Christopher Walken / Weezer
May 19, 2001

Hello everyone,
Long time no review, huh? Well, I've been busy. I
moved--only five miles away-not to my first choice
part of Dallas; but my lease is up in 5 months so
after then I can possibly move to a more hip,
20-something friendly part of BigD. Oh yes, and there
were the season finales. Friends? So who's the Daddy?
Some of my co-workers at B&N think Ross is the father;
others say Joey is; I agree with them, but what if
it's a trick? Maybe it's Phoebe pregnant by Joey. Oh
well, we have to wait til September. And what about
ER? I was so disapointed with the ending. Lame
cliffhanger. Oh yeah, is it me or did the gunman look
like Will Ferrell?
Before I go on, I have to say I loved the Mother's Day
special. Every single one of the sketches they used I
season, but who cares?). My personal fave was the
Weakest Link spoof. I really liked Ana's contestant
character-she looked EXACTLY like a real contestant
really, really enjoyed (yes a few were from last from
the April 30th show-the woman who got booted off in
Round 3 happens to be a DJ at a radio station here in
Dallas. And the fact that four of the contestants were
from Texas-oh my god, I almost busted a gut
laughing-especially at Jimmy, he really did epitomize
a guy from Fort Worth. I also really liked the song
at the beginning with the cast members and their moms
(and in 2 cases, their dads).

Well, on to the review....

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Just like John Goodman, it's almost
expected to have Chris Walken host (yeah, yeah, I know
JG hasn't hosted this year, but you know what I mean).
I really liked his last appearance, and have high
hopes for this one. Oh yes, and he's a fellow Catholic
(don't ask me why-I just love it when Catholics host).
Musical guest? I only know Weezer from their one song
from the mid-90s. Everyone now-IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY
MY SWEATER, oowuh, oowuh-owuh-o.

OPENING (Giuliani speaks, Nathan hides, and Hanover is
enraged): Is it me or did Giuliani's (a.k.a. Darrell
Hammond) head seem bigger? And what's with the hair (I
thought his hair line was receding)? Good otherwise.
With Darrell as Rudy Giuliani, you can't go wrong.
Rachel as Judith Nathan was great too. I loved the
facial expressions. She looked a lot like her Paula
Jones character. But Ana as Donna Hanover, loved the
bat swinging. No fave line though (because I was sorta
pre-occupied and forgot to write one down). GRADE: B.

MONOLOGUE: Would this not be a good monologue without
Chris dancing/singing, with the female cast members as
back-up(s)? You think the tux gave it away?? I loved
CW singing the Tomato/Potato song and Jimmy jumping in
correcting him-but JF looked so adorable singing at
the end (no tux, but we'll let that slide). GRADE: A-.

MANGO: Oh yes, another Mango sketch. And have I ever
hated a Mango sketch? Loved Mango's plug for
Clinique (I'm very partial towards this b/c a former
boss of mine has a sister who works for Clinique at a
local department store). I about rolled over laughing
at his little spiehl of going to see 'Shrek' with
Jimmy ('Shrek' is a good movie by the way-saw it Sat.
NITE-I highly recommend it). CW did OK singing
'Lady'-that was the only low point of the sketch.

SKETCH (Hardball): Darrell as Chris
Matthews-EXCELLENT! Chris K. as Paul whoever-also
excellent. Ana was OK as the female politician (don't
remember who she was suppose to be). But Chris P. as
Bob Barr. Anytime anyone makes a fun of Southerner, I
give a good grade. But when a Southerner spoofs
another Southerner (Chris P. is from Memphis, for
those of you don't know), it's even BETTER! I loved
CP's ideas about technology. This gave me my fave
line: 'We've had this technology for years...I've seen
it on the Flintstones'. GRADE: B+ (only because of

SKETCH (Continental): What would a Chris Walken-hosted
gig be without a visit with the Continental? Phil's
voice, sniff-sniff I know. Loved the Red Bull
reference. This sketch was short; if it was a
teensy-weensy bit longer, I might have given it a
higher grade. But it was good enough for me to give a
fave line: 'You found my flyer...I made it myself at
Kinko's'. GRADE: B.

WEEKEND UPDATE: So what do you guys think of Tina and
Jimmy now? I have to say this-they did a much better
job than Colin-yes, Colin was great-but TF & JF were
better. I hope they will return next year.. Chris as
Joey Fatone? I was rolling over laughing when he came
out. It took me a while to realize he was singing
Bye-Bye-Bye (my neighbor was using their garbage
disposal-which was EXTREMELY loud). Better than his
Queen Elizabeth. Kevin Nealon-I was ecstatic that he
returned to be Mr. Subliminal. Winona & Tina & Jimmy
with the Friends ending? OK. Old Timey Joke corner?
Lame. I wasn't laughing. And my three fave lines--
#3. 'I guess you could say I've moved on-trailer
#2. 'Although he admits it sounds delicious'
#1. 'Just like him, she'll grow out of it in 27
years'.GRADE: B+ (Old Timey Joke Corner brought it

MUSICAL GUEST: I was wondering who sang this song..I
hear it constantly on my fave radio station. Still no

SKETCH (The Luvaahs have guests): Rachel and Will as
the couple were the best. Love Rachel's accent. Chris
W. as the guest was OK. Ana did a wonderful job as the
other guest (I would have been sick of the two
lovebirds if I were in that situation). Fave line:
'Eager drives to Holyoke' (Yes, I know that's not a
complete sentence-but any time a reference to Holyoke
is made, I have to love it-I went to college 10
minutes from Holyoke). GRADE: B (only because of

CARTOON: Darn it! I thought I would go the entire
season liking pretty much every cartoon, but
apparently it didn't happen. This was a stupid
cartoon. What were the writer's thinking? GRADE: F (I
have to ask this, what voice did Chris P. do? I
couldn't hear it-my neighbor's dog wouldn't shut up).

SKETCH (Hospital spoof): One word for this sketch.

SKETCH (Bathmat salespeople): BORING! And while I'm at
it...HORRIBLE! Grade: F.

MUSICAL GUEST: You guessed it, no grade. I was in the

FILLER, SKETCH: Memorial Day Song. I loved the
Christmas songs...I really did. But I didn't like this
one. Perhaps a have-a-good-summer message instead?


Well, there you have it. Overall, this show was OK.
After the musical guest, it pretty much went downhill.
Not the best season finale. Could have been MUCH

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a good summer. I will try
to. What does the summer have in store for me? Perhaps
a career change. Surviving the hot weather (being
Texas, the average temperature over the next 4 months
will be around 90)-at least I will, my car that's a
different story. But I am going to buy one soon-would
love to have a truck, the official state car of Texas
(seriously, every other person in this state has a
truck). As long it has a decent a/c system and a CD
and/or cassette player.

Well, gotta go! Til next time amigos! Valerie

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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