or Comedy Central gets it: Tony Bennett, Robert Blake, White Men/Black Old Ladies
Next Week: Hugh Jackman/MickJagger.


Episode Review written by Kayla

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