Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

Hello America. My name is Nelson Bermudez and I am the first Latin American fan of SNL...I think..

Once again, I'm quite busy so this episode review was the last thing on my mind. I usually put the whole "reviewing SNL episodes" thing on the last minute because unlike some "SNL critics" out there who review SNL episodes for a living in order to keep their little SNL reputation, I have a real life. Now let's get on with this damn thing. I'm going to make it short and sweet like the last one. Maybe next time I'll review an SNL episode in its regular format...MAYBE....

Host: Charlize Theron Musical Guest: Paul Simon

A Glimpse of Our Possible Future-George W. Bush:
Good sketch......'nuff said. Grade: B

It's about time Charlize represents for her Nubian brothers and sisters! Go on, girl!
Kill Whitie!!.......What the?...What the Hell am I saying?....Sorry folks...I'm drunk..
Grade: B-

Good job making fun of Destiny's Child, although, I do feel that they could do better..
And yes, I have to agree with Jimmy on this sketch, Charlize is the better looking out of the three of them. Don't you folks at home agree? Grade: C

A Glimpse of our Possible Future-Al Gore:
Another good "A Glimpse of our Possible Future" sketch....'nuff said.
Grade: B

Blair Witch 2:
Usually, SNL fans would find nonsense recurring character sketches like these absolutely hilarious, but I'm an SNL fan, I just hate it when they put goofy, recurring characters in "dumb, nonsense sketches". This one was okay, but it's recurring character sketches like these and worse than these that, in my opinion, kill the recurring characters........I hope I confused you more enough. Grade: C

TV Funhouse-Mr.T.....He's Back!....and he needs Work!:
I love these cartoons, but I feel that the first Mr. T cartoon was way better than this one. This one was some sort of duplicate or clone of the first cartoon, only more bland. Grade: B-

A Look Back at Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe:
Nice sketch. Really funny. You know, if you look closely, my name is actually on that long list that scrolled down on the last part of the sketch..hee hee.... Grade: B

Musical Performance-Paul Simon:
Great performance! Paul Simon can still light it up. Ever noticed, however, he always wore a hat during the show. Pauly...No offense, but you can't hide it! Us SNL fans know already! We saw you on the SNL 25 th Anniversary Special! Don't even try!......Did I mention he had a nice performance? Grade: B+

Weekend Update:
Just like every Weekend Update thus far, this one was great. Hugh Fink looked high and looked like he crawled up from under the news desk right before his segment. Nice "Surprise Wedding" bit with "DA WOMAN", Rachael Dratch! Hilarious! Great job! Grade: B+

Bedtime Stories:
When I first knew this was a "Mr. Peepers" sketch, I told myself, "Oh no! Not again!", but thankfully, this was actually good. Charlize Theron doing Chris Kattan doggy style? Hhhmm...I'm a little convinced that Chris Kattan, no offense, may really take it up the butt, but does Charlize have a secret to tell us all? Hhhmm?? Just kidding...really.. Grade: B-

A Glimpse of Our Possible Future-Ralph Nader:
Good sketch! There weren't a lot of laughs for this sketch, but I got the whole concept of this sketch. You know why? Because I'm intelligent! This sketch should have a caution sign reading "For Intelligent People Only". People who have a head on their shoulders should know the whole concept of this sketch. Poor Ralph Nader, however. He had the privilege to appear on the season premiere and now he's being dissed by SNL, but atleast SNL is saying the truth...
Grade: B

Dancing Auditions....TOTALLY!!:
Okay. This idea worked for the Britney Spears episode, but not this one. Please SNL, don't pull off a stunt like this ever again! This sketch was all right, but overall, it sucked! In my opinion,these recurring characters work only for young pop stars, like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and N'Sync, not middle aged singers. No offense. Compare for yourself. All I can say is, this sketch was quite bad.....TOTALLY!!
Grade: D+

Robert Goulet's The Coconut Banger's Ball-It's a Rap!:
Great stuff! Really funny!...and that's it... Grade: B+

Musical Performance-Paul Simon:
Another great performance by Mr. Simon.
Grade: B

Perverted Hispanic Singers:
Okay, this sketch would be more hilarious for Hispanics and people who understood the Hispanic language. How do I know? Because I'm Hispanic and I understood what those singers said, and it was funny. The translations kind of killed the jokes if you understand what I'm saying. Plus the ending was lame. This was an "okay" sketch.
Grade: C

Overall Grade: B
Good show. There were not many bad sketches, which was kind of a surprise.

Classic quote from episode: "I like it when you call me 'Big Poppa'! Put your hands in the air if you're a true player!"-Robert Goulet I just thought that this was funny, so...

Next episode will be Calista Flockhart who plays that slutty annoying Alley McBeal from the show "Ally McBeal". (Do I watch the show....No....) and musical guest will be...Ricky Martin again?!!
I'm glad I'm through with this stupid review. See y'all later.

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Until then, this is Nelson Bermudez and that's all I got to say.

Episode Review written by Nelson Bermudez

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