Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

Opening, A Glimpse of our possible future I: C- Not Too Funny. At least
this opening was shorter than the last three.


Monolouge: A Tracy was funny! The African American theme was great. This
is the first time in a long time I've thought Tracy was funny!


TRL: A- Maya was the best. The songs were hilarious. The group reminded
me of Destiny's Child. Kind of a weak ending though.


A glimpse of our possible future II: D I don't know, this just sucked.


Blair Witch II: D- Huh? Was this supposed to be funny?


Cartoon--Adventures of Mart: D+ This looked like a new cartoon and they
should definately not make any more of them. Where's Ace and Gary?


Marilyn Monroe: B+ Not Bad, the impression was great. I liked it how
everyone was touching her. She was such a slut. hah


Music--Paul Simon: N/A


Weekend Update: A The Bill Clinton joke was hilarious and the rest were
funny too. I really like these two on Weekend Update.


Mr. Peepers: C+ eeeeeewwww. This one was very perverted, but the end was


A Glimpse of Our Possible Future III: F OK, this is just getting annoying


Kyle and Shawn at Dance Tryouts: A+ I didn't like these guys in the
Britney Spears episode last year, but their dances were freakin'


Rap Music CD: A Will Ferrel is always funny. He wasn't in too many skits
tonight. I liked the music Will Ferrel was singing. Notice I've rated all
of the skits with singing in them and A. I think that It's funny when the
cast members make fun of or make up songs. I hope they do more of it in the


Music--Paul Simon: N/A


Mexican Singers: B- This skit was kind of pointless.


Best Sketch Of The Night: Kyle and Shawn At Dance Tryouts
Worst Sketch Of The Night: All of the Glimpse of out possible Future ones.

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Episode Review written by Paul Rademacher

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