Renee Zellweger / Eve
April 14, 2001

Pre Show Thoughts This will probably be a stinker.

The Culps - Grade B+ Rather saw a sketch where Bush always says sorry.

Renee's Mono - Grade B+ Like she mentioned in her monologue, it was too long.

Subshack [re-aired] - Grade B+ Still good.

Jerry Maguire - Grade A Fallon was hillarious. "You had me at hello." Then Sanz as the giant Lipnicki, was good too. "Did you know the human body has seven holes. Unless you are a woman." "Did you know babies come from pajinas." Then he comes out with giant glasses and a giant juice box.

Hardball with Chris Matthews - Grade A Another reason for Hammond (maybe Kattan too) to stay on SNL. I've watched Hardball a few times and this is just a great parody! Is there such a guy called Paul Bellgula? Poisonious snakes? Once again Parnell plays the one that Matthews gets along with and a female plays another guest that isn't necessary in the sketch. TLC Wedding Show - Grade B- Meh. An alright one. Hanz did a good little part. Renee just has a sour face.

TV Funhouse: Fun With Real Audio - Grade A+ Freakin hillarious!! Why doesn't Gumbel appear on Survivor himself and maybe more than 2 million will watch his show. You can have fun with real audio!

Weekend Update - Grade B+ One of the weak WUs this season.

TV Theme Songs Guy - Grade B+ Penguin and wine? Throwing up on Renee was the only thing that saved this sketch. I did like to hear the 'The Price Is Right' theme.

The 'Fucked Up' Sketch or 'What Was I Thinking? Starring Molly Shannon - Grade B Ferrell's character was sometimes funny and sometimes stupid. Suprised to see Molly Shannon to return. But not the audience. Probably 3/4 thought she was still on the show. I mean the lack of applause and whenever she was referred to as Molly Shannon, makes you think five years from now SNL will have a 'What Was I Thinking?' sketch with a castmember playing Shannon. But anyway this sketch had major problems.

Classic Classics or Whatever - Grade C+ Changed it to a re-run of the Family Guy. The one where Norm plays Death.

Overall Show Rating - Grade B Not the stinker I was expecting. Pulled off some good ones, but not up to the great ones of this season.

PIERCE BROSNAN hosts next. If there ain't no writer's strike. 1.Calista 2.Conan 3.Carvey 4. Hayes 5.Baldwin/Liu [tie]

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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