Alec Baldwin / P.O.D.
April 20, 2002

Bear with me its my first review. My mom told me to go to bed, but i had to watch this! Alec baldwin is sooo funny. I have a very busy day tomarow, my brother's b-day, my cousins b-day, my other cousin is getting his communion, i swear those priests better stay away. One priest was already kicked outta my parish, a few years back.

Scince I live in Florida i think i should talk about the election, Janet Reno is running, and frankly she scares me. Her running my state would really piss me off. I hope Jeb Bush wins, besides he is a Republican.

By the way if Chris kattan doesnt play ozzy's daughter tonight i owe some people 10 bucks.

At first it really wasnt to funny, but when i saw geraldo i wanted to die, i love that spoof. Over all not too bad

When al gore came out i wanted to pee my pants, i love it!
step 5: grow a beard
step 6: a little more JD

Pads Commercial:
re-run, it wasnt funny at all, not even the first time.
I dont rate commercials

Gay answering machine:
Not too funny, the kylie minouge joke was good though.

White me Black Women:
Let me get this straight, Ana's pregger, jimmy's hair looks surprisingly good, Amy looks surprisingly good, and Will is in it!! The perfect sketch!!!! Nobody messed up!!

VERY good impression!! in fact he got him down pat!! Amy did a great Sharon impression. Seth i cant understand him either, i feel your pain. Dude seth will be the one all the girls love once jimmy leaves. I better propose now.

VERY funny, the dang priests sooo had it coming. Im catholic, and yet i still found this HILARIOUS. There was one point in time when Jimmy wanted to be a priest, now i know why!
"keep your peckers in your pants!"

wonderful as usual, but Tina whats wrong w/ your hair??
The star Jones joke set my whole family dying of laughter! Seth's spoof was great, but it wasnt funny, they dragged it too long. Jimmy or Seth?? I'll go w/ seth becuz he doesnt have a cult following.

not my type of music, i mean good message but i dont like em.
i dont rate music, if i did it would bring the score down.

The only good one i ever saw was the one with drew barrymore, only because Will kept saying "hot tub" in a way that made me wanna die.
He said it in this sketch and i started rolling w/ laughter.
3/5 because he said hot tub

Thats funny, i havent heard anything about france in about....... well never really. I think the way the ripped on them outta the blue was very funny. They said france were "jew-hating" lol!

Tony Benett:
If i had to marry michael jackson or liza minalli's hubby, it would be Jacko! I am so scared of her husband!! I'm surprised he didnt give me nightmares.
2.5/5 Wasnt to great but wasnt that bad

TV funhouse:
Wasnt funny, in fact robert smigel hasnt thought of a good TV funhouse in a LONG time. This wasnt funny at all.
0/5 this one hurt the score of the show

Again, not my thing, so oh well

My big thick novel:
not funny at all, i never saw a good one. Im always waiting for a good punchline.
0/5 (doesnt count, no cast memebers were in it, i wont hold it agaisnt them)

Overall I would give it a B+ or an A
Best player:
Best skit:

I hope Kirsten Dunst is funny, by the way i owe some people 10 bucks, chris K didnt play ozzy's daughter.

Episode Review written by Angie

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