Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

Hey again.
Pre show thoughts 3:
1. Liked the Halloween Special last week. More new cast sketches (Martha Stewart)
and some good old ones.
2. Only 3 more days till the Election, I know somewhere on the show they will do something about this!
3. Still Miss Cheri, and still miss Colin but get to see Tim on M.R. so not as bad.
Anyway here goes.

(Opening) Moments of the Future Part 1: George W. Bush
Very Funny but very short! They said live form New York at 11:32 according to my Clock. Liked the bit about the Civil war and being pres for only 2 weeks. Also the Map said that Texas had become the new U.S.S.R. California belongs to Iraq. Funny but like I said one of the shortest openings ive seen.
Grade A

(Mono) Charlize Theron
I know I misspelled her name in my last Episode Review. Not that great of a mono, Finally, Tracy Morgan in something. He has been in so few sketches since he started. She's African American! I guess you can look at it that way!
Grade C

(Sketch) TRL
Jimmy! What the hell. That is your worst impression. And please stop saying I'm Carson Daily and I'm a massive tool! It got old in 1998! Hot chicks in skimpy outfits was the best part. Not too funny but was alright. Like I said not Jimmy's best.
Grade C

(Sketch) Blair Witch 2/Goth Talk.
Liked this one! Any goth talk sketch is funny! Her parent's didn't know she took the Celica and He's got to be at Cinnabun on Mon. Horatio was good. Now give him 70 bucks! or he'll stick a blair witch curse on your windshield. That thing Chris did when he had to go to the bathroom was very funny! Great job writing staff!
Grade A+

(Cartoon) Mr T.
To quote Molly Shannon, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Bring back Ace and Gary and I just might like Smigel Cartoons again, or X presidents. Just don't ever do this one again! Thanks Rob.
Grade F (Dear god this sucked!)

(Sketch) Marilyn Monroe w/ Joe DiMagio
This was Okay, not to funny. Will did great as Usual (Will never fails!) Horatio was good too, Great Quotes!
"Who is that? I don't know who that is! He doesn't work here!"
Grade B

(Sketch) Moments of the Future Part 2: Al Gore
This one was funny, but not as funny as Dubbua!
The Clinton crashing on The white house couch for 2 years was great!
Grade B-

(Musical Guest) Paul Simon
Like Paul Simon, did a great first performance so for that I give him the First A for a Musical performance all year.
Grade A

(Weekend Update) w/ Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.
Getting better Guys! Tina did great tonight, Jimmy still needs to do his homework. The Dratch bit was funny. Only funny Quote from Jimmy Tonight, " I just got Playstation 2 and that's Time Consuming." Best Tina bit was explaining the Electoral College. Something involving Virgins?
Grade: (Tina: A) (Jimmy: D) (Ratchel:A)

(Sketch) Mr. Peepers
This sketch is getting quite old now. It was old oh lets say 1998 maybe? A little too much over acting for Theron. Give Peepers a rest would yah!
Grade D

(Sketch) Moments of the Future Part 3: Ralph Nader
Didn't really get this one. Not very funny!
Grade: D

(Sketch) Dancing Guys w/ Paul Simon
Didn't they do this when Brittney Hosted? I thought it was stupid then too. Totally!
Grade D

(Sketch) Will singing.
Didn't quite watch this one so can't give it a grade. From waht it sounded like on the phone Will was drunk!
Grade: N/A

(Musical Guest) Paul Simon
Not as goos as first performance but better than all the rest at 12:48 at night. Very short too! I guess they were pressed for time!
Grade: B

(Sketch) Lain Perfomance
Another Tracy Thing. Lorne must be in a good mood tonight. About time they let Tracy Perform in a show. Horatio was Okay. Not a great wat to end the show but again was okay!
Grade C

OVERALL: Disapointing. Could have been better. Too many recurring sketches tonight. Update is improving but needs to get better quick. And Ricky Martin again. Don't know if I can watch next week. And if you did not already figure it out with my last statement, Not a big Ricky fan. The last 35 mins of the show sucked but what a suprise there!
Grade C-

Anyway see yah next week. Hopefully it will be better. This is turning out to be the worst season for the "New Cast" yet.

Episode Review written by Medmaster2001

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