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April 14, 2001

Opening Statements
I just knew that SNL was due for a really good episode. The past few weren't that good, and going into reruns soon, I knew that one of these coming up was going to be really funny. I just watched Night at the Roxbury for about the 50th time before the show, which got me into the mood for the show. I am depressed that spring break (for me) is over on Tuesday. Maybe if I didn't sleep in till one every day, it would seem a lot longer. Anyway, here's the review.

The Culps at H+R Block
THANK GOD for an opening sketch that does not contain Bush or any other political matter in it. The only thing like that was the reference to VP Dick Cheney, but that was about it. I liked when they were talking about the auditors to mind their own beeswax, and when they called them rat bastards. As for the song parodies, the Destiny Child's one was good, as was the Shaggy, and the Bon Jovi ones. I really thought this was a good start.
Grade: A-

I really wanted to see Bridget Jones's Diary. My mom saw it, and said it was four stars, so I wanted to go see it, but haven't yet. I'll probably wait until video or DVD. The diary was very cute, and that Chris Kattan gay reference was really funny (I def. Saw it coming though). The Jim Carrey joke was funny, too. She does look good, and I heard she had to gain weight for her new movie. Looks like she lost it. I liked this monologue though.
Grade: A-

Sub Shack Commercial
I know that we've seen it before, but c'mon it is still really funny, and I laughed at this one, still.
Grade: A

Jerry Maguire 2
I LOVED this movie. I watch it a lot. Jimmy's impression of Jerry was very good, but nothing can beat Ben Stiller's impression of him on that Celebrity Jeopardy episode. The director Cameron Crowe (Crow Bar) played by Parnell was very good. Crowe also did Almost Famous that starred Fallon, so that's what Jimmy's inside joke was all about with him. I love Almost Famous, and I also just got that movie, too. Renee was great, and I could def. See her character come out again. As for Horatio playing the son, it was a little iffy, but still amusing. Also, again with the homo references to Chris Kattan J. I loved this sketch, and "you had me at swim."
Grade: A-



Hard Ball w/ Chris Matthews
Chris Parnell's impression of Chris Matthews is really dead-on. I laughed out loud when I saw Chris Kattan's character was back again. I also laughed out loud when they had all those little subtitles under his name, especially the 10-year-old girl one. Renee's character was weak, but the anti-Chinese remarks, and Chris Kattan's character made up for it. A very funny sketch, and a good show so far.
Grade: A

A Wedding Story
Believe it or not, I actually watch the real show of this, and I like it, so I was excited so see that SNL was clever enough to do a sketch about it. The couple that Renee and Chris played is what a lot of their couples are actually like, so I thought that was funny. Also, when Will sat next to Renee's mother in nothing but his underwear, that was funny, too. Finally, Horatio in KISS make-up took the cake as funny. Another great sketch.
Grade: A-

Survivor Cartoon
I am a die-hard survivor fan. I love that show, and was pissed Amber just got kicked off the show. Anyway, the dialogue was a little hard to hear, but I think that Robert Smigel did a great job on this cartoon. Bryant Gumbel trying to kill himself was pretty funny, too.
Grade: A

Weekend Update
This was a really good, and another long update. First of all, I am glad that they brought Jacob S. back. I can never get enough of him anyway. I liked when Tina said Holy God, and Jacob started talking about religion. Jimmy's Matthew Broderick impression was the best that I have ever heard. His Nathan Lane was also Very good. Also, the joke about Jimmy impregnating governors was funny, too. Finally, I don't know how the talented Jimmy did that little sound-editing bit. A very good update.
Grade: A+

Eve Performing
I don't really like Eve. She's lucky I don't grade musicians or the perfect show so far would be ruined.

Chris Kattan and Renee Playing A Couple On A Date
This was a very clever, and original sketch. Chris and Renee did actually play a good couple, and had very good chemistry. The theme songs were very good; especially the Price is Right one. I have very good sound on my TV, and when they played that theme it sounded so good, on the sound system. I am usually never up to see the show, so I liked that part of it. I don't really know how Chris threw up on Renee. It was a really good gag. I guess he must have had something in his hand. The penguin joke was funny, too. A very good, clever, and original sketch. (I guess this sketch contradicted the homo Chris Jokes J)
Grade: A

Pregnancy Doctor
This was another clever, original sketch. Will really showed off his acting abilities in this sketch. His face and voice were very funny, especially when he was on the phone, and told them to go into great detail. When Molly Shannon showed up, it took me a few moments to realize why people were clapping, and then I realized that she wasn't on the show anymore. I guess I was so used to seeing her on the show, I didn't notice. Anyway, she really did a great job for a small role on a sketch. When Jimmy burst out laughing at Will, I did the exact same thing. This was a good sketch, combining all of the above good elements.
Grade: A+

Eve Performing Again L
Again, I don't really care for her that much. No Comment.

Classical Music Hits with Lyrics
Wow, another original sketch. Even though, this was a closer sketch and was pretty short, it still was laugh out loud funny. I loved Will and Horatio's face in the choir. The new lyrics were funny too. I liked the masturbating song, and the he who smelt it dealt it one. A good way to close out the night.
Grade: A

Closing Statements
Wow, my first perfect show, and probably the only perfect show I'll see this season. I did not get tired while watching this show, and I laughed out loud a whole lot. Renee was great even though I didn't really feel her presence in the show that much as the night went on. Seeing Molly was great, but I didn't see her in the good-byes at the end. Anyway, her best of special is on TV after the Tom Green episode next week. I think the date is 4/28/01. Then comes the Pierce Brosnan, Destiny's Child episode, which should be good. I thought that most if not all of the sketches tonight were original and funny. I think that one reason that the show was so good was because of the lack of the new cast members like Jerry Minor, Maya Rudolph and unfunny people like that. Anyway, I really enjoyed this perfect show tonight.

Favorite Sketch of Night- Pregnancy Doctor (A Hard Choice to Make)
Worst Sketch of Night- If I have to choose I guess it's going to be The Culps
Person of the Night- Will Ferrell (Pregnancy Doctor, Wedding Story, Culps, Jacob S.)

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Episode Review written by David R.

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