Christopher Walken / Weezer
May 19, 2001

Hey. This is Eli Krenik with a special episode review this week. I seriously do NOT feel like writing a full review so this is a compact-critique

Last time Walken hosted it was one of the best shows of the season.

Weezer is not bad, but nothing great either.

This show wasn't too shabby but it left something to be desiredlike the following things

1.) Where the hell were the Ambiguously Gay Duo?
2.) Ditto on celebrity Jeopardy
3.) Ditto on Rap Street [remember the character Walken played on the Jenny Jones sketch last year? if he did something like that it would've been great]

The third return of the Continental was good but the one last year was the best.

Although it wasn't Ace and Gary the Anatmals cartoon was pretty goddamn funny. I did not like the end tho. Was that Will Ferrell doing the voice of the bear? It was funny when he sniffed his wang.

Useless Fact: AC/DC has never performed a slow song.

Hardball kicked ass too. Calling Paul Begala an albino smurf was classic.

Kevin Nealon was funny.

Overall Grade [just a wild guess]: B

Episode Review written by Eli Krenik

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