Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

Okay, here are my picks for the Guess-The-Hosts contest: Dan Aykroyd, Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey, Robert DeNiro, Cameron Diaz, Kirstin Dunst, Clint Eastwood, Janene Garofolo, John Goodman, Anthony Hopkins, Matt LeBlanc, Lucy Liu, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Anna Paquin, Adam Sandler, and Charlie Sheen. Y'know, it helps to read these, these lists if we break them down.

-Dana Carvey
The only correct one so far.

-John Goodman and Alec Baldwin
Well, John's a lock-in, and there's a good chance Alec will come back.

-Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Bill Murray.
My boneheaded move of picking every lead in "Charlie's Angels" to host. Let's see, Lucy Liu probably isn't going to host since Ally McBeal herself, Calista Flockhart, is the host next week. And everybody else hosted in the 98-99 season, so it's probably too soon.

-Jim Carrey
Hey, he could promote "The Grinch" or something. Anything to get him to host again.

-Robert DeNiro
I don't see why he couldn't host, given that he's basically turned to comedy anyway.

-Kirstin Dunst
Nah, she's not famous enough.

-Clint Eastwood
Too old.

-Adam Sandler, Dan Aykroyd, and Eddie Murphy.
A collection of former cast members, ranging from c'mon-you're-so-close-just-host (Sandler) to not-a-chance-in-friggin'-hell (Murphy).

-Charlie Sheen
Hey, "Spin City".

-Anthony Hopkins
In retrospect, I should have realized comedy's just not this guy's thing.

-Anna Paquin
This made more since when "X-Men" was actually in theaters.

-Matt LeBlanc
This is just so all the Friends host.

-Steve Martin
C'mon, it's been 6 years! We need you back, Steve!

And that's the tour of my little choices. Thank you.

OVERVIEW Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
The word's going 'round that Charlize is a real camera hog a la Ben Stiller. Of course, I have no clue what she acts like, and I'm barely familiar with her body of works, so I'm going in with a clean slate about the host. I do, however, know about Paul Simon, the show's 2nd ever host, and perennial musical guest. I happen to like his music, and that's good.

[COLD OPENING] A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Bush
-C'mon. You know this is gonna happen.
-Let's not kid ourselves. Really.
-I loved the map George held up with Texas a separate Communist country.
Bush: "I'm thinking of turning the country over to Dick Cheney"
Advisor: "You killed him in a hunting accident last week!"
Rating: **** 3/8

[MONOLOGUE] Charlize Theron
-Um, not bad. Not bad at all.
-Who else knew Charlize was South-African? Cause I had no clue.
Rating: *** 5/8

[SKETCH] TRL w/ Gemini's Twin
-This sketchcreeped me out. No idea why. Maybe having Maya, Charlize, and Ana together did it. I'm not saying they were bad, far, far from it. It just threw me off.
-I swear "Bling Bling"'s a real song.
-Anyway, real funny sketch.
Quote: "I'm Carson Daley, and I wear these glasses so I look smart." Jimmy Fallon as Carson Daley
Rating: ****

[SKETCH] A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Al Gore
-Even though I'm a Democrat, I found this hilarious.
-There was a bit of a time delay when they were switching to Clinton, did anyone else notice that?
Rating: **** 1/4

[SKETCH] Goth Witch 2
-I was wary about this sketch until Circe and Azrael came on, then I was relieved.
Rating: *** 7/8

[CARTOON] Mr. T Fights the Strike
-This was great from the Ben Affleck episode, and the same here.
-I bet no one else would have realized the dog was Spuds Mackenzie. I saw it in "Bloom County".
Rating: ****

[SKETCH] Joe and Marilyn
-Eh, a little too dirty for my tastes, but overall very good.
-Charlize was sighing A LOT as Marilyn Monroe, but Jimmy's Joe DiMaggio was good.
Rating: *** 7/8

-After so long, Paul Simon. And he sounds good.
-He ain't looking good though. How old is he? Sixty?
Rating: *** 3/4

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey w/ Rachel Dratch and Hugh Fink
-The fourth solid Update. Can't go wrong with that.
-Rachel's part was okay, I especially liked when she called for Kattan.
-Wow, Jimmy's really gotta get some glasses or something. I haven't seen an anchor completely blow a joke like that.
-Hugh Fink, whoever he is, did a great job with his Jewish commentary.
Rating: **** _

[SKETCH] Mr. Peeper's Bedtime Stories
-And Molly's only appearance for the night.
-I generally don't like these Mr. Peepers sketches, but I thought this one was funny.
-But the three-way ending was just too much for me, so I docked off some.
Rating: *** 1/2

[SKETCH] A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Nader
-I wasn't sure what they were going to do with this one, but then the flying pigs came down, and all was right.
-Jimmy as Ralph Nader? Ooooooooooooooooooooooookay.
Rating: *** 7/8

[SKETCH] Paul Simon Meets the DeMarcos
-I loved this sketch when it was on last time.
-I actually haven't heard of most of the songs they played. I'm out of it.
-A little bit down from Britney Spears', but funny nonetheless.
Rating: *** 7/8

[COMMERCIAL] Robert Goulet presents "The Coconut Banger Ball: It's A Rap
-Wow, this was good. Everything from the stressed racial slurs, to the unexplainable elk, so much randon stuff it was hilarious.
-Is that what Robert Goulet sounds like, 'cause I've never heard him before.
Rating: **** 1/2

-Is Paul Simon really religious, or is it just me?
-Another good song from one of the greats.
Rating: ****

[SKETCH] Buena Vista Social Club
-Did this actually have anything to do with the Buena Vista Social Club movie at all? I wouldn't know; I never saw it.
-I don't really enjoy sex-oriented sketches, and the ending was unnecessary (of course, it wasn't supposed to be the end, it got cut off), but I like the comment on Will and his tie. And that's about it.
Rating: *** 1/4

Players of the Night: Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell
Sketches of the Night: Weekend Update, A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Bush, A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Gore
Worst Sketches: Mr. Peeper's Bedtime Stories, Buena Vista Social Club
Busiest SNL Player: Chris Parnell (6 sketches)
Least Busy SNL Player: Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Jerry Minor, Tina Fey (1 sketch) SNL's sexist! Except for Jerry Minor. Never mind.
Character Breaks: Jimmy ruined an Update joke when he couldn't read the cue card.
Average Sketch Rating: ****
Overall Show Rating: *** 7/8

Like many people have noted, Charlize Theron isn't really suited to comedy, but she had a few good moments and Paul Simon was very good as musical guest. That's all I'm gonna say. Next week is Calista Flockhart, which a real disappointment 'cause I thought Adam Sandler was hosting, and musical Ricky Martin. See ya then!

Episode Review written by Mikintosh

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